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  1. The Audiognomes are hosting an album for a good friend of ours. In the words of the artist "I want to remain anonymous, but I want as many people as possible to get this for free, which is quite challenging". Which is true, because it is a great album and I'm sure many people will want to know who did it, but you must remain in the dark. With that said, right click, save as, enjoy the hell out of this album. MP3: http://www.asmatronica.com/mixes/audiognomes/dear%20psytrance%20you%20arent%20not%20unsafe.rar WAV: http://www.asmatronica.com/mixes/audiognomes/Dear%20PsyTrance,%20You%20Are%20Not%20Safe%20wav.rar Also, spread this around as much as possible to as many people as you think would like it. That's what the artist wants you to do. We will have wav files available soon for those who want them.
  2. I've really been getting into the Lennar Digital Sylenth1. It's hard to put into words, but I LOVE this synth.
  3. My latest mix, made on friday the 13th. PsiloPsyBen - "Sanitarium" Download at Audiognomes.com Tracklist: 1. Alien Mental "Take A Break" ['Light From The Depths Of Chaos' - Manic Dragon] 2. Psyside "Little Bitch From Hell" ['Anomaly In Your Brain' - Morphonic] 3. Samadhi "Kill Bill" ['Kill Fuckin Bill' - Deja Vu] 4. Savage Scream "Rotting Side" ['Crazy Goblins and Wicked Pixies' - Trishula] 5. Somarobotics "Poema Negro" ['Triplagitus' - Triplag.com] 6. Sungirl "Future" ['Inner Panic' - Manic Dragon] 7. Random "Point R" ['Demons Night' - unreleased] 8. Matutero "Liquid Dream" ['Army Of Satan' - Unreleased] 9. Hyldhegan "Satanic Byble" ['Primal Scream' - Triplag.com] 10. Baphomet Engine "In The Name Of Satan" ['Noise Killers' - Brain Forest] 11. Horror Place "Killer Clowns" ['Hobya' - Insomnia] 12. Blisargon Demogogon "Save The TV Junkie" ['Dark Strike Express' - Kagdila] 13. Baba Jelly "Zoe La Folesse" ['Mechanophobia' - Trishula] 14. Phobos Azazel "Zlo" ['Grimorium Verum' - Ektoplazm] Let the darkness consume you.........
  4. This is a partial recreation of my Earthdance set, with some other ones thrown in there. I got inspired while playing the set and this is the result. PsiloPsyBen - "Totured Soul" Download at gnometones 1. Electypnose "Murmure Des Ombres" ['Lost In The Forests' - unreleased] 2. Vegetal "Molitov Polotics" ['Digital Shaman' - Psyber Tribe] 3. Damage "Go Get Stupid" ['Psycho Acoustics' - Reckless Rythmc] 4. Blisargon Demogorgon "Wake Up David" ['Comming' - Brainforest] 5. Mubali "Delayed Agression" ['Coming' - Brainforest] 6. Kalilaskov AS "Crying Girl" ['Redrum' - Hypnotica] 7. Psychoz "Into The Darkness" ['Triplagitus' - Triplag] 8. Baphomet Engine "Mandatory Suicide" ['Freemason Conspiracy' - Illuminati] 9. Silent Horror "Evil Soul" (Final Edit) ['Shotgun Wedding' - Under The Ground Pharmaceutics] 10. Abnormal Project "Crazyness" ['Rules of Ohm' - Vertigo] 11. Tempus Fugit "Alien Nightmare" ['Alien Nightmare' - unreleased] 12. Kiriyama "Feuerschutz" ['Durdom' - Devils Mind] 13. Audiopathic "Eye Of The Beast" ['Ah Puch - Lord of the ninth Demension' - Shaman Films Media] 14. Kindzadza "Night Flower" ['Absolute Adult Horror vol. 1' - Western Forest Alliance Record] Enjoy
  5. I'm glad you guys like it. More is always on the way. I've just been too busy with playin all the summer shows lately to put out a bunch of mixes like I ususally do. Midwest America is finally starting to love dark psy.
