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  1. hehe, true true. btw. It's not if it has been posted before or not. It's just that I find these kinda topics to be boring. But I ment no evil That was apart of my answer Rain.. You thought stealer
  2. HEhEhEHeheHEheHehHEHEHEHEHEEEE... What!!.. You say NORWAY!!!!! (hehe) And you dont even know any acts! hmmm..m )) Phase Phour )) Trold )) Homegrown lifeform )) Ra (Dimention 5) Not that many to brag about thou, but we got some really great DJ's And a good thing about our "size", is that we are still underground here Norway.. Like isreal is a psypop country... Dont belive me? Give it time and you'll see... Oh.. And in my honest opinion.. Scandinavia is the country that is more true to the "goa" psychedelic style. In our own special "quality" way
  3. I can't understand why you people bother to post these "show and tell" threads. How can I answer that when there are so many to choose from? but I do agree with mr. Towelie
  4. hehehe.. good one sherlock I would have to say GMS, because they "invented" Full-On ... And they also ruined it ..
  5. Hey man.. what about your little brother, Norway? Oh and I cant choose. because I like all of the country's ... But I voted Swden cause they are most psychedelic Or should I have voted UK? Or Isreal.. damn...
  6. hehe.. what!?!? Damn you either have a really cheap record store at the corner of your house. Or your just loaded and you dont eat food Because I spend about 120 US on albums pr month. And that is enough. Because I need to buy other stuff as well.. you know, food, clothes, drugs, fun, dvd's ect ect. Acctully.. I have so many bills now. That I have to cut my album shopping a tad. hmmm .. Now this is what I call offtopic. sorry, please continue your discussion
  7. hmmm... I don no!!! But I listen to psychedelic music about 24/7 acctuly (exept at work that is = 8 hours). And when I sleep, I always have my internet radio on. And then it's chilling music at di.fm or I just drift away with the DroneZone channel. btw. It sais that the DroneZone channel is safe with all "medications" I am addicted to the psychedelic.. Dont care if its chilling, trippin or pumpin' I just need psychedelic tones all the time... Hmmm... What about rock? psy is eating more and more and more of my rock listening time
  8. well.. I think Infected Mushroom - Psycho got a pretty psycho climax. But Skazi's mix of IM - I wish is just crazy.. the whole track got like.. i dont know, a million fucked up climaxes.. I love it
  9. Fungus Funk must be my fav. Russia act. Fungus's music is infected by the missery and sadness of mother russia. The nuclear plants, poor people and cold. The best music comes from "real" people. Fungus is exelent
  10. And I thought that the meaning of this topic was to only name one act that is your favorite by heart and time. That has ment something special to you regardless of how many acts you "digg" I call this the "show and tell" syndrome, hehe.... Well.. stupid me
  11. 1) Classical Mushroom 2) The Gathering 3) B:P Empire 4) CV - The Other Side 5) CV - The Trance Side 6) IM The Supervisor It's a close race between 1 - 4.
  12. well... I dont like to choose only one. But if I have to regardless of how many brilliant acts I wanna post. My choice would also be Infected Mushroom. <--- Becoming a clichée? The reason is fairly easy.. They are the main reason of why I got the taste for psytrance/goa. They showed me a world on mushrooms that was unbelivble. Now.. 2004, they are no longer my "at the moment fav act". "IM The Supervisor" is a nice album if your looking sweet melodies and a great (to) clean production. But once again.. The psyact that has given me the most pleasure in life is IM.
