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  1. Hey ! 12 years since i joined this forum, and it still rocks!

  2. It has been a long time since i reached the forum i feel happy it still works !

  3. Que onda? Whata wave?

  4. hello im Ehecatl , 25 years old trance producer since 2003 from Mexico , i`ve recently uploaded a track , it is special for me because i was making ambient psy because a research of musical composition, and now i think it is time to go out and spread some vibes around, im glad to present VENUS a mix of ethno sounds and analog style, focusing on clasical goa trance structure. i would like to recieve some feedback about the next step in promotion or releases because it is important to me to get into scene . thanks! http://soundcloud.com/ehecatlambient/venus
  5. recently i`ve been listening to these guys : http://www.uafrecords.com/ i think they are making good goa trance stuff
  6. what`s your favorite renderer or modeling software ? your work rocks!
  7. I`ve composed some tracks and i actually cannot get good monitors so i had to use standard speakers , and i would like to know if there is something wrong with the sound, i think its ok but i haven`t received good feedback at all, sometimes i think im walking the wrong way on psychedelia but at least i feel very good when im playing it and this is enough for me. What do you think? Any comment? http://soundcloud.com/ehecatlambient
  8. not all the worl had the money to pay artist from most developed economies.... don,t take it for sin
  9. http://soundcloud.com/ehecatlambient/eye-in-the-cloud one more avaliable for download!
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