  6. PsiloPsyBen - Kick to the Kunt Download here. Tracklist: 1. Guinea Pigs "How To Get By In The US" ['Civilysed Chaos' - Geo-Israel] 2. Highko "Brain Vs CPU" ['Twisted Vision' - Hadra] 3. Kindzadza "Kamikazi" ['Karmageddon - Mixed by Goa Gil' - Avatar] 4. Candy Power "Witches Sabbath" ['The Dark Side Of Goa' - Discovalley] 5. Vegetal "Pledge Of Defiance" ['Free Thinkers Are Dangerous' - Wirikuta] 6. Psykovsky Da Furious "Hydro Phone" ['Peace For The Wicked' - Osum-Tantrumm] 7. Alpman "Scary Man" ['Terror From The Depths' - Twins Of Evil Rec] 8. Enichkin Project "Saw" (Remastered) [unreleased] 9. Terminator "Psychedelic High" ['Soviet Vision' - The Vision] 10. Spiral 9 "Freakontonic" ['06.06.06' - Nocturnal Wizardz] 11. Noise Gust "Access To Mars" ['Run Motherfucker Run' - Nabi Records] 12. Hishhiryo "S.A.N." ['Freshly Squeezed' - Tantrumm] 13. Peacedata "A Kick In The Cunt" ['X-Television' - Dirty Music Records] I love women. I do. Really. Enjoy this hell-stomper.
  7. well then, if you're not going to sell your improperly used fear and use the money for a hobby that you are good at, then, like draeke said, call your music what it is. And it's not psy. I would suggest classifying it as "shit", but the suggestions draeke made would be acceptable as well.
  8. I'm just sayin.....From the sounds of it, that money could be better spent elsewhere......
  9. You know, I've avoided listening to anything made by you for a long long time now. I finally braoke down today and listened to a whole bunch of your "music". And I use the word music loosely. It sounds almost exactly like my grandma takin a shit. Do you even listen to real psy trance? because this is not it. I would classify it as high energy trance that no one should ever listen to or risk losing their hearing or lunch. All of that shit sounds the same. Sell your gear and find a new hobby.
  10. all right!!! It's finally today!!!! The triplag crew is currently rockin it!!!!
  11. bumpin it up. 2 days away!! if you would like to chat with us gnomes in the us during the show, pm me and I'll give you my messenger info.
  12. So I talked to a bunch of people at the last festival, who for some reason were dissapointed that they missed my set. (I opened the party) So I decided to recreate it. A little more sober ths time. I hope you enjoy. Misplaced Memories http://www.audiognomes.com/gnometones.htm Tracklist (artist/name/album/label) : 1. X-Dream "Intercorporal Stimulator" (The Delta 2005 Remix) ['Imagi:Nations Part 1: Night' - TIP.World] 2. Three Point Turn "Mallormak" ['By Any Means Necessary' - Hadshot Haheizar] 3. Three Point Turn "The Dobberman" ['By Any Means Necessary' - Hadshot Haheizar] 4. Minimianiml "Close The Line" ['American Rotation' - Spectral Concepts] 5. Wormfood "Ug" ['American Rotation' - Spectral Concepts] 6. Penta "Zeynep" ['American Rotation' - Spectral Concepts] 7. Xerox & Illumination "7 Days" (Etnica Remix) ['XI 2005' - Hom-Mega] 8. Fusi and N.O.X. "Please Forgive Me" ['Indian Spirit Vol 2' - Yellow Sunshine Explosion] 9. The Commercial Hippies "Dr. Freakenstien" ['If You Can't Stand The Heat' - Nano] 10. Squaremeat "Go Away" ['Astronomical Coffee Break' - Exogenic] 11. Squaremeat "Liukutaklaus" ['Astonomical Coffee Break' - Exogenic] 12. Teen Sluts "Broasting Tike" ['Aztec Vibes' - Sound of Sanity] 13. Ananda Shake "Peace Virus" ['Silence Bunker' - Online Compilation] 14. Infected Mushroom "Smahuta" ['Full On Vol. 6 : Trance Waves" - Hom-Mega] 15. Hux Flux "Skirk" ['Division By Zero' - Spiral Trax] 16. The Commercial Hippies "3 Star Hotel" ['If You Can't Stand The Heat' - Nano] 17. Shift "Real Men Don't Dance" ['Byte Me' - Crystal Matrix] 18. Hydraglyph "Condition Black" ['Source' - Nexus Media] 19. Silica "Meet The Papachango" ['Dark Noizes' - Sonic Tantra] 20. Dr. Timothy Leary "Freak Out" ['Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out : The original motion picture soundtrack' - Performance Records] Remember I said a LITTLE more sober.
