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  1. Thank you for this. Indeed, the track has points to be improved. I am very thankfull for your appreciation. To be honest I had this track stopped for some months, I really would like to have it released more polished and refined. You are right about the arrangement, I really did not know very well how to arrange the different parts, but I felt compelled to move forward. I think the ending has a lot to improve too. This was my first track in Cubase. I am now looking forward to make progressive, but I still have to improve my mastering/mixing skills, sometimes I just do not know how to get that sound by cconstant trial and error. Again, thank you for your input. O.
  2. Hello there, I would like some feedback on this track: Thanks!
  3. Allright, good feedback here Thank you for the technicalities! That is exactly what I am looking for
  4. Hello there! Posting this latest track for comments, feedback & review I am still in doubt about the final mix/mastering stage, tell me what you think about it
  5. Captivating intro. Mysterious, melodic and deep. 0:27 what a great f** sound & cool reverb trick. 0:51 awesome kick, diferente in na interesting way 1:18 nice fxs 1:43 inteligente marimbas 2:15 nice drive 2:46 clever reverb sound 3:08 that massive distorted sound is so fuctup that even being so fuctup it sounds good in the contexto of the song. 4:22 that organic violin sound/progression fits so well in the contexto of such chaotic mess 5:48 maybe my favourite part, nice work! This is a very interesting type of musical concept. You definitely have something here. Congrats
  6. The intro needs rework, poor eq (altough that dark texture may be the intended result, it sounds hidden, withouth presence, a bit muddy), altough the fact that it is melodic gets extra points. That tye of constant repetitive non-dynamic bassline wrecks the music, why not use velocity? sidechain? And the bass is too loud in comparison to the rest of the mix (maybe this is the intended, personally it sounds too much (was this track made on headphones? or were a proper monitoring system used?) The kick is not bad 0:33 > The voices are unclear, unperceptible, confused (again poor eq, bad mix, you can use a stereo imager to improve audibility quality, for example). 0:49 > this swirling fx is interesting, but can be better using sidechain or volume shapping or a gate to improve the dynamic of the sound and give more life to it, it is a bit raw. At 0:53 that fx just tramples the music and almost kills it, you could make a mini-break and let that sound speak freely instead without conflicts with the rest of the elements. 0:56 those introduced open hihats seem dead, without body, it seems you filtered everything else to leave just the highs, where are the mids?! Percussive sounds can improve most of the time with an transient shaper to give punch. 0:56 nice percussion sounds (tablas?), well they certainly fit well, good choice You may not be aware of the fact that it is necessary to create space for the kick and bass breath properly. For that reason, that 1:41 fx has too much bass, conflicting with the kick and bass (use Eq). 2:05 good arppegio synth intro, 2:45 it´s clearly a sort of break, but you can do much better than using repetitive kicks 2:51 good melodic play 2:52 why so many crashes? It sounds like a marching band usually they are used spaced every 16 bars, to denote a new section. Instead of abusing them, be Creative, employ different sounds, maybe another type of fX? 3:02 what tha heck is this sound? what is it´s contribution to the song? remember, what is the contribution of this sound to the listeners perpective? It´s a pointless sound. It seems almost melodic, but it is so badly eq that it is not helping in any manner, improve it or remove it. 3:30 Wow the lion has awakened, good stuff 3:35 you have to check that filter automation better, maybe too much resonance? try without any, just play with the cutoff, or maybe it is the type of filtering, test Low Pass filter. 3:38 that acidic sound is cool, the onbeat hats are distinct but... the bass is terrible. Now, instead of a too much bass in comparison to the first minutes, this one is so poorly positioned that it does not sound like bass anymore, lack of bass frequencies, it sounds like it is playing in an higher octave than the rest of the basses, like a typical synth. 4:06 that fx is ridiculous (that thing that seems like someone beating its own cheeck), you certainly can do better than that, again, improve it or remove it. 4:18 ok, a more elaborated minibreak, nice accompayning fx 5:03 Ok, it is the main break, but why not doing this more at the middle of the song? To give a more sophisticated type of arrangement? Like the intro, the ending can also be improved, not so abruptly. Overall you have a song from beginning to start and that is a fact. You seem to use too much innapropriate fx's, by this I mean that many sounds seem to be thrown just for the purpose of being there for no reason at all but to fill in the blanks, you could be more selective. There is a general lack of Dynamics and Widht (more compression, stereo imagers, transient shapers). Curiously the overall mix does not sound too bad, I assume it is not an yet mastered track. Sound design is an issue here, dwelve deeper into synthesis, it requires a lot of effort but it is worth it. Altough there are some synths that have the potential to be even better. You have a sense of rhythm, and some interesting parts are present. Play more with veocities, experiment swing and triplets. I have recently discovered this site, it might help: http://daniellesden.com/advice Please, understand that these comments are just a point of view, it´s your song! Cheers, O.
  7. Ok! It´s your track! I´m glad if my comments were of any help, hope not being to harsh, sometimes we may think we have something great (which in reallity may be in comparison to where we were before), but it´s behind the scenes in comparison to the big Picture. None the less, I prefer directness when asking or giving feedback because in my point of view it is the best way to improve. Again, it is only an opinion
  8. Hi there everybody, thank you all for this opportunity to share. I´m working on this track and would be very grateful if you could feedback on it. Thank you! https://soundcloud.com/myrtillus_pt/myrtillus-h-n-y
  9. Hi, you have to improve your intro, too much simple, you can input more fx's and use some more melodic sequences in it. Your leads sound like general midi You could research more into sound design. Your bass sounds weird, your kick is not tuned to the bass. >Your percussions high frequencies are too high > the offbeat hats sound like hidden in the back >There is a clear lack of dimension in your track, with this I mean the sounds are all in the middle of the stereo field, dig more into stereo imaging, use panning. > most sounds are somewhat "dead", they don´t have movement, static, lack of modulation in synths parameters, again they all sound like outdated goa trance from the past century (I do not mean to be rude here, you clearly have good intentions). > Obviously you can always improve the bassline, it does not have to be always the same note sequence, even if you do not want to add more note variety you can always play with different rhythms. >probably you are using the same reverb and delay settings to all sounds, which contributes again to general dullness. > use more fx's, not always the same "woosh" and "rise", at least 2 or 3 diferente to start The good parts: > you seem to be developping you composicional skills, some good riffs here and there > the overall mix does not seem inappropriate > some ocasional good counterpoint > interesting synths "game", imagine how it would sound with better sound design.. > you have sense of groove, but again the sound design just kills the track into boredom > maybe this was one of your first finished tracks, i´m not judging, your track has potential if you commit to it. I hope you understand this is just a point of view, of course, tehre is always room for improvement in everything, but it is your track afterall Cheers, O.
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