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  1. I'm from Montreal and I went to their launch party two weeks ago. I also got the new CD and beleive me one this one: it is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! The guys improve their sound a lot! If you liked the track "folding time" on the refresh compilation, you have to listen to the new version found on mission to sedna. Its a 13 fucking minutes long masterpiece! Btw, I think spaceport is their own label... quite sure actually. Remember, their previous album was called "music for spaceports"...
  2. I just receive a second copy of this super classic and I want to trade it. Here's a list of CDs I am looking. But really, all offers are welcome... (all cds/cd5") Astral Projection - Another World EP (Transient Records) Chakra & Edi Mis - The Promised Land Cosmosis - Moonshine EP (Transient Records) Dimension 5 - Transdimensional (Intastella Records) Etnica - Plastic (Blue Room Released) GMS - Chaos Laboratory (Hadshot Haheizar) GMS - The Growly Family (TIP Records) Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Green Nunions EP (Flying Rhino Records) Hallucinogen - LSD
  3. I'll take three Check your mail...
  4. The first album from Igneous Sauria (Encephalopahgus) is very dark without being too agressive. Check it out!
  5. There's a hidden track on Jaia - Blue synergy second CD. There's one on Cosmosis - Intergalactic as well...
  6. I got the latest Son Kite album lately (which I think is pretty goog btw) and I noticed something interresting: Listen to the fourth track "Games & Watch" then compare it to the track "Land of Freedom (2001 rmx)" from Deedrah which can be found on the album Reload. What do you guys think? Coincidence??
  7. Hey Jon, I got a spare copy of Koxbox dragon tales. Of course, I'm talking about the original release on blue room. I'd be willing to trade it if you got something I want...
  8. Hi guys, Do you know how I can contact the guys at Saikosounds? I tried to contact them 3 times with the form on their website without any results. I saw the phone number but calling them in hong kong is way to expensive. I'm trying to get a refound for a cancelled order. Thanks
  9. Ohh, just got my lucky claws on this album and it's kicking! The intro is kewl as well as the heavier tracks, tracks 2 and 3 are a little too slow for me but still nice. Kickin' work Necton! I send u my lunar greetings for a very nice album! Keep it up
  10. This is a really killer Swedish album! Miraculix's both songs ('Dunder' and Solar') are awsome! Klegg's song, O2 is very special and very good! Fell in love with that one right away. It makes me glad too hear such sweet tunes from my native country I rate it 9/10. Keep on rocking Sweden!
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