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  1. I'm sorry mate but that just isn't true There's been a couple of times where I've had duplicate copies of sets and I've played one of them, only seen the track name and been like you know this feels a bit flat and then it turned out to be mp3 not flac (and this has never happened with flac). I also definitely notice this during general listening, like sometimes if I'm really tired I'll ONLY want to listen to flac and mp3s will just annoy me. Believe me I'd love it if there was no difference, but there is.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uo21R8CiiMw
  3. pienewuser

    Your sex

    Maybe we just need to discuss more chick stuff? I'll start the hot guys thread tomorrow. Or maybe we need some gay users... they always bring lots of females wherever they go!
  4. Honestly I doubt it, I'm sure other stuff gets complained about a lot more.
  5. I enjoy the variety in BPMs. Although personally I'm not such a fan of the 130bpm dunk dunk music.
  6. Don't forget there's different regions, what region are you on? NA or Europe?
  7. Your grammer is wrong. I think you mean "I'm going to"
  8. Electric universe is still pretty reasonable. As is Shpongle.
  9. She's got some cool stuff http://brookeshaden.com/
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