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  1. Earthfest is great. I already found it on Ektoplazm and downloaded to my collection. Looking at those other tracklists I know I'm going to like them. I have some of those tracks on vinyl. I bought this just a couple of weeks ago https://www.discogs.com/Circulation-Turquoise/release/7526 The BLIM remix is incredible! The early 2000s was a golden era for progressive house/trance and the records are still available and cheap. Krüger & Coyle - Space Boy (2004) ^ I love these guys and thought I had all their records but never knew about that track! Jitter - Acida ^ Love that track. I drop it in this mix at 1:03:00 https://mixolicious.com/darkitect/techno-warfare You might like some of my mixes https://mixolicious.com/darkitect Also, want to say thanks for all the work you do in the scene.
  2. Nice I churned out some quality work listening to this. It's like brain food
  3. If you need a place to host your music you are welcome on my site https://mixolicious.com/ I'm offering free lifetime accounts for psy producers and DJs. Nice setup, by the way. It looks like you have an Octatrack. It's on my wishlist, if I can ever afford it...
  4. https://mixolicious.com/diabolical/orgasmatron-demo Would love any feedback. Thanks
  5. (Edit: retracted question, sorry)
  6. I'm not usually into Goa but this is awesome. The lead is sick and I love the drumming.
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