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  1. Hi friend, I liked so much your other tracks, can u please upload again this one?
  2. Great track friend, hope you'll have more for us!
  3. Great job friend, I really hope they'll be downloadable!
  4. Huge track friend, I really like it!
  5. Ouch...I missed your live! I really liked the first one, can you please re-upload this one? Thanks man you rule!
  6. I really liked these tracks, these are my cup of tea, if you composed other stuff like this please tell me, like Merr0w music I really like it! Mystic Path is my favourite one. Just more powerful drums and these tracks will be perfect!
  7. Ok guys no problem! Perhaps 800 euros is too much, infact I sold tohe block at a lower price. I just want to point out how much I payed the following on discogs : Paradise Connection - Paradise connection (100 euros) Koxbox - Dragon Tales (orange) (58 euros) Bypass Unit - Dropz of obscure eclipses (58 euros) Deviant Electronics - Brainwashing is child's play (80 euros) KoxBox - Too Pure (38 euros) Cosmosis - Cosmology (80 euros) OOOD - A live (50 euros) GMS - The Growly Family (100 euros) Various - Tokyo Tekno Tribe 1 (30 euros) Various - Tokyo Tekno Tribe 2 (48 euros) Shakta
  8. Hi guys, since I need money fast I sell these all together. Only in block, not single cds. Paradise Connection - Paradise connection Koxbox - Dragon Tales (orange) Bypass Unit - Dropz of obscure eclipses Deviant Electronics - Brainwashing is child's play KoxBox - Too Pure Cosmosis - Cosmology OOOD - A live GMS - The Growly Family Various - Tokyo Tekno Tribe 1 Various - Tokyo Tekno Tribe 2 Shakta - Silicon Trip Asia 2001 - Strange World Technossomy - Synthetic Flesh Various - Pof Trance Collector 2 Various - Nataraja Various - The Beginners Guide to the Galaxy of Psytrance V
  9. Really good track guys, you just have to improve the drum section in the way it sounds.
  10. Great stuff !!! I'd like all these tracks on cd, really a great piece of work! This is my kind of music!
  11. Hi man, I must say, very good work again! I listen to both goa trance (old and new) and top quality dark psy (penta, ocelot, peak records stuff and little more) and I like them both with a strong prefernce for goa. I have to say your stuff can be top quality dark psy and it really has some melodies (compared to the style), while most of this kind of music is becoming really minimal and "no melodies" oriented. So quality is there as always, but if I have to choose I'd say "plasmoid" is really the kind of stuff that make you different and that identify you among others.
  12. Great track I really liked the mix dark psy / old school goa...it reminds me a little bit of Darshan - Awakening, and this is a good thing! I really hope you will continue this way! Really appreciated! Since you did a good job I can just suggest to improve with more varied rhytms and melodies, just to reach perfection. bye!
  13. Found some, can anyone help for those missing?
  14. Hi guys, I'm looking for these rare items, can anyone help? Hunab Ku - Magik Universe cd Adrenalin Drum - Xperimental Goa cd Asia 2001 - Psykadelia Asia 2001 - Live
  15. mak

    For sale

    I sold them all!
  16. mak

    For sale

    I'm selling great stuff because I need money fast, had some problems lately, here's my list : Etnica - The juggeling alchemist under the black light Koxbox - Dragon Tales Koxbox - Forever After Koxbox - Too pure Koxbox - Life is Green nuns of the revolution - Rock bitch mafia Technosommy - Synthetic Flesh Darshan - Awakenings Adrenalin Drum - Experimental Goa Deviant Electronics - Brainwashing Is Childs Play Colour Box - Train to Chroma City Asia 2001 - Ra Asia 2001 - Psykadelia Asia 2001 - Live T.I.P. - Feeling Weird Tromesa -
  17. Stunning release! Thumbs up for it!!! I'm getting really excited with this stuff, Red Gravity, Aerosis, Merrow and I only listened to half of this great job. We'd need more of this stuff...hope you'll sell lot of Twist Dreams, so perhaps you can provide us more of this gems! Production and sound quality has noticeably improved. This is a dream coming true, goa trance with top notch production. Thanks to you guys, I hope to have more of this very soon!!!
  18. mak

    Need these

    Thanks very much man!!! I'm looking for the others then, bye!
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