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  1. Can't wait to let you discover the latest album from ABLASS, after 4 years of silence this latest album "DarkPsy Journey in Multiverses" is finally out ! with 8 tracks with spatial ambiences, a journey into several universes, always with this spirit of bewitchment that makes the style of ABLASS, Available on all digital platforms, happy listening! Listen and discover : in beatport in Bandcamp Label : GOAPSYRECORDS Compositor : ABLASS Production : GOAPSYRECORDS Mastering : LUMIRIS (Paris) Label News : GOAPSYRECORDS
  2. Pleased to present the latest EP from MAJØRA "Secret of Sands" That will transport you to a parallel universe Available now on all digital platforms BEATPORT SPOTIFY #Majøra #GOAPSYRECORDS #psytrance #music #edmmusic
  3. OUT NOW! CODEXA remix the piece "Rigel" of PSYKOMAKERZ with his agreement, a different version with the paw of codexa to the programming, Progressive Psytrance that will carry you in a dream awake https://www.beatport.com/label/goapsyrecords/68514 https://www.junodownload.com/search/?q%5Ball%5D%5B%5D=psykomakerz https://open.spotify.com/album/2a34sMNmy1O3wIBX4Wy2Kr #goapsyrecords #psytrance #music #psykomakerz #codexa
  4. Glad to be part of the GOAPSYRECORDS team, Hatzá Ha is a Psytrance producer from Mexico City He began his interest in music at the age of 10, which led him to study various types of musical styles and genres. At the age of 13 he began to study the genus of Psytrance. from 2017 his project as "Hatzá Ha" Hatzá has sought to implement and revolutionize the psytrance scene with his varied musical style in: spatial, ethnic, psychedelic and a little experimental atmospheres, low with too much power having an exact result for the psytrance genre, twisted and robotic leads that make his style unique. GOAPSYRECORDS is proud to present the first release on Hatzá Ha's label, the track "Dimension" will carry you away in a Progressive Trance, OUT NOW ! https://www.beatport.com/release/dimension/3567126 https://hatzaha.bandcamp.com/track/dimension
  5. GOAPSYRECORDS is pleased to present the latest Psytrance Prog Track from PSYKOMAKERZ, Antares Plunging you into an exciting universe that will take you far away from our galaxy. Exclusively on juno, official release on October 23rd https://www.junodownload.com/.../psykomakerz.../5284660-02/ OUT NOW ! https://www.beatport.com/release/antares/3530019 Music : PSYKOMAKERZ Production : GOAPSYRECORDS Mastering : LUMIRIS (Paris)
  6. Hello everyone, I run the GOAPSYRECORDS label, we were on the psyshop platform, know that we were not warned of anything, all access to psyshop have been blocked without reason, we can no longer upload, and all the tracks we had put on the platform are potentially gone, we have no way to contact them, all links have been deleted. we are very disappointed in their behavior, psyshop owes us money on digital sales that we will never see I think. We have been producing trance music for 5 years now, we hope that this story will not have a big impact on the small and fragile labels. Thank you for continuing to support the independent labels, Have a nice day
  7. GOAPSYRECORDS is very happy to present you the EP of a newcomer in the label, PSYKOMAKERZ has composed us a very dynamic EP! 4 tracks of pure progressive psytrance that will transport your body and mind on the Dancefloor! https://psykomakerz.bandcamp.com/album/interstellar https://www.beatport.com/release/interstellar/3442546 https://music.apple.com/us/album/interstellar-ep/1575374311 Tracks: PSYKOMAKERZ Interstellar Rigel 06:12 Adhara 05:15 Bellatrix 06:08 Magic Jungle 06:45 Production: GOAPSYRECORDS Mastering : LUMIRIS (Paris) Booking : goapsyrecords@hotmail.com
  8. Hello everyone, the compilation "Chapter V" is now available on Beatport and all platforms, Thank you all for your support, Thank you for continuing to make Psytrance a music of passion, Thank you for supporting the independent label in these turbulent times. Escape, listen to psytrance every day! Chapter V: Evaded You By Taking Your Mind in a Spiritual Shamanic Journey Which Will Lead You to Nirvana
  9. GOAPSYRECORDS To celebrate the 5 Years of the Label is happy to present you its new Chapter, Unreleased partnerships, 6 unreleased tracks of pure Goa Psy Trance Music, 6 tracks remastered, Compiled by ABLASS and MIDDLE ROADER Evaded you by taking your mind in a spiritual shamanic journey, which will lead you to nirvana... GOAPSYRECORDS CHAPTER V Artists : ABLASS, TERA AMATA, VIRTUAL SUN, CODEXA, Z-KREL, MIDDLE ROADER, Producer : ABLASS Mastering : LUMIRIS (Paris)
  10. GOAPSYRECORDS is happy to make you discover the new song of CODEXA, a psychedelic nugget ovni which will speak to you about the present, the past and the future all at the same time ! Good listening https://codexa.bandcamp.com/track/t-net-last-release
