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  1. That is something I am so unfamiliar with I would be interested in country of origin as well as alcohol content and how you came to those drinks
  2. I feel alcohol is poisoning but I'm not going to lie I got caught up in all of these expert beer reviews and all of the categories to rate them in. I don't drink liquor so I can't comment but as far as beer I consider myself a recreational user and close to expert reviewer. As far as macro brews go I like Sierra Nevada pale ale. Nice brown color pours smooth with just the right amount of ahead. 6% is a nice touch and the taste is smooth. Excellent mouth feel and initial taste to after taste is consistent. I'm currently trying the new budweiser black crown. The color is not yellow whi
  3. I know I need to find a good dentist furthermore I heard its expensive. Haha Matt Damon that's funny man. Speaking of which I've never watched any of the bourne movies. I don't see him as an action star. Now Jason stathom.. He's the man
  4. I just downloaded di.fm. This is magic to me. Thank you so much. I got at least another month of workouts covered.
  5. Haha that's funny. As far as djs I have never seen a female in the USA. Although Rihanna has been making a lot of house type songs. I think the time is coming..
  6. I'm on an iPhone 5 so if someone can recommend a better app I'm all about it. It's not jail broken so that route won't help. All I know about is pandora and I can't find any goa. When you put in astral projection all these cheesey club trance tracks follow. I know when I put in alien project I would get some full on but better than nothing. Gms worked for a while. If you guys and gals know something I don't please feel free to let me in on it
  7. Thanks for asking. Well brother from all the years of training and fighting and "workout supplements" I'm losing my hair. I have what my wife calls the dead look because all the veins above and around my eyes are busted so I have huge black circles.. Like a zombie. My hands are distorted with scars and calcium deposits. My nose is twisted from all the times it got broken. Soooooo I think pearly whites would be nice. Gotta work with what ya got.
  8. I'm thinking about getting my teeth whitened. Good touch ya know. Current state of my teeth would be above average. There not the coffee encrusted cigarette smoke brown. But they are not pearly whites.
  9. I like this. The only comment I can make is in the USA the whole experience has a corporate structure. Extreme professionalism, exceptional customer service but above all a contract that explains the job description as well as expectations from both parties. I have seen party throwers sue in court the organizer because they promised a certain head count through their marketing and they didn't deliver. Also the options at the party at maximized for the most profit. Such as two hotdogs and a drink for a certain price. Usually a little menu with the options are listen. Or the door charge will be
  10. Thanks radi. If I had to pick someone from this forum to train at a championship level it would be you. You think like a champion and you don't let the haters get you down. Not everyone is born with that ability. Like shpongled said lets bring it back to on topic. I live in a college town. On Main Street it's filled with clubs and bars. You will hear some dance music. It's not goa but its tolerable. One thing is for sure all the college honeys will be out in force. Starting from the feet up you might see some girls in heels. Those are the bump and grinders. Moving up you will either see s
  11. Finally this place has become a playground for the in crowd. There is an obvious divide from in and the out. I know if I was new I would be at least intimidated to post because more than likely no one will respond. You. Can take the exact thread have the in crowd post and it will get hits. It doesn't and shouldn't be like that. This could be a great avenue for suntrip but you got people bringing it down. I'm no angel but Christ it doesn't have to be like this. Negativity breeds negativity and positivity breeds positivity. You choose.. I know what I want.
  12. Rotwang I will respond with an analogy. I'm like a rock your like a marshmallow. You throw a rock at someone it's going to hurt. Throw a marshmallow at someone they most likely be happy and eat it. Now you melt a marshmallow and you can make a s'more. Who doesn't like a s'more? You need fire to make a s'more. A rock can create fire to melt the marshmallow. You see one hand washes the other. It could be like that but it has to be mutual. Now when the old Lu bu was fighting there's no doubt I was aggressive but things have changed. Which bring me to technosomy and tatsu. First technosomy yo
  13. Wow rotwang sorry someone threatened you like that. As far as me, I think your reading between the lines a little to hard. Don't jump to conclusions when we are all different people. I speak hard, it's my nature. I understand some people on here might be extraordinary sensitive but I don't think people should bully radi. One time I bullied someone on a forum and he sent me a message saying that some people out there are real. They might belong to a real set (slang for gang). At this point I started thinking. I read deeper into the message and he was explaining to me how in this technologi
  14. Pat from Australia. Thanks for sending me all of those discs. Basically the best you had. How is it in Australia, I might take a vacation down there. I could be wrong but I heard its small so finding things is pretty easy.
  15. Technosomy usually it's females who are to scared to go back and speak up about the 5 cents. You need some help son?
  16. Hey radi you didn't offend her. I've seen her picture before. Her looks are on par with her attitude if you know what I'm saying. Plus she's a lesbian and seems to be the man hater type. Tatsu how much money you make big shot? On average per month I spend what you make in a year. Probably two if I'm right.
  17. I'm pretty sure most of us eat healthy here. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep it fresh or find new recipes. I know I could use some more. Ill share one of mine and hopefully you will do the same. First ill cook up some brown rice. Then I will scramble some egg whites while adding some fresh peas. Ill mix the two and add some pepper. Ill take some whole grain bread and toast that with a veggie burger and some ketchup. A side of cottage cheese. To drink some freshly juiced celery, kale and an apple for sweetness.
  18. The beginning is nice. Nice loops and patterns that are in sync. Then it goes haywire so much going on that doesn't line up and sounds like a big clash. Astral projection trust in trance 3. The track evolves for minutes and when it peaks it all lines up. Now I'm a two time state champion. I'm a junior Olympian and I hold two title belts. Some of you would cry if my trainer talked to you like they talked to me. It's what I needed to get better. There are so many angles in the ring it's like a huge chessboard. Sometimes I would forget a basic jab in the pursuit of a show stopping combo.
  19. I love cds. I love collecting them and i like to look at the collection. If my house was burning down the only thing on my mind is getting out those top shelf CDs. Burning my body = temporary. Burning the CDs = permanent.
  20. Don't forget the concrete shoes
  21. Was pretty excited to get the limited edition of trans stellar from suntrip only to find it on iTunes. I felt a bit betrayed because when I held the disc it was a magical feeling.
  22. I've noticed some people friendly tease radi, and some belittle him. You know the saying misery loves company. Misery being the people who abuse him and company is what they hope for. I want someone who doesn't friendly tease him to explain why you do it. Furthermore would you belittle him in person. Talk about goa spirit. I'm no stranger to punching bags.. You want to belittle someone I want you to come at me. I will kill you with kindness
  23. Radi in American slang if someone calls you a pimp, like I called you a pimp, it basically means your so smooth with the ladies they will do whatever you want. Your a pimp because you said your going to find the ladies. Bottom line it means your the champ. Depths when you go for personality you will have the biggest freak in the bedroom you could. The more she trusts you the more of herself she will give to you. Now you find personality that comes from a good family she will cook your dinner and do your laundry. There's plenty of fine honeys out there. Moments like this make me wish I was
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