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  1. You're welcome Hey, btw, are you bullcrap0 on last.fm? I just saw, like 5 minutes ago, a familiar avatar under that moniker commenting stuff in particular psynews kind of way at Darshan's last.fm profile EDIT: ok, judging by Pleiadians play count and overall chart position, I can pretty sure ascertain it to be you.. lol
  2. The track is Tribal Sunrise from Razor's Edge, though I don't know which mix exactly (there seem to be 5 of them there).
  3. The sample from the first track is also heard in Tetrameth's 49th Vibration - not the exact match but it could be interesting for you to check it..
  4. 1. You might as well enjoy the first video: http://www.transmeet.tv/default.aspx?id=541 (pay no attention to introductory advertisement ) The first track on it is Free Your Soul by Mantrix; the second is Spores from Solar Spectrum I guess.. The third and last in a row, beginning somewhere in the middle of the clip is for you to identify -- before you listen to it though, a word of warning is that it is pretty ordinary, raw and unfashionable full on sound in play; 2. And now for something completely different: (Curlies in Anjuna party) - does anyone know that track?
  5. Here, I also have 2 'new' tracks for you to check out: Fungus Funk - Yumi Rmx Samadhi - Organic Brain In Cosmos btw., "eighter".. you mean either?
  6. Gee, there's shitload of them and Google knows them all ^^
  7. :lol: :lol: EDIT: Usually, with such relatively highly unique and hard-to-imitate (perhaps one definition of 'quality'?) material there is a hard time getting 'similar' stuff.. Although, one candidate for candidate for it has now popped in my mind, at least in the musically 'semantic sense' as I see it: http://www.touchsamadhi.com/audio/djs/moks...w-flesh-320kbps ...try it, I think it's not bad in the situation where the chance of finding something 'similar' is so slim... EDIT2: I still hope and think that experienced people on the forum will have something to add.. Also I think the thread is great in the sense of what information it might yield; in the point where you have samples that go along the lines of "inside this room all of my dreams become realities,.., and my realities become dreams" I consider we are dealing with 'psionic' technology ideas (f--k, now I'm sounding like I've come here to promote Digital Psionics label but I don't know how to tell the thought without sounding so) and in a way psionic ideas in general.. I won't go as far as to propose a psitrance classification but you get the idea that it would be cool to get such stuff from this thread?
  8. 'Wool Gathering'.. I both like it and find it powerful at certain short parts, but enough to create a pretty clear impression of what it aims to evoke. Damn, I've been searching for those goa demos for some time now! I could've guessed I just had to put 'little numbers' in the pouet ID selector to get high level oldskool stuff Anyway you have a good point and now I'm a little bit less sure about who is right because these things we are discussing, mystical beauty and mightiness and such, are so damn subjective and hard to get the head around.. The thing is: if you strictly define what you expect from psytrance of 2000s based on your subjective impression of the meaning among other things, of the stuff of 1990s, you are probably going to be disappointed, but it seems to be even a bit more complicated than that..
  9. Shpongle - Tales of the Inexpressible (by some crazy accident it was unmentioned )
  10. Man, what the f--k are you talking about!? :lol:
  11. You mean, "yes"? But I want RTP to answer me
  12. Eh, do you mean classical music that is psychedelic or 'psychedelic' classics?
  13. Is that you psytones trying to answer in RTP's name using Watcher's and Astrognomix's thoughts?
  14. Hehe, I supposed it was about http://www.discogs.com/artist/Moksha
  15. 0daybrain, don't you think it is hard to make or find something that sounds powerful? I don't even think it has something especially to do with years - it's just that it is somehow rare almost by definition and also by the supposed virtue you seek in the material.. Just like 'classics' - the bigger the 'classic', the harder it is to find and that just seems to be the natural consequence of the definition of it -- get what I'm talking about? Now, as for trying to find something 'powerful', it seems there are even more limiting factors.. First of all, it has to be somewhat beyond the level of what you perceive as powerful but not that much more that you are unable to perceive it; second - whoever were to make it has to have some kind of ability to put it in musical form and that seems to imply that he has to have some kind of 'connection' to the *power*, ehehe, and I guess those would rather do something different instead of sitting in front of equipment trying to 'formalize' it.. There's probably more to be said but I'd rather share some examples: Space Cat - Snorkel Blaster -- do you find that powerful? as for obvious 2000+ album I'd recommend you Infernal Angel by Scatterbrain.. you'll know which tracks when you hear them & don't let the somewhat trashy looking cover discourage you.. trust me Tracks that I find powerful but in a specific much more implicit way: Cosmo Chaos - Paradoxal Feeling Perfect Stranger - Clear Vision 07 (Fiord Remix) Anyway, I guess we could find a shitload more of examples if we wanted..
  16. Hey, I think I get what you mean,- I myself every once and awhile remember the track "Huxley's Medicine" and think to myself: damn, they don't do things like this anymore, they never did; and by 'they' I mean psy related artists in general.. There are numerous examples of musical worlds that are out there but just don't ever get explored; it's just not the way it is.... OMG, damn, I sound like some USA TV series explaining and sympathising fatherly voice or something...lol
  17. At first I was like "what the fuck is mars talking about, how could this man have said it any more explicitly than that?!", and then I realized, ehehe, "aahh, well yes, dope could mean two things actually, either downtempo or something that is generally percieved as good," and then I was like: "ohh no no no.. if we are to take that 'dope' would mean 'good' in general than it could really mean anything" and so in the end mars is both right and wrong at the same time..in a way Anyway here are my 2c: http://www.archive.org/details/slsk003_va_...art_compilation (not that I dig archive much, it's just something that I once found and for some reason remembered till this day) Also, I'll add one Jamendo release that deserves to be mentioned: TANGRAM by kaapad - http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/4149
  18. Hey, you made me curious! What was that purpose you found out about being your unconscious drive before you realized it? "behind the veil," hehe And yes, I intentionally quoted the whole post.
  19. First of all, I guess the instrument you search for is called 'tabla' (although with some 'FX' applied I'd guess) - check it with related instruments in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tabla; there ought to be a shitload of such tribal psystuff out there.. just google 'tribal+psy+tabla' i guess I guess you'll get stuff like: http://www.discogs.com/Tabla-Beat-Science-.../release/181076 Also, yesterday I was listening to http://www.discogs.com/Uni-Uni/release/327223 and the sound was not quite what you were searching for but somehow similar; perhaps you should scan Uni's newer stuff?
  20. I guess there are like shitload of psy related projects that have have been suspended in no more than 10 years.. it's almost a tradition of sorts, they all burn really fast.. Just look at the pictures of them Still, the rare survive.. for better or worse.. ... lol
  21. Note taken EDIT: Thanks for trying but - no way, this is not it.. I just downloaded original Rezwalker single, London live remix and black thunder remix and none of it matches this thing I'm trying to identify.. I even dled Zero density (the other single on EP) and even that is not it... Just some boring goa and not the thing I seek..
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