  13. Shiva Space Technology - "Digital Dance of Shiva" 1999 The great German record label, Shiva Space Technology (SST) released this in 1999, in order to show the world how "underground" isratrance really sounded. This is a compilation that showed the psytrancers new and undiscovered psyacts mostly from the Israeli underground scene. 1. Luminus - Diablo 7:56 140bpm 2. Tal & Yossi - Deltot 7:59 140bpm 3. Infected Mushroom - Small Moves 7:20 140bpm 4. Analog Mohicans - Different Worlds 7:56 144bpm 5. Darksoho - The Fusion 8:23 145bpm 6. Shidapu feat. SST - Wheels of Time 8:01 144bpm 7. Sinister Funk - Mintfunk 9:09 144bpm 8. Infected Mushroom - Intelligate 7:12 144bpm 9. Dark Entity - Get Out 8:22 145bpm As some of you probably already know, Shidapu (Erez Eizen from Infected Mushroom) had a massive presence on SST former releases. Erez presents 3 strong tracks on this compilation: "Shidapu feat. SST - Wheels of Time" and as Infected Mushroom with Duvdev by his side, "Small Moves" and "Intelligate". Personally I enjoy "Small Moves" the most, with its great sound effects and the hard pulsating, driving beat, "Small Moves" just keeps on surprising me with its power. "Intelligate" follows in the same path as "Small Moves" but the thing I like most about "Intelligate", is actually Duvdev's twitching voice in the background, surrounding the listener. And let us not forget about the great melody running through both tracks. These two tracks are linking points between the different musical styles of the epic, "The Gathering" and the later "Classical Mushroom". Next is Erez's "Shidapu" project with "Wheels of Time" - also a very powerful track, with sound effects from a bathing facility with all of the echoing noises one would expect in such a setting. A crazy psychedelic track indeed. These three are all very powerful tracks with lots of weird noises, pulsating driving beats and a psychedelic twitch that I'm very exited about. Highly recommended. As for the rest of the tracks, I'm glad to say that they follow in the same path as the above three. Personally I think "Sinister Funk - Mintfunk" is the best track when it comes to wickedness. With their usage of strange effects and scratching, the New York boys sure know how to make the dance floor bounce. A solid old school isratrance track that will blow your mind. Many may find this track to be too much. But I say; check this one out, let it grow on you! Besides the weird and crazy tracks, you also got some darker and more mystical tracks, like "Dark Soho - The Fusion" and "Dark Entity - Get Out". These two tracks are already classics in my book, with their gothic atmosphere that is simply breathtaking . Dark Soho's track is in the same genre as their masterpiece album, "Sun Spot". But it fits better into this compilation, if I may humbly say so. The track opens with a mysterious, creeping melody, which turns into a dark chaotic crazy night track with heavy metal guitars. "Dark Entity" is a new act for me, never heard them before and never heard them since. But this track I like, it's definitely the darkest track on the album. It's got a good stomping bassline and a dark gothic soundscape in general. Dark and wonderful. "Tal & Yossi - Deltot" has got a much more deep and bouncy bassline than most of the other tracks, these guys are relative new to the trance scene compared to the others. But indeed a very interesting track. Now, if you like heavy, monotonous beats, Tal & Yossi - Deltot should be a sure winner for you, with its dogged guitar running in and out on top of the track, and some fast sounds squealing around making the whole track enjoyable. But there is something missing, something that can make this track more interesting. It starts of being very interesting, but it never changes! Sorry to say it, but after a few rounds in the CD player, this turned out to be the most boring track on the compilation. Finally, the first track of the compilation, "Luminus - Diablo". Now this is a GREAT track, it's got great sound effects that seemingly swirls around in the air, making the atmosphere feel crisp around the listener. Overall, buy this album! This compilation is a pure masterpiece of good "classic" underground isratrance. Personally I think it sounds and acts more like a full album from one artist than a compilation of many, I just wish that more compilations would give me that feeling. Two thumbs up for an amazing adventure by Shiva Space Technology. Recommended!! - psytones (psytones@gmail.com)
  14. Weøø, I voted "in a forest up on a mountain or on a beach" My opinion is what Tatu and Quark wrote above.. Just the other way around