  13. Audiognomes on Triplag.com LIVE www.triplag.com Live show starts 19:00 GMT (Dublin, Lisbon London) From TRIPLAG ~ Sandy Klaus ~ [Noisy Pipes project] (FRA) ~ FungusOK ~ (RUS) ~ Janis ~ (UKR) From Audiognomes (Madison, USA) www.audiognomes.com Psy trance & downtempo mixed live by ~ PsiloPsyBen ~ Underfoot ~ Geal ~ Robyo Saturday, June 17th, 19:00 GMT till late Razz
  14. I would really love a track list for this mix. I love it man, it's goin in my car tonight.
  15. what the hell is this? I tried to participate, but everytime I click on submit, it tells me to please select an option from the poll, which I already did. wierd. *edit* oh, maybe it ended?
  16. The Chilluminati present Sacred Earth Open Air May 26-29 2006 Memorial Day Weekend @ a location TBA, near Black River Falls, Wisconsin An open air camping festival brought to life with consciousness, harmony, mind-expanding music & visuals. Four days & three nights of psychedelic sound, visuals, art & fire dancing. ::: TIME AND LOCATION ::: When: Memorial Day Weekend Friday May 26 - Monday May 29, RAIN or SHINE ; specific times TBA @ www.chilluminati.org Where: near Black River Falls, Wisconsin - maps, directions, details TBA @ www.chilluminati.org ::: BUY TICKETS ::: 18+ unless accompanied by parent (MUST BRING ID) EARLY BIRD $30 to April 30th, or first 50 tickets PRE-REGISTERED $40 May 1st (or whenever EARLY BIRD tickets sell out) to May 22nd GATE ADMISSION $50 Ticket prices cover performances, tent camping and parking for 4 DAYS and 3 NIGHTS, and campground facilities. Trailer camping is available on a limited, first-come first-serve basis. Electric/water/sewer hookups are extra for trailers. Inquire for details. PURCHASE TICKETS HERE ::: AUDIO : LIVE MUSICIANS ::: LOUD (live) Com.pact / Dooflex / Divine Balance / dbsonic - [israel] LOUD (Kobi Toledano and Eitan Raiter, located in the city of Haifa Israel) were both infected by the psytrance bug and movement back in the mid-nineties. While both were travelling and experiencing global psychedelic culture, the two cosmically met and LOUD was born. LOUD has a significant and daring new sound, fresh and powerful, always seeking to expand their knowledge and results. LOUD have licensed many tracks, to be featured on labels such as: Trancelucent, Doof Records, Skykey Records and Divine Balance Records. Their full-length album will be coming out soon on Com.pact Records. Onnomon (live) Soular Records / Psymbolic Shop - [Pennsylvania] Onnomon is rapidly emerging as one of the top psytrance producers in the world. His recent album, “No Monno” was referred to as “An utterly smashing surprise…” on psyreviews.com. He’s had releases on countless labels and recently returned from touring in Israel. His unique style is not to be missed! (CDs & Album Downloads available through Psymbolic's online shop.) Androcell (live) Celestial Dragon / Psymbolic Shop - [Arizona] With his new second album "Efflorescence" just coming out on Celestial Dragon Records, musician and artist Tyler Smith, aka Quasga, will navigate a psychedelic night-time landscape anchored in dub and integrate organic and electronic sounds. Warm melodies are diversified against a framework of intricate rhythms and arching harmonies. Unique spoken samples are incorporated seamlessly and used with clear intent. Interstitial atmospheric sounds provide for a continuous listening experience. (CDs & Album Downloads available through Psymbolic's online shop.) Bodhisattva 13:20 (live) Geomagnetic / Divine Balance - [California] Coming out of the dark desert scene Bodhi shares a bit of sacred magic as he twists your mind with new and unheard complex frequency function combinations. He is an award-winning electronic musician with releases on such labels as Truffle, Trishula, Psybertribe, Vertigo and coming soon on Geomagnetic/Darkstar Records will