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  1. 60% psytrance, progressive psytrance 10% dub 10% progressive rock 10% ambient chillout 10% house music
  2. caiopro

    Derango :)

    perhaps yes, it isnt
  3. caiopro

    Derango :)

    agree! Derango is so random that i cant even dance to their music. I think he says its about sounds from the jungle. My guess is that its all hallucinations from a strange mind. Lacks groove and inspiration for me.
  4. i think Infected should forget about raves and stuff and get into MTV. i would miss them for the good old times, but now it sounds like its the best thing for them to do. they're just so not psytrance now :\
  5. ive heard that IM got eggs and stuff throwed at the stage, is that true? anyway, it seems like a great festival. but the decor looks a lot like to the TF festival one in Brazil this february
  6. there's another edition of TRANCEFORMATION in July. I guess it will be on the same place it was on the carnival festival, near Corumbá, wich is near to Goiania and near to Brasilia.There will be also some smaller festivals around the country, like Fora do Tempo Festival (Out Of Time Festival), on Carolina beach - Maranhão (north of Brazil), with no big international lives, but surely with some good brazilian acts.
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