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  1. Release date for this masterpiece is set for 17th April. Make sure you tune in for some serious psychedelic soundsss from Sweden's finest talent!! Bom!
  2. Yep...he is from Sweden....made a mistake on that which is being corrected....thanks mate!! Its a great album!!! Bom!
  3. Procs - The Lonely Land of Tada Catalogue: MDREC-10 Format: Digipak Release Date: April 2008 Release Notes: Procs is the solo project of Mikael Stegman from Sweden. With a background in classical music (piano) he began composing Goa Trance music in 1995. His first commercial release came with the Shpastic Elastic compilation Scrambled Heads in 2001, and was followed by compilation tracks on Boom! Records, Digital Psionics, Trishula, Manic Dragon, and Yage to name a few. His characteristic organic sound, with experimental touches, deranged and twisted atmospheres was cemented with his critically acclaimed debut album Stuck in the Oven with Me on Trishula Records in 2005. Shortly after, he began work on his second album, which Manic Dragon Records is proud to present. Manic Dragon is extremely excited and happy to announce the release of our next project, a solo album from PROCS!!! Following his one never forgetting dream/phase, he has come up with this album!! We are really excited to have Procs join in the DRAGON Family!!! Links for Samples: Manic Dragon website: http://www.sonic-dragon.com/?load=/md/procs_release.htm Saiko Sounds: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=7137 Wishing all a Great Easter weekend!! Bom Bom!!
  4. Title: Weapons of Mass Destruction Label: Manic Dragon Recs Mastering: 4CN Studios Artwork: Quasga Catalogue: MDREC-09 Format: 4-Panel Digipak Expected Release Date: 17th October 2007! 01. ChemicalSp00n - Supernatural Encounter 02. Ocelot - Theater Of The Mind 03. Fractal Cowboys - The Mantra Song 04. Kerosene Club - Wastelands 05. Kalilaskov AS - Project Pluton 06. Polyphonia - Sound Impact 07. Baba Jelly - With The Service Of Satan 08. Attoya - Scream Project 09. Datakult - Organised Chaos 10. Arsenic - Micronoise Release Notes: Since the Renaissance or perhaps even much earlier somewhere else, there has been a strong intricate relationship between Art (Visual, Music, and Literature), Politics, Culture and Religion. Many great arts came out of rough times throughout history when artists were heavily influenced and inspired by the surrounding situation. It is human nature to express their feelings and reflect their ideologies through actions. Artists paint and sculpt to express, musicians make music, and writers write stories. Even partying is a form of expression, especially for the psytrance scene where party becomes a ritual. Recent history tells us that oppression leads to revolution. When people become too oppressed they change. We are living in a high-tech super-information age; everyone is overexposed to information either directly or indirectly. It does not matter if you live in the city or countryside; there is no escape in our daily life. Media becomes the super-powerful weapon that can hit and penetrate any age and culture group, the master of media can possibly control the world and leave a great impact on humanity. Presidential election, war coverage, reality TV and infomercial: are they the sugar coated propaganda force feeding the uninitiated public? Fear and intolerance levels are rising; stability and comfort levels are decreasing, what causes that? Is the world ruled by greedy egotistic maniacs? Our time is getting darker and darker; we are reaching the threshold crossover to another era. Perhaps a huge explosion would be the remedy for our rotting race. Like a gigantic alarm clock to wake up the sleeping souls to re-enter the hosts to revive our consciousness to relearn the true meaning of life. May be we are like the phoenix; we must die in order to be born again. Fried Babas have carefully chosen 10 special weapons (special alarm clocks) created by artists from different corners of the world. Each weapon will lead you into the darkest realms, conjure the most fearful demons to demolish your egos and wipe out your inner universe. We aim to destroy everything and anything you know. Hopefully when you come into senses again you will have many questions needed to be answered. Sample links:- Manic Dragon Recs: http://www.sonic-dragon.com/?load=/md/wmd_release.htm Saiko Sounds: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=6806 Wrikuta: http://www.wirikuta.at/web66/product_detai...owDetail=173704 BooOooOm!
  5. Psyonic Boom presents: 'PRIMAL EXPLORER' Psychedelic Trance Journey Deep Inside [LIVE] SAVAGE SCREAM (Savage Family/Phreex Network/Devils Mind Recs/JAPAN) [DJS] KEIKI (Manic Dragon Recs/Digital Psyonics/JAPAN) FRIED BABAS (Manic Dragon Recs/HKG) KASTOACHA (Electism/UK) [[Opening Chill Set]] Date: 8th Sept'2007 (Saturday) Time: 22:00 to 05:00 Venue: Yellow Devil, 3/F Soho Square, 21 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central NOTE: There shall be an after hours party shifted from the above mentioned venue to Wanchai district from 5:00am to 9:00am where Psyonic Boom DJs would be spinning full on morning sounds and chillout towards the end (FREE ENTRY)! Furthermore Heineken beer would be served for only HK$40/bottle! Tickets: Advance ticket @ HK$140 incl. 1 drink + CD, available at: 'MAGASIN' Shop 42 Basement, President Shopping Centre, 527-539 Jaffe Rd. (Tel: 9082-3126) Door ticket @ HK$140 incl. 1 drink (No CD) More info: http://www.psyonicboom.com / http://www.datuanjie.com SAVAGE SCREAM BIO:-- Savage Scream is Mizuki's solo-project from Japan. He started producing music under the name 'BUG FUNK' & a few years after he decided to create his solo project 'Savage Scream'. His tunes have given him a high evaluation from many psycho artists from all over the psychedelic world! These days he is considered one of the most respectful artists in the Japanese underground scene and theres no doubt that THIS man has been infecting the real japanese undergound music, all over the world. In 2006 he had been to Goa and later on this year he finished in an open-air party in Russia with his psycho-friends KINDZADZA and more. Now his first full album is going to be out on Devils Mind Recs this year (http://www.devilsmindrecords.org) Listen to Savage Scream samples here:- http://www.saikosounds.com/english/show_ar...?artist_id=5178 KEIKI BIO:-- KEIKI is an organiser and resident DJ of Extra Music (formerly Genkanon), one of the main underground party organisers in Japan. He has spent a lot of time with many psychedelic trance artists and expanded his work not only in Japan but also abroad. His musical style is Dark Goa and Psychedelic Trance and he is constantly seeking out underground sounds. He played overseas in 2003 and now plays an active part in underground label Digital Psionics as a label DJ and has recently joined Manic Dragon. He has also recently started to make his own original tracks. He currently travelled to Hong Kong to support Naked Tourist's gig here in March this year with a grrrreat response!! http://www.extra-music.net http://www.myspace.com/djkeiki Hope to see some FreaKss there!! PM me for any further details! :posford: Bom!