  15. One of the world’s leading psy-acts of the 20th century, Infected Mushroom is out with their fifth studio album. This time with a much more playful Full-On sound than ever before... Amit Duvdevani and Erez Aizen are ready to give you new sounds and melodies with ‘IM The Supervisor’. They are following in their own footsteps that will be hard if not impossible to follow with a series of hugely successful albums; ‘The Gathering’ (1999), ‘Classical Mushroom’ (2000), ‘B.P. Empire’ (2001) and ‘Converting Vegetarians’ (2003). After the commercial success of their double-album ‘Converting Vegetarians’ a lot of trippers has been anxiously anticipating the fifth studio album, fearing that Infected Mushroom once in for all has lost their "magic mushroom" touch. And incidentally their last attempt, C.V. was considered to be a major disappointment by many hardcore fans throughout the world..... First of all I would like to say that Infected are my favorite electronic musicians of all time because of nostalgic reasons and brilliant sounds delivered in the past. They are the main reason why I fell so much in love with the world of Psy-Trance many years ago. For me it all started in the year 2000 with a CDR filled with music from their time-honored albums ‘The Gathering’, ‘Classical Mushroom’ and a bag of ‘Mexican Mushrooms’. The world would never be the same for me... Infected Mushroom - IM The Supervisor (YoYo Records/BNE Ltd.) 2004 (RESISTCD10) 1. IM the Supervisor 2. Ratio Shmatio 3. Muse Breaks RMX 4. Meduzz 5. Cities of the Future 6. Horus the Chorus 7. Frog Machine 8. Noon 9. Bombat 10. Stretched 1) The intro of ‘IM the supervisor’ kind of reminds me of an intro to some dark theatric rock show with creeping sounds, piano and a generally dark feeling. Then boom! The supervisor says; I'm the supervisor, can i get a taxi numbah’ and the initial creepy, ominous feeling of darkness is gone and replaced by treble moods and cartoonish vibes. It has a baseline that’s kind of bouncy and I can quickly hear what Infected are doing with this ,,filler” release. They are making Full-On party music for the younger or newer generation, floor-fillers for the dance crowd. The track itself isn't all that bad if you take your mind off that it’s very empty and Full-On driven. When the takeoff starts at 04:45 with the cool drum machine and the voice screaming; Dance with me, come on come. Dance with me!! You can’t help but get carried away by its playful nature. It isn’t a strong track but it’s a floor killer, the fun kind that doesn’t take itself serious at all, and with it leads the feeling of the party album provided IM, the supervisors... 2) ‘Ratio Shmatio’ follows the main sound in 'Converting Vegetarians – CD1 - Trance Side’, baseline and everything else. It's got some great cute sounds and melodies at the start. Then it tries to break out by turning into a more melodramatic sound space. Again a Full-On track made for the dance floor with beautiful melodies that actually remind me of the good old Euro-Trance days of pre 98. Cheesy? Hell yes. But they get away with it because these are melodies only the emotions of Erez can provide. 3) ‘Muse Breaks RMX’ is a remix of ‘J.views (Jonathan from 'Violet Vision) - Muse Breaks' with the lovely Michele Adamson singing. And if I'm not mistaken, Duvdev screaming obscene mating signals, or something strange. It’s a reggae-inspired track with a sweet melody coming and going. I'm sorry to say that I haven’t heard the original yet but I'll bet its better than this remix by Infected. 4) ‘Meduzz’ is a strange track. It starts off with this mushroom-like bouncy beats and after a minute it’s back to the same flat and steady baseline as all the other tracks presented. And then the 'Blues Brothers' organ sound drops in and things start to become more interesting, but no revolution. ‘Meduzz’ is all about the build up and the guitar which got a great epic feel. But somehow there is still something missing because the production is fantastic as in the whole album, but where are the depths and the multiple layers? After a few listens it gets boring. 5) ‘Cities of the Future’, what can one say? Before the album was released, their Label published this track as a taster to the album in question on a CDS. What a joke I thought it was. It sounded like a Trance track by Cher. I enjoyed Duvdev's voice tweaking in ‘Deeply Disturbed’ released on C.V. But this is too much, this makes the album sound like a Psy-Trance album for kids or something. Not one of my favorite tracks, not by a long shot. Violet Vision made a remix of it on the released CDS. That one also sounded strange, but at least VV managed to make it interesting sounding, just like they did with the remix of ‘Deeply Disturbed’ on its taster CDS for ‘Converting Vegetarians’. 