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  1. yeah well all you need is a buffer and some turtle wax to fix any cd. unless your stupid and carelessly put deep gashes in your rare discs. in that case you dont deserve to own a rare cd... but besides that anyway, im totally pissed off at labels like twisted who release too many cds with NO protective paint cover, since all cd data is pretty much naked on the top side, due to the ad wizards at sony and phillips... and im pissed that if i ever touch the top side of one of these cds, i pretty much ruined it. cuz you cant buff out lost data. im actualy gonna buy secrets in shpongleland just cause i dont have nothin lasts, and my cheap ass shitty produced tales already fucked up despite my care... gee whiz twisted, you sell over 100,000, yet you skimp on the cd paint, charge 50 extra bucks for a few unreleased tracks, charge cd price for a fucking mousepad, and 40 fucking dollars for a shirt?!?!?!?!? and why? all cuz you happened to have luck in releasing "twisted" a year before all the other 20 equally good goa classics? i never reccomend anything from lone deranger to anyone... wow im just pissed tonight... take me as you will...
  2. im just mad cuz its obviously geared towards total noobs, and as a long time computer user i tend to look in the "advanced" options first before trying to dumben myself down and browse the site like yer average moron and find out everything that way...
  3. haha! is psynews becoming the prettiest smiles competition?
  4. ok, omg, just figured it out, thats a totally messy shitty way to do it, btw... just rediculous!!!
  5. i love how theres no options in my options to edit a list.. all i can do is remove my previously 0 entries, BUT NOT ADD ANY!!! and even cooler is how the help topics dont mention it at all! fuck this, i quit.
  6. fuck it, im obviously a retard, and cant figure out how the hell to add my collection on this god damn site..., one of the thousand fuckin links must do it...
  7. wow, this discogs seems pretty trendy, i feel obligated to join ok, maybe ill start on my list tonight... ive got shit from phish to yanni to backstreet boys! i have the ultimate collection of wankadelic records! (tho skazi is really building a great wall of china for me in determining what is either decent or bonerkilling...)
  8. that tune must really move you deeply, dude! i understand... your not a bad person... that track makes me feel like im 8 years old again!!! really tho, the last tune that made me cry was pink floyds marooned!
  9. the only truely unique ones i can think of are already pretty popular in the psy crowd... um, ill throw out mandalavandalz... but im still learning psy and theyre obviously well known i think. also the new bilsargon demogargon tune really moves me, its unique to me, but im not too knowledged in that kind of style so maybe they are, maybe not... also check out this band called spongle, they are unique, and starting to get popular...
  10. i know i wont be taken seriously on these forums untill i own at least one classic rarity. then i can be in the elite club of a special 500-1000 real cool people in the whole world. and ill never pay more than 20 us $ for IFO, cuz owning that will make me a typical goa freak, and it will ruin my hard earned reputation as an emo punk... but really, when i get 200 extra bucks, im going to buy your hux flux from you.
  11. AFK, check out Skazi too. hes obviously the most popular artist on this forum!
  12. yes!! sweet pic kristina!! i cant wait for the new courtney love album!
  13. maybe i should change my avatar to this? is that nasteee enough?
  14. that hurt my feelings, i cant help how i look, god made me this way!
  15. its really amazing how metallica can constantly release albums that suck WAY worse than the last one each time, that must take some skill for 20 years you thought the latest album couldnt possibly get any worse, but they blow you away each time. whats next? another trout mask replica?
  16. yeah, well i like yahel's liquid love top that!
  17. entheogenic uses that one too. lets bitch at them now. "ooooh donkey balls"
  18. whos the ad wizard that came up with that idea?
  19. yeah, definately synergy and cryptic crunch. a few more classics to start off with... koxbox - dragon tales - i think this one has the weirdest sounds of all mandalavandalz - chapora nightlife - and this one too... pigs in space delta - scizoeffective talamasca - behind the mask vibrasphere - lime structure ticon - rewind
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