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  1. as far that i can see agitato accted 100% right & respected the contract with michele. hey traveler now that i see that you have spoken to michele,i can understand all your "missunderstandings" on this topic looks like she played you.......
  2. sorry traveller but im with kabala here, you dont need to be so smart to see that michele's behaviour is totally wrong. I can clearly see that every time she posts something, it's a different version...... so please.... wake up from this last post, looks like michele is driving her label nuts
  3. yami yami..... is it commen that label will take commision??? & if she said that they promise her not to charge any comision from her, why didnt she send them the email she had that can prove it ?????? as they ask from her... the contract looks fair enough & its petty shame that artists sign contract with not even understand the its a busines paper & they must respect it !! p.s isnt it english is her first language??
  4. its a pop up in the main page...enjoy
  5. why he call himself asia 2001?? what is the 2001....
  6. hey ppl you must see this on agitato web site. www.agitato.co.il good for them to publish out all the details. so artists like michele adamson will think twice before they will go out with lies about their lables. respect to agitato.
  7. I was scroling down this topic and this is what cought my eye: So i spent 1 more min to do the simple math - 570 euro : 14 tracks = 40.7 euro 900 euro : 14 tracks = 64.3 euro In my opinion, Michele had never had any intentions to slip here advance money with the artists with whom she produced the album (from her first version it sertanly sounded so, but the second version i think - no chance) this girl is definitely riding hard on the rollercoaster of lies
  8. well.........i dont think that there is good drug without the expirience
  9. they are now in the fast food buisines......have no time between the shifts
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