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  1. Tracks in this thread must me good the other thread is worthless
  2. This cd have very nice moments but nothing spectacular.. Some of the tracks may be work really good on the dancefloor !
  3. Yeah I Agree with frozen dream this was boring .. nice flow but nothing more. no feelings
  4. No it´s not the same track.. wonder if AP will have it one their new album.. =)
  5. Here we gooo.. Maybe it was a dj set or something but the tracks are very similar in the melody http://br.youtube.com/watch?v=4cDlrZX0ge8 push - strange world is the name of the track
  6. Maaan, i regognize the melody i think they have stole in from a regular melodic trance song ..
  7. Duude whats the track starting at 2.00 ? =)
  8. The link doesn´t work for me =/
  9. I have listened to this album at my work very much and i think Benji has created a very atmoshpheric album. It has a very industrial futuristic sound, which i personally dont like very much. The openening track defines this album very well. I dont think its a masterpiece but some tracks are really good like Arcadia Magik and The Logic Of The Polyphonic wich i think we will hear a lot of out on the dancefloors this year. 6,5/10
  10. Man I Have Heard the 2nd sample many times.. lets check my songs and i will tell you later
  11. This is going to be huge stuff! I think it´s the biggest party in Sweden 2004! Hope I See You There =)
  12. Anyone who will come to this party? Lineup: ELECTRIC UNIVERSE THE DELTA ABSOLUM ASTRIX Location: Jönköping, Sweden, In Huskvarna Folkets Park Date: 18/12 -04 See Ya There
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