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    Need these

    I'm looking for these : Various - The Sound Of Goa Trance Part II... Acid Waves cd Various - Psychedelic Krembo 4 cd Bypass Unit - Dropz of obscure eclipses cd Thanks to anyone who can help, bye friends!
  2. I've just received rare stuff from him, delivery was fast and cd mint...need I say more? Great deal! Reliable source!
  3. Something gone, something new in.
  4. Great seller and trader, sends fast, stuff in excellent conditions, 100% reliable. I'm really happy for trading with / buying from him!!!
  5. Everything went really fine with him in our first trade, now I'm sure it will be even better in this second one!
  6. Has anyone got it? I can buy it or trade with something in my previous topic.
  7. Ahahah, I was too optimistic, anyway, who want to sell it, just tell me the price with a pm. Thanks!
  8. Can someone help? I can pay (100 euros can be ok ?)or trade. Let me know guys!
  9. Anoebis and Suntrip made me get in love again with psytrance, I was still buying cds but getting easily bored with most of them...and now modern goa is back and I find a reason to continue and also to look for old stuff, finding out that the best this genre can give us is goa with modern pattern, sounds, sound dynamic e kicks. This is exactly what Suntrip is doing and Twist Dreams! (from what I can hear from samples) is just another example of that. Listening to them 4-5 times I can already find out there will be at least 4 or 5 historycal tracks (the Red Gravity one being my favorite so
  10. I'm interested in the following : V/A - Under Construction (MDMA Records) http://www.discogs.com/release/124339 Various - Tribal Science (Concept In Dance 1995) http://www.discogs.com/release/93489 It's ok for you?
  11. Great deal with Oopie, stuff in excellent conditions, professional package, fast delivery...need I say more?
  12. I'm trading / selling these cds, all in perfect conditions, is anyone interested ? List updated : Sandman - Witchcraft Various - The digital dance of Shiva Various - Royal Straight Flush Deedrah - Self Oscillation Various - Nataraja Megalopsy - The abstract machine Ghreg on Earth - sigilweaver Various - Psychedelic 3d Vision (Phonokol 1997) Various - Trance from Israel Various - Psycho Acoustics GMS - The Growly Family Various - Beyond colour I'm looking for stuff between years 1995-1999.
  13. Yes man, I'm waiting too, I can offer 100 euros for Accidental Occidentalism cd...hope you still have it!
  14. He already did, but I had already found it on ebay. Now I'd need : Paradise connection cd Shakta - silicon trip cd Thanks to both for the offer.
  15. I'm looking for these cds : Space Tribe - Space Mandala cd Paradise connection - Paradise connection cd I can pay a good amount for both. Let me know if some of you guys can help... Thanks in advance
  16. Here they are, three dark psy, 2 older releases : Various - Royal straight flush : http://www.discogs.com/release/799475 Various - Hate : http://www.discogs.com/release/539893 Various : The night Tribe : http://www.discogs.com/release/776305 Altogether at 20 euros or 8 euros each. Payment with paypal. I'm also very happy to trade!
  17. I'm looking for the cd, whatever issue, I can offer 50 euros.
  18. Thanks to some of you I found some stuff I was looking for, I need some more help now for these cds : Koxbox - dragon tales Orion - metamorpheus Cosmosis - intergalactic Various - Goa Raume vol 2 Thanks in advance!
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