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    Music goa trance,dark electro,industrial,doom metal,black metal,PC games,books,horror movies,history,brazilian culture.
  1. On my 14th bday in 1996. It was the Total Eclipse- Le Lotus bleu(rmx)
  2. Sorry to hear that, but it seems that you're right bro. In any case, thanks for the answer!
  3. Hi friends! Help me please.I know it is not Goa Gil,and i am not sure about the name,anybody know who is autor and pehaps real name of this track? https://youtu.be/s1UcfOepPpo
  4. Hi friends! Help me please. Anybody knows the names of tracks begins from 9:00-12:00 https://youtu.be/GgEjFIDiTWY
  5. Not paying attention to the technical side( mixing and etc). What is the the difference between THIS and the most part of modern dark tracks? I'm talk about IDEA,MESSAGE.
  6. And this guy in charge of the Fullon section
  7. and one of the biggest section on Ektoplazm(dedicated to dark releases) it's all results of russian mafia's work?
  8. And the worst thing in this situation is that most of the new people who start listening to this crap really think that this is a real psy trance and stop his experience of knowing the world of psy trance music. Btw, a similar situation with the fans of Infected mushroom or Astrix etc. Usual dialog:-Do you love psy trance music? -Yeah! -Which track is your favorite? - Converting vegetarians (or anything else from the new) -Ohhh dear,I understand.... -and what do you think about Psycho? -Which Psycho!? -Track Psycho from their album The Gathering. -Which gathering,WTF man what are you talking about?! The curtain falls! The end. Triple facepalm.
  9. As i always said,that the dark psy is not music(most part) It's experiments with daw and vst. Yes they have many fx,but what else,maybe melody or deep idea for a good trip? No,only FX and BPM over 9000. Here in Russia it's called amphodance. In the beginning of 00 dark musicians really had interesting ideas and they supported reasonable level between experiment and trip. But modern dark scene.....Let's be honest,the most part of modern dark psy(not all) it's just a crap.
  10. Знал,более того,у меня до сих пор есть кассета. Просто в ней не указан трек лист.
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