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  1. Well, it is in the same street. I guess I just don't like Isrealien singing like that. It sounds terrible. Sounds like Euro contest music, hehe.
  2. Hard to choose a track, but I can deffently agree on Cinos suggestion. It's not bad, it's not good. It just is..
  3. Everything with Berry Sakharof! :::like - "Infected Mushroom & Berry Sakharof - Statik Dancing" - "Infected Mushroom & Berry Sakharof - Birthday" - "Infected Mushroom & Berry Sakharof - Raash" Thank god it's unreleased. I just dont like Berry's isrealien singing. It'd just bad for my ears. Maybe the lyrics is good, but i cant read/speak hebrew. His guitar playing isn't that bad i guess- But it's not fantastic. I admit that i havent heard any tracks by Berry him self. But I can't imagine thats it's any good. I gut a gut feeling it's really bad(?) ..
  4. this guy is funny... And it's even more funny when people buy his funny remarks and reply's as a real product. hehe... the kid on your avatar shure reminds me of you dee
  5. I really really love the Other Side. It's really original, playfull and it doesnt take it self so serius. It's a fun trip album imo. Mushrooms + Other Side = anyone tried it?
  6. Psysex !!! Kruder & Dorfmeister - The K&D Session (Disc 2) <--- For real! Madonna - Erotica <--- Is this album made for sex? The girls shure like it. Chicane - Behind The Sun
  7. hehe.. We human beeings shure need boxes to understand.. Fungus Funk ect ect ect is refered to as "PsyCore and "dark psy"
  8. agreed.. and i voted Shiva Shidapu. That Erez used to make such great crazy music. What happend? That Duvdev and Astrix brainwashed the kid!!
  9. Yes! Also yes! And he tend to keep his musical projects psychedelic, that is for me very important,
  10. At big trance party's I / we see more and more DJ's using Full-On and trance music in their sets. Like "Flemming 00 something". He playes alot of Full-On, like Astrix ect in his "trance2 sets. And England is really catching on to Full-On (the club scene) So this just means in simple terms that Full-On (witch acctualy is the commercial side of Goa/psytrance) will be more presented in Clubs ect. then it used to be. Because.. Full-On is "the hipp next thing" (see it from a regular persons eyes that dont know about psytrance/Goa that much. IM and Astrix are among the bigger names today, and in the future (?) + that when people say that Goa/psytrance is getting more and more popular, it is really (the new) Full-On style they are refering to. Because imo. The new Full-On is listener friendly.. and Ergo... well.. you know what i mean.
  11. Full-On = "modern" trance Regular trance is on it's way out, and Full-On is on it's way in.
  12. psytones


    hehe.. yeah, i noticed. And I also saw that many of them are from the Infected Mushrom forum. Bunch of kids over there..
  13. psytones


    You like this track?... Shakawkaw (vibe tribe rmx)
  14. in cd's ... but anyway, BINGO!!! ding ding ding ding btw. Traveller needs to chill, yes. But to defend him alittle.. Spindrift's reply was a bit harsh imo.
  15. The ambient sides, yes. FSOL are truly great artists. Love them.. I got a love for Dead Cities the album. Very experimental.. It has a story.. check it out for a more experimental album.
  16. That was a strange remark Traveller .. No smiley's .. no feelings. Just a stupid comment.
  17. Because Shpongle is fantastic with some nice mushrooms Works best with Mexicana (Mexicana Cubensis/psilosybe mexicana ... what is the right term? I'm confused) btw. Feels like it's a hype not liking Simon Postford, as well as it's a hype to like him
  18. Free Download: Helix (His sets are beeing played at di.fm) I personaly only got "Psymbient 8 and 11" Love them both It seems that mr. Helix lets people DL his sets from time to time.. So you just got to check it out once in a while you know. You wount regrett it at all.
  19. @ Dexter why does these names tell me your from Norway? btw. agree so much on your list... looks like my iTunes, hehe
  20. mdma = love experience love making = mdma experience
  21. Headphones while trippin' on what psydrug? Because I have tried to listen to Goa on headphones on Mescaline and it was to.. intence you know. The sound and everything. While trippin' i need my music to be on the monotors/speakers and not in my headphones. Psychedelic is in fact a drug related word. If there had been no psychedelic substances there would not be any Goa for us to enjoy today, i am shure of it. Now, if you don't belive me. Build a timemachine. Stop the psychedleic drug evolution and see for your self
  22. Oh woman! Don't blow my cover like that
  23. We are here to serve you ageha
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