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  1. CODEXA Funky Blues in Another World... While waiting for the release album, a new track of codex still psychedelic with a touch of groove "the most confusing?". good listening https://codexa.bandcamp.com/tra…/funky-blues-in-another-world Music CODEXA Visual ABLASS Mastering LUMIRIS (Paris)
  2. Sunrise, a Space Journey, Infinity Journey... https://virtualsun.bandcamp.com/track/sunrise
  3. GOAPSYRECORDS Present: TERA AMATA Origins First Album for GOAPSYRECORDS OUT NOW !!! Discover a unique, progressive, tribal and psychedelic Goapsytrance. TERA AMATA will travel your mind in all the origins of this diverse planet. From African Zulu songs and percussion to Latin American percussion and shamanic incantations. Links: https://www.beatport.com/release/feiyr/2626288 https://music.apple.com/us/album/origins/1468261838 https://open.spotify.com/album/4FMMJ1xAeiJq3QsDsxx4wm Composer : TERA AMATA Mix : ABLASS Mastering : LUMIRIS (Paris)
  4. CODEXA offers you an auditory journey to the moon... I MOON 3 Mix : ABLASS Mastering : LUMIRIS (Paris) Release of the CODEXA album planned in December 2019
  5. GOAPSYRECORDS is proud to present the first album of ABLASS "Night Mist Rises" Discover dark and subtle psytrance, progressive and evolutionary from 138 to 146 bpm The album will be available on all digital platforms in September, but for psynews, it is listenable and available on bandcamp! ABLASS Night Mist Rises Good listening and thank you for continuing to follow artists to this young French label Composer : ABLASS Mixage : ABLASS Mastering : LUMIRIS (Paris) Cover : ABLASS
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