be his highly anticipated 2nd album "Secrets of the Mojave." KiloWatts (live) Diffusion Records / Psymbolic Shop - [Pennsylvania] Recently completing his 4th album, "Routes", among numerous singles and remixes, James Watts continues to create dynamic and unpredictable moods with his music. He's generally known for his complex rhythmic audio editing, sliced and diced to all hell, married to wistful melodic structure and vaporous soundscapes. His livesets are a combination of intricate programmed beats and sojourns into improvised experimental groovology, often evolving into thick layered violet walls of sound. (CDs & Album Downloads available through Psymbolic's online shop.) Merkaballah (A/V live set) Space Dub Vibrations - [Colorado] Merkaballah, is comprised of Jym Fair, Avery Runner, and Doug Beechwood. Formulated in 2002, the group has been seen @ VideA in Barcelona Spain2002: AVit Chicago in 2003; "Motion Notion' near Edmunton, Alberta Canada also in 2004; 'As One' festival near Eugene Oregon 2004; and most recently at 'One Tribe' functions on their home turf of Denver, Colo. Merkaballah's DVD A/V single 'Theta Drive', continues on where 'Alpha Code', DJ Elf Arrow (Avery) and VJ Pixylight's (Jym) DJ/VJ mix DVD, leaves off. Theta Drive wisks its viewers into theta consciousness, by means of mixed archetypical imagery. Matyas Kelemen (A/V DVDJ set) Realityengine dot org - [New York] Matyas has a unique ability to provide the right elements for the creation of uplifting & otherworldly environments, from festival dance floors in the heart of Brazil to nightclubs in Tokyo. A classically trained fine artist & cinematographer at Parsons School of Design, Matyas started experimenting with multi media installations in the Brooklyn underground scene of the nineties. In 2001 Matyas founded Reality Engine, a multi-media art collective specializing in site-specific AV installations. Convolution Integral (live) Joshbrill dot com - [illinois] Josh Brill orchestrates and manipulates soundscapes, live instruments and dense modern harmonies while using a jazz/jam band improvisational approach. The psymbient sound that CI brings to the world is a duality of the ambient and the participatory. The guitar soundscapes that CI creates begin with a single note, and through the use of loops, the past and present meet as they convolve with their distant relative, future. Josh has toured as a guitarist with numerous national and international acts. Kourosh Dini (live) Psymbolic Shop - [illinois] Kourosh Dini is a classically trained musician & a psychiatrist focusing on the development of human & thought. The creation of his music is a reflection of the development of life such as that of a person's. His cycling flow of dark & light offers a soundtrack for philosophical contemplation, a great backdrop for generating conversation & a must listen for those who wish to dig a little deeper to appreciate the beauty contained within. (CDs & Album Downloads available through Psymbolic's online shop.) Venus,i (live) [illinois] Chicago based Venus, i has been brewing its special blend of organic electro dub since 2005. A robust yet rich full-bodied tonic with a sweet manicured finish, leaving you with a pleasantly funky aftertaste. In just over a year Venus, i has found a voice it's proud to call its own, expressed through tones ranging from ambient minimal soundscapes to melodic beat driven dub. ::: VISUAL : LIVE PERFORMANCES ::: For 3 nights, 8 collectives of visual artistry match cutting-edge technology with unparalleled performance. A "Hexagonalism" custom projection display, Pioneer's newest DVJ video turntables, multiple realtime interactive visual systems, a virtual teleportation booth where participants can send video postcards to their future selves & the most cinematic moments of console game graphics culminate into