  6. Due to a raid at Sin Bar, the new venue for this gig scheduled for the 24th of March is now at:- YELLOW DEVIL CLUB 3/F, Soho Square, 21 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong Tel: +852 3102 2066 Ticket prices remain the same, but includes a standard drink!! Updated flyer on www.psyonicboom.com (Next Events) See you guys!! Bom!
  7. Psyonic Boom is extremely proud to present Bjorn aka DJ Iguana/Naked Tourist in Hong Kong for his very first time!!! He would be supported by Manic Dragon's label DJ resident from Japan...DJ Keiki who would be belting out some madness being produced from the Far East!! Psyonic Boom presents... "ENERGIZE" Psychedelic Mental Teleportation Trance Date: 24th March 2007 (Saturday) Time: 23:00 onwards Lineup: [LIVE SET] NAKED TOURIST (Parvati Recs / GERMANY) [DJ SET] IGUANA (Noise Poison Recs / Parvati Recs / GERMANY) KEIKI (Digital Psionics / Manic Dragon Recs / JAPAN) PANDALYN (Psyonic Boom / HONG KONG) VOnE (Psyonic Boom / HONG KONG) Venue: Sin Bar Shop 7 & 8 Tonnochy Towers 250-274 Jaffe Road Wanchai Hong Kong Tel: +852 2877-4688 Ticket: Advance HKD140 Available at: Magasin Shop 42 Basement President Shopping Centre 527-539 Jaffe Road Causeway Bay Hong Kong Tel: +852 9082-3126 Hours: Mon-Sun (15:00-23:00) Door HKD160 Contacts: Tel: +852 9470-0520 E-Mail: info@psyonicboom.com Web Flyer: http://www.psyonicboom.com/pics/flyers/Energize.jpg Please visit: http://www.psyonicboom.com Wish to see some forum members there!! Please PM me if around town then!! Bom!
  8. Yippie!!!! This storming split album is FINALLY released.... Saiko Sounds: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=6288 Should be out in all leading psy stores real soon as well!! We had an excellent party in Hong Kong last week with Dylalien playing a LIVE+DJ Set followed by SpliffNik from the BrainBusters crew!!! This week it shifts to Japan!!! Have a great day folkS!! Bom!!
  9. Bom Bom!! Manic Dragon is extremely pleased to present the long awaited split album between 2 supreme projects who have been rocking/banging/smashing/twitching/stomping since the past couple of years with their tunes all over!! Yes....they are *Fractal Cowboys* comprising of Dylalien & Quasar & *The Many Faces* who are Dejan & Karim. All 4 of them need no introduction, well at least to the psy world!!! More info:- Label: Manic Dragon Records Title: Fractal Cowboys / The Many Faces - Entre Nous Catalogue: MDREC-08 Format: Digipak Release Date: Mid Feb'2007 Mastering by Simon Polinski Artwork by Quasga http://www.sonic-dragon.com/?load=/manic_dragon.htm Tracklist:- 1. The Many Faces - Chienne Sauvage 2. Fractal Cowboys - Catapult 3. Fractal Cowboys - AlienFreakSho 4. The Many Faces - Atsuko 5. Fractal Cowboys - The 23 Enigma 6. The Many Faces - Nice to Meet You 7. Fractal Cowboys - Shamadhi Shawadhi 8. The Many Faces - Obsession (Remix) 4mins samples can be heard @ Saiko Sounds here:- http://www.saikosounds.com/english/show_ar...?artist_id=8168 Bom Bom!!
  10. WooohoooOO!!! Really looking forward to this album!!! All the best to Aaron for his highly skilled production & to Dropout Productions!!! His tracks just keep getting better & better! Killer Cover Art as well!! Way to GO!!!
  11. Fractal Cowboys / The Many Faces - Entre Nous - MDREC-08 ..... The Split album has been delayed until January 2007, due to the amounts of releases coming out in December. To make it a memorable album, the crew decided to shift the date to Jan'07. Will get you exact details once confirmed. Bom Bom!
  12. More info about this party here in Hong Kong can be found here:- http://www.datuanjie.com/tchinese/modules/.../?op=view&id=51 Please do stop by if your around town!!! Also Loopus has confirmed to play a LIVE + DJ Set!! This is gonna be a funky night to remember!!! Bom Bom!!
  13. Ashtar Bio: http://www.sonic-dragon.com/?load=/bio/ashtar_bio.htm
  14. Yes thats right.... The Many Faces are Dejan & Karim (Baba Jelly, half of Jellyheadz project).... Entre Nous shall be released in December! Gonna be a smasher!!!! Bom Bom!!
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