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  1. It has some amazing tracks and some pretty good ones. Overall my favorite this year, considering there are 2-3 classics on this album, its quite awesome.
  2. This album has some of the best psychedelic chill tracks on it - Microcondian - Skullcap - Trara, and some other great tracks maybe not so psy but none the less great music to listen to.
  3. It is multi directional, shows lots of talent and a huge potential for future releases. Great CD to travel with or without body. :clapping:
  4. as you can see there is no greatest, the list is endless on what people like, doesnt mean you will like it. .
  5. This is a real good release from Entheogenic, I missed their last one and wasnt too much impressed by the reviews, but this one was all over the internet. so I went for it, and I am glad that I did. Excellent material all the way through, some tracks good, some outstanding, if you are like me and like some psy and some allrounders then dont miss this one! 9/10
  6. Entheogenic - Spontaneous Illumination Quit a trip, over there, way out
  7. my most anticipated album, right next to their first one, pretty awesome!!! .
  8. My all time favorite of chill. One of those albums you can listen to after 5 years and still be taken away.
  9. i hate it when I have to wait for a release and the release date gets changed all the time.
  10. its not the worse position to be in, just imagine how many great albums you still have to discover!
  11. lots of respect for martin. curious about his new album.
  12. Thats what I call a great review -------------------------- How make an easy psy-trance or chill review? Choose a cd & prefer an album, for example the new Enthéogenic 'Golden Cap'. Insert the cd in your player, sit down & listen, you can do something else while listening if you want. Now let's check if the release fits with the 3 next points: -It's possible to experience a non-stop complete listen of the cd without any stop or skipping passage. -When the cd is finished, your time perception is alterated : your major desire is to launch again the cd as you think it's just imposible you've just spent around 70 minutes so quickly. -More you listen to the tunes & more you find out elements that were hidden to your initial awareness's state. Verdict, Enthéogenic - Golden Cap matches with the 3 previous statements. What else could be added about this album? Some general remarks & one anecdote. Let's begin with the anecdote, unfortunately only french or people who can receive french tv channnels & could verify this. Midnight Eyes could appear to your ears as familiar sounding, why? Because the core of the track comes from a jingle from a midday game 'La Cible' on France2, which i suspect to be produced by our dear loved Helmut & Piers. Actually it's the same short melodic layer developped, agremented , embellished by a whole structure that leads it to become a full tune. For the musical content, a main idea focuses my attention about Golden Cap. Entheogenic has decided to operate a risky musical turning in their chill-out productions, they wander off the Psychill like the early Shpongle for driving us toward more electic & original soundscapes but still melodic & making you feel out of your home. Let's mention that Golden Cap has the most indian sounding. Zero Plus propulses you through a weightlessness's control perdition way in a cosmic configuration. Kashmir Day Trip coulb be, contrarily to what suggests the title, a fresh floating trip through the oriental night ponctuated with muffled percussions. The Solution Machine covers more the hypnotic ambient area. Absphinx takes his bass from the Jazz & borrows his rythmic to the Broken Beat the whole thing dredged with an indian flute melody. Secret Tongues is crossing Drum n' Bass & Funkadelik. Ju closes the album on a climatic downtempo vibe while Sideways is more Dubby & Midnight Eyes appears to be the closest to the former Enthéogenic's sound. If Enthéogenic productions have today very few in common with their first compositions nevertheless i don't hesitate a single moment for claiming that this album is as essential as the previous ones & even surely more. Recommended
  13. Same here, very good chill album 10/10 .
  14. Oh, I hope you will be released, very nice track.
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