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  1. 60% psytrance, progressive psytrance 10% dub 10% progressive rock 10% ambient chillout 10% house music
  2. caiopro

    Derango :)

    perhaps yes, it isnt
  3. caiopro

    Derango :)

    agree! Derango is so random that i cant even dance to their music. I think he says its about sounds from the jungle. My guess is that its all hallucinations from a strange mind. Lacks groove and inspiration for me.
  4. i think Infected should forget about raves and stuff and get into MTV. i would miss them for the good old times, but now it sounds like its the best thing for them to do. they're just so not psytrance now :\
  5. ive heard that IM got eggs and stuff throwed at the stage, is that true? anyway, it seems like a great festival. but the decor looks a lot like to the TF festival one in Brazil this february
  6. there's another edition of TRANCEFORMATION in July. I guess it will be on the same place it was on the carnival festival, near Corumb√°, wich is near to Goiania and near to Brasilia.There will be also some smaller festivals around the country, like Fora do Tempo Festival (Out Of Time Festival), on Carolina beach - Maranh√£o (north of Brazil), with no big international lives, but surely with some good brazilian acts.
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