  11. Hi Everyone, We are very happy to welcome a new artist in the label, PSYKOMAKERZ He produces a Progressive Trance of the most effective which is going to make some move of world! here is his first title on the label, "Rigel" https://psykomakerz.bandcamp.com/track/rigel Take advantage of the prevente on bandcamp, the official release is on June 1st, Good Vibration in your Head ! Music : PSYKOMAKERZ Mixage : PSYKOMAKERZ Mastering : LUMIRIS ( Paris)
  12. Hello everyone "psychedelic mind", we are happy to present you our website where you can discover all the news of the label, visuals, music, videos, clothes and culture, see you soon on the dancefloor... GOAPSYRECORDS.com
  13. After a short moment of silence, ABLASS comes back with a very Dark and Psychedelic 2 track, going back to the origins of man and to your primary instincts with this bewitching trance to listen to preferably in the forest late in the evening... ABLASS Niak EP Music : ABLASS Mix : ABLASS Mastering : LUMIRIS (Paris)
  14. TERA AMATA After a trip to Africa comes back to inspire landscapes and people you meet with an emotionally charged EP that will take you on a most spiritual journey of sound... TERA AMATA Africa EP Music : TERA AMATA Mixage : ABLASS Mastering : LUMIRIS (Paris)
  15. And Listen The Last Label MIX on MIXCLOUD GOAPSYRECORDS Chapter IV
  16. Good morning all, GOAPSYRECORDS finally grouped these artists together on bandcamp with a label account, easier to discover the label's novelties, the way the label works with bandcamp allows you to listen to the titles or buy them before their official releases on other digital platforms. For the news of the label's artists, CODEXA is releasing an EP in a few weeks, VIRTUAL SUN a new EP as well and TERA AMATA is working on their album scheduled for 2021, Enjoy listening and stay connected... GOAPSYRECORDS BANDCAMP
  17. Hi, ABLASS Come with new album, a tempo progression throughout the album, in his own dark spirit, preview on bandcamp before the official release in November ABLASS DARKPSYTHERAPY 1. DMForest 06:31 2. D PSYTHERAPY 07:42 3. Wolves 05:31 4. Drugstherapy 05:54 5. Errance 05:45 6. Psytrance Parano 07:43 Mixage : ABLASS Mastering : LUMIRIS (Paris) Label : GOAPSYRECORDS
  18. Hi everyone, CODEXA preparing a new EP and in the meantime, he's working on the mix of his MIND CONTROL album released in 2019, listen exclusively on bandcamp before the official release on october 25, good listening MIND CONTROL (Remastered)
  19. ☀ Summer is here! ☀ Discover the CHAPTER III GOAPSYRECORDS compiled by ABLASS, Journey into progressive, Melodic and Psychedelic Psytrance Universe 1_CODEXA : X Psykatrix (Remix 2020) 2_TERA AMATA : Desert 3_TERA AMATA : Odysee 4_VIRTUAL SUN : Sunrise 5_CODEXA : NO6KA 6_ABLASS : Mirrors 7_CODEXA : Outro Mastering : LUMIRIS (Paris) Released on August 15 on Psyshop and all music platforms
  20. GOAPSYRECORDS Present Exclusive listening before the official release ABLASS returns with a very experimental psytrance EP, Discover original psychedelic psytrance with atmospheres specific to him, EP Farout ABLASS/EP/farout Music: ABLASS Mix: ABLASS Mastering : LUMIRIS (Paris) Visual : NZ
  21. TERA AMATA come back with a new opus, Explore the African continent and these mysteries, let yourself be guided by the hud player of the desert who will make you reach the state of trance Music : TERA AMATA Producer : ABLASS Mastering : LUMIRIS (Paris) https://tera-amata.bandcamp.com/album/desert-odysee
  22. GOAPSYRECORDS Present, By these containment times a small remix by TERA AMATA and ABLASS, I let you discover the title remix so turn up the sound, push the furniture and hold your plates there is bass !! https://tera-amata.bandcamp.com/track/psykebaa
  23. Discover the 1st VIRTUAL SUN EP at GOAPSYRECORDS in preview before the official release Set off on a journey through space and time on the most melodic progressive trance Artist : VIRTUAL SUN Producer : ABLASS Label : GOAPSYRECORDS Mastering : LUMIRIS (Paris) https://virtualsun.bandcamp.com/releases
  24. The first CODEXA album at GOAPSYRECORDS, immerse yourself in an innovative and psychedelic prog trance on minimal techno experimental rhythms CODEXA Mind Control Tracks : 1_ CODEXA HOAG X 2_ I'm So High 3_ 01000011 01001111 01000100 01000101 01011000 Original Mix 4_ X Psykatrix 5_ Funky Blues In Another World 6_1 Moon 3 7_ No6KA 8_Outro Artist : CODEXA Mix : ABLASS Mastering : LUMIRIS (Paris) https://www.beatport.com/release/mind-control/2827176 https://open.spotify.com/album/2wS7b4LuJboV5eKL5gHEwN https://music.apple.com/…/mind-control-parallel-…/1495619946
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