an extraordinary dance space experience. VJ Pixylight Space Dub Vibrations / Inside Us All - [Colorado] Pixylight started his VJing aspirations in 1996 and coordinated the AVit Retreat, made up of VJs and Artists from within the North American community in 2005. He also works closely with EarthDance and London-based live video collective inside-us-all. He said to expect some mind-blowing projection screens at Sacred Earth because he's built a hexagon cluster of screens that he's dubbed "Hexagonalism." Reality Engine Realityengine dot org - [New York] Reality Engine is a multi-media art collective that creates an interactive Audio-Visual experience. Our goal is to break down the boundaries of conventional media presentation through utilizing the ritual of shamanic dance and cutting edge communications technology, creating atmospheres that help facilitate the potential for expanded awareness of the world around us. Our content is specifically designed for multiple projection environments, from galleries to theatre, live shows and dance floors. Through our partnership with Pioneer, our goal is to help establish this new platform of non-linear storytelling for DJs, VJs and Live Acts as a standard tool for artistic expression in the arena of events, festivals and nightclubs world-wide using the DVJ – X1 turntables. Psymbolic Psymbolic dot com - [illinois] This catalytic duo (Julee & Troy) create Live Interactive Visual Environments. Since 1999, they have become large-scale A/V event curators and they continue to push their means of expression through their video compositions and the realtime surrounding spectacles. Always providing a customized thematic projection/performance of synchronous moments of meaning and inspiration. VJ Mason Dixon VJmasondixon dot com / MG Chicago - [illinois] Founder of mgchicago and curator of Chicago Motion Graphics Festival, Mason Dixon aims to reawaken a sense of wonder about one's environment. The goal is to revitalize the viewer's perception and attention to detail. No hidden meanings, just reaction, contemplation and a search for meaning. The reflection will reveal your personality and the nature of your sensibilities. Dr. Spook Geomagnetic / Divine Balance - [san Francisco] Nathan Vogel (a.k.a. DJ/VJ Doctor Spook) spends most of his time creating a wide variety of cutting edge digital projects, music videos, dance party projection graphics, DVDs, 3D interactive games, motion graphics, feature film special effects shots and original computer animated shows. Some of you may know Doctor Spook from his interview in the now cult classic film Liquid Crystal Vision, a feature DV documentary on the worldwide trance music scene which he helped produce. MFVJ MFchicago dot com - [illinois] Comprised of video-artists Seth Gershberg aka 3pHaze and Byron Durham (Bmini), local Chicago VJs and co-founders of mfchicago. MFChicago is a group of musicians and artists that experiment with improvisational video and electronic music. Their technique is based on a process of mixing, sampling and re-sampling original live footage, synthesized sources, creative commons and public domain content. They'll be providing a virtualized teleportation booth where participants can send their future dance-floor-centric self a video postcard. Merkaba Visuals Performance Visual Entrainment - [illinois] Merkaba believes that performance visuals are one of the definitive art forms of this century. The Merkaba Visual Performance Collective is bi-located between Chicago and Maui. Since 2000 they've been evolving their style, a hybrid of analog and digital, abstract and narrative. When the visuals entrain with the music you hear at Sacred Earth, your experience will be propelled to another level. Video Janitor Videojanitor dot com - [illinois] In the Summer of Love, Maria Pappas, Matthew Hanson, Edyta