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  1. It has some amazing tracks and some pretty good ones. Overall my favorite this year, considering there are 2-3 classics on this album, its quite awesome.
  2. This album has some of the best psychedelic chill tracks on it - Microcondian - Skullcap - Trara, and some other great tracks maybe not so psy but none the less great music to listen to.
  3. It is multi directional, shows lots of talent and a huge potential for future releases. Great CD to travel with or without body. :clapping:
  4. as you can see there is no greatest, the list is endless on what people like, doesnt mean you will like it. .
  5. This is a real good release from Entheogenic, I missed their last one and wasnt too much impressed by the reviews, but this one was all over the internet. so I went for it, and I am glad that I did. Excellent material all the way through, some tracks good, some outstanding, if you are like me and like some psy and some allrounders then dont miss this one! 9/10
  6. Entheogenic - Spontaneous Illumination Quit a trip, over there, way out
  7. my most anticipated album, right next to their first one, pretty awesome!!! .
  8. My all time favorite of chill. One of those albums you can listen to after 5 years and still be taken away.
  9. i hate it when I have to wait for a release and the release date gets changed all the time.
  10. its not the worse position to be in, just imagine how many great albums you still have to discover!
  11. lots of respect for martin. curious about his new album.
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