Stepien and Chuck Przybyl were born Video Janitor. So, what do a thrift store junkie, television addict, gadget collector, polish princess and dub master have in common? They all have a burning desire to weave enlightened optic fusion right in front of your eyes. They will take you down a fantastic visual journey improvising with the musicians and environment at play. Video Janitor has been cleaning house all over town. The League of Light Theleagueoflight dot com - [illinois] Comprised of several concept artists & next-generation console engineers, The League of Light remixes game-graphic landscapes. Beyond machinima, the League reaches directly into the most cinematic moments of action and artistic games to challenge the traditional definitions of interaction. Mostly, The League of Light brings fun to the dance floor. ::: DECOR : ART INSTALLATIONS ::: Devorah - Vision Collective - [Chicago] Alison aka Sprite - Microcosm Muse Productions / Audiognomes - [illinois] Gaian Mind - Gaian-Mind dot com - [Florida] Alberto - Cosmic Traveler - [italy] Serena - Doodlbug - [North Carolina] ::: AUDIO : DJs ::: Allen Gaian Mind - [Florida] A member of the Gaian Mind collective, Allen is considered one of North America's leading psytrance DJs, well known for his mind-bending sets and his ability to work the dancefloor into a frenzy. His legendary night sessions will dig you a hole to the deepest reaches of known space. Dr. Spook Geomagnetic / Divine Balance - [san Francisco] Dr. Spook (aka Nathan Vogel) is an internationaly renowned San Francisco VJ/DJ/live AV act. He began creating electronic music & 3d visuals in the early nineties. He is a pillar in the SF psytrance scene, known for creating amazing parties with the Phoenix Family. Nate is also a producer & director at minds eye media in SF since 95. Pedro Interchill- [New York] DJ/producer and event coordinator originally from Brazil, now based in NYC, Pedro plays Tribal Psychedelic Grooves, going from dub beats into deep midtempo trance and breaks fused with influences from many cultures and genres. He mixes ancient sounds and digital music with the intention to create environments that provide conditions for the uplifting experience of the collective awareness. Blue Spectral Monkey Interchill / Touch Samadhi - [North Carolina] Truly a connoisseur of psychedelic electronic music, Blue Spectral Monkey has been collecting and spinning constantly since 1996. Deeply diving into fresh electronic dubzones, spaced techno funkage, glitched out freakiness, beatless ambient soundscrapes and liquidy breaks with an ethnocyborg-psyritual twist, all the time keeping the sounds thick, groovy and trippy. Mist Acidance / Mistical Productions / Divine Balance - [Texas] Mist is an established veteran of the Texas psy trance scene. He is the co-founder of the seminal Texas psy trance production company, Mistical Productions. His flawlessly mixed high energy sets have left dance floors across North America quaking. After a brief stint as an Inpsyde Media label DJ, he joined forces with Acidance Records, a psy trance label based in Athens, Greece. For them he compiled the two very successful releases "Dirty South" and "A Violent Reaction." Witchdokta Full Circle / Phoenix Family - [California] The Wichdokta began DJing in '96 and formed the Full Circle Collective in Mendo, Nothern Cali. In '2000 he met up with Dr. Spook and created the loving Phoenix Famly. As a promoter and gathering thrower, he knows what gets the people going. The Wichdokta's sets are something of a spectacle to witness, his amazing energy and sinister music go hand in hand to give you the ride of your life! Arahat aka DJ Hidro-Ponik Cosmic Theatre - [California] A Goa/Psy Dj since 1995, Hidro's intelligent and twisted psychedelic trance has been tearing up the US. Expect him to break out quite a few of his own tracks under the project name Arahat. DJ Hidro-Ponik is a force felt all through you when connected to the cosmic spirit on the dance floor. Be prepared for a wonderful set of crazy night oriented dance experimentation. Alberto Cosmic Traveler - [italy] Alberto has unique style, flawless performance skills. He is true connoisseur of emotional driving tribal music. Talented and methodical, he creates intelligent soundscapes alternating melodic intensity and compositional depth. Dance floor mayhem is guaranteed! Creative visual artist and well known organizer, he's a driving force behind Cosmic Traveler. Airyck - Subconscious Collective - [iowa] NOD - Touch Samadhi - [North Carolina] D.N.X. (Dan Efex) - Danefex dot com - [illinois] S.O.T. - Touch Samadhi / Chilluminati- [illinois] Kaiser Soze - Touch Samadhi / Chilluminati - [Wisconsin] Asmadeus - Native State / Chilluminati - [illinois] Derby - Touch Samadhi / Chilluminati - [illinois] Underfoot - Audiognomes / Chilluminati - [Wisconsin] Toki - Audiognomes - [Wisconsin] Shai - Divine Balance / Chilluminati - [illinois] Robyo - Audiognomes - [illinois] PsiloPsyBen - Audiognomes - [Wisconsin] Damon - Divine Balance - [illinois] Select A-B - independent - [illinois] m50 - Consumers Label - [illinois] Destro - Zod - [Wisconsin] Cringer - Part Time Suckers - [illinois] Kat_zyie - Part Time Suckers - [illinois] Jeekoos - Part Time Suckers - [illinois] Kee - Part Time Suckers - [illinois] ::: OUR VISION ::: This is the first of two weekend-long camping festivals The Chilluminati will be creating in 2006. Both will be held near Black River Falls, close to the heart of the psychedelic tribes of Wisconsin and those of Iowa, Minnesota, Ontario and Illinois. The Native Americans of western Wisconsin built huge earthworks that we now know as effigy mounds. These immense forms, carved into the earth, were symbols of The Divine. Just as the tribes built their mounds, we create these parties as Cosmic Condensates. Our Music, Dance, Light and Love form a sacred structure in Space and Time, a microcosmic celebration of The Infinite. Come join with us this year by helping us to invoke the Five Elements: Earth - our beautiful new party location near Black River Falls is known and loved by many Air - The Music, both Psychedelic Trance and Chill/Downtempo/Ambient, is the air we breathe. Fire - Deco in three Dimensions: Art, Light, Projection. As well as Fire and Kinetic performances. Water - Healers, the psychedelic people, the ambience, community, the beautiful something that you can't put your finger on... Spirit - the Unseen, the Energy Field, Imaginal Realm Manifest WE PROVIDE: 2 stages of sound and light, 4 days of camping in a beautiful natural environment (rain or shine), running water, bathrooms and hot showers, full vending (including alcohol for those 21+). YOU PROVIDE : a tent, enough food and beverages for the weekend (or some cash - food and beverages will be available for sale), NO GLASS, NO DRUGS, NO PETS, NO FIREWOOD (firewood can be purchased on-site). Vendors : Vending is $50 plus admission. We encourage vending of all kinds, but all vending proposals are subject to Chilluminati Crew approval. Please email us with your proposal: crew (AT) chilluminati (DOT) org. camping & volunteer info TBA @ www.chilluminati.org Please respect the venue by keeping the grounds free of litter. This is a LEAVE NO TRACE EVENT. flyer by Underfoot entertainment subject to change
  17. 05.13.06 Midwest Underground & Audiognomes present the first thrillng installment of GNOMETONES ON AIR w/ PsiloPsyBen & Underfoot Broadcasting LIVE from The Gnomelab THIS SATURDAY @ 8 PM - ??? psychedelic trance and downtempo Tune in, turn on, drop out: midwest-underground.com WINAMP LINK WINDOWS MEDIA LINK Additional broadcast dates/times TBA! Thanks and respect to Midwest Underground.
  18. PsiloPsyBen Night Terrors download here "You are about to journey into a world where light cannot travel. Where happiness and love are replaced by hopelessness and despair. Evil is all around you. All you want to do is find a place where you can be safe enough to sleep. But you can't sleep. Because every time you do, you get...Night Terrors." 1. Penta "Half Dimensional" ['Seismic Mood' - AuraQuake] 2. Multistate "Gramma Death" ['Midnight Storm Vol. 2 Electric' - Nexus Media] 3. Distorted Goblin "Loud Mute" ['Dark Noizez' - Sonic Tantra] 4. Scatterbrain "Possessed" ['Infernal Angel' - Digital Psionics] 5. Efflorum "NCU(Neural Corruption Unfurl)" ['Avatar Compilation' - Elixiria.com] 6. Snap Cracle & Pop "Where is Pop?" ['Psy Stories' - Pavarati Records] 7. Candy Power "Twisted Incarnations" ['Nykto' - Dharma Kshetra] 8. Dominator "Shankar" ['Nykto' - Dharma Kshetra] 9. Kindzadza "Purple Eye" ['Jokers Necropolis' - Deja Vu] 10. Baphomet Engine "Flower of Pain" ['Lost In The Forest'] 11. Silica "Meet The Papachango" ['Dark Noizes' - Sonic Tantra] 12. N3xu5 "Dark Room" ['Psycho Therapy' - Kagdila] 13. Mandrugorrah "Lulla-Bye" ['Trauma Trance' - Mistress Of Evil] 14. Claw vs Paranoize "Watch It" ['Deadly Alliance' - Temple Twisters]
  19. Thanx for bringing that to my attention. I don't know what I did, but it works now. Download away.
  20. This is another themed series of cd's I am putting out. Enjoy PsiloPsyBen has some serious demons...and he's working them out through a series of cathartic psy mixes dubbed "The Therapy Sessions." Therapy Sessions Vol. 1 "Anger" download here. 1. Grapes of Wrath vs Metaloids "Bubble Skum" ['Tits on Fire' - Pavarati] 2. Slug "Penguin Rebellion" ['Penguin Rebellion' - Nexus Media] 3. Grapes of Wrath "24 hours, Full Power, No Shower" ['Jokers Necropolis' - Deja Vu] 4. Psyfactor "Child of Darkness" ['Evil Inside' - Trishula] 5. Ohm Gnome "Step Away From The Dwarf' ['Psychadelicly Yours 3' - Pavarati] 6. Paranoize "From Cradle to Enslave" ['Lethal Doses' - Temple Twisters] 7. Penta "Leave a Message" ['Pentafiles' - Spectral Concepts] 8. Damage "Can't Stop" ['Zen 2' - Deja Vu] 9. Candy Power "Terminator" ['Hate' - Golden Dawn] 10. Alien Mental "Sychoshift" ['Trauma Trance' - Mistress of Evil] 11. Dejan "Ctrl Alt Supp" ['Nowhereland' - Vertigo] 12. Melorix "Kill Tha Beast" ['Lost in The Forest'] 13. Ghreg on Earth "Hex Vex Elixer" ['Sigilweaver' - Wirikuta] "The Therapy Sessions are not about me trying to put out the lastest, greatest, newest music. They are exactly what it says : my therapy. This is when I go into my studio and just start playing tracks to make myself feel better. This is the first installment in this series. I call it 'Anger.'" -PsiloPsyBen
  21. Audiognomes have friends in high places. Or at least places with bandwidth. BEHOLD : THE ARCHIVE Gnometones If there's a mix you missed, pine no longer. If you want to see just how bad we sucked at the beginning, now you can. It's all here : the good, the bad and the not-quite-so-ugly. Unlimited thanks to Chilluminati peers asmadeus and derby for making this possible. Expect to see an increased output from Audiognomes in coming months, now that we're not nearly as limited in the amount of mixes we can feature at a given time. And remember, folks : If you like the tracks in these mixes, please refer to our tracklists and head over to trustworthy vendors like Saikosounds or Psyshop and support the artists by buying their music. DJs are monkeys. The music is what matters.
  22. bumpin it up. Keep em comin!!!! great trax recieved so far!!!
  23. the submissions are coming at a good pace!!! I could still use more of every genre. I am also checking out trax that have already been posted here as well, so you may be added to the disc. I will let you know first though. KEEP THE SUBMISSIONS COMING!!!!!
  24. I know you can use multiple controllers at once. (I have 3 hooked up to reason 3) Recording parameter changes though, I think you can only do one at a time. I haven't screwed with it in a while though, so I could be wrong.
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