6) ‘Horus the Chorus’ follows in the footsteps of 'Ratio Shmatio' and it got a long build up, which I would appreciate if it wasn’t for its overall plastic feel. It has a super powerful melody that will take some breaths away. Too bad it stops there. If you got a DJ-Mixer I would suggest you to use it HARD to make the dead space with no cosmic intention go away. 7) Finally something complex and interesting, ‘Frog Machine’ has a feel like it was a mix of the intro sounds of the title track 'Converting Vegetarians' on C.V. Full-On thumping baselines, Frogs on machine spirits, the name is suiting. It’s maybe one of the best tracks on the album with a great drive and good complex layers running around the beats. It for sure sticks out from the other tracks by being a tune with a whole new drive to it. And the thrilling atmospheres are covered in amazing climaxes. A great track indeed! It makes me want to lick a toad and trip out. 8) The shy track ‘Noon’ seems to be a very empty and boring track with littleinspiration. Although I think it is a floating track with no special melody or theme, yet many interesting sounds that helps it become complete. Not the best and it doesn’t stand out in your memory bank, but it’s a nice track that needs a few listens on proper speakers to be appreciated for its gifts. 9) Last Full-On track of the album, ‘Bombat’ has got some extremely nice synthesizer sounds. A strong epic drive and the sweet melodies are powerful and energetic to the max. But is that all the mushrooms can offer us in 2004, dance floor fillers with sugar sweet melodies wrapped in plastic? This is a track with many lift-ups and climaxes in the style that it provides. Club music, stadium, Arena music.. The crowd will love it to death. 10) If ‘Stretched’ is a new attempt to make a new “Dancing with Kadafi” track, they have a near success on their hands. I love the amazing guitar with the melodies and the playfulness. For an album that at times seems plain and almost half-hearted, this is a very nice ending indeed. But I’m sorry to say that all in all it gets tired and monotonies real fast. Sad. Overall.. The album in general has a great clean club production and it seems like a logical but unwanted progression of the ‘Trance Side’ of their last full album ‘Converting Vegetarians’. It has the same baseline and same general feeling overall but yet more simple and sweeter on the tooth. This time they seem to have focused more on making great melodies that suits a wider candy raving crowd which unfortunately balances on the edge of cheese. When it comes to Infected’s more Full-On Beat-Centered albums, I definitely prefer and recommend the masterpiece ‘B.P. Empire’ which is MASSIVE. This album is great for what it is, a floor filler release that seems to be a pause album until they release their sixth album ‘Vicious Delicious’. This is simply put a gathering of club smashers that has been proven to work around the world while on tour infecting people. Perhaps Duvdev and Erez are trying to convert the world? If so, the next logical step for BNE should be to get some IM music produced for videos that could be launched MTV. Let’s see what their sixth studio album V.D. will have to offer on that aspect. - watch out, the infection is spreading. Where to buy and other links: Infected Mushroom: http://www.infected-mushroom.com Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/yoy/yoy1cd063.html Play: http://www.play.com/Music/CD/4-/5321850/I-...or/Product.html Beatspace: http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=1590 Psytones Reviews: http://www.myspace.com/psytonesmusic
  16. I'm not a spiritual person in general. But I concider my self to be a Spiritual Agnostic person The test has been taken by psytones
  17. Hmmm...? Have you read all of the threads? 1) Its easy enough to find on a download program. 2) >You can buy it at Ebay.com for a nice sum of money. *POFF*
  18. Not funny!! I'm finding sellers at ebay.com .. . . But I cant pay 60 dollars for that CD now.. But one day.. oone day i will have enough benjamins to buy it!! One day!! MMMmmmoooohahahhahahaha *Breath deeply* MMmmmmmmHAAHHAHahhahahahahahahahhahahaha.. ..?
  19. Luciana is boring? For some people, yes. But if you listen to the whole track you will hear that it goes through many elements. Like the singing woman.. Dark animals or whatever it is.. Spaceship? ect ect.. Interesting.. This track was supposed to be used at a art exebition? Or was it used? Wonder what kinda art it was since the track is supposed to "reflect" the acctual art? Any one knows? btw. This is not a ambient track. Its more a piece of art or a experimental Drone track
  20. hehe.. Well.. I ment both mental and the fact that the whole track seems to be travelling like a big ass ghost ship or something. Havent heard MOTY though.. But I promise i'll check it out. And when it goes for "Lu.ci-ana"... Luciana is a track that needs big speakers that can move lots of air to be apriciated propper.. I my self got 15" speakers at home.. so they really makes Luciana WRRroooommmooorrroooWWRRRROOOooOOOmmmmMMmm I listened to the track last night btw. Me and one of my roomies played chess and smoked alot of reefers. And I still find this track to be amazing. I'm so glad that its 60 minutes long. If this would have been a 15 min track.. I dont think I would apriciate it in the same way.
  21. Oh.. Sorry man. I didnt see that. But that wasnt what I was trying to prove anyway. I just hope you see my point. The Luciana track is Drone music. Its not supposed to be variated and "entertaining" as "Mystery of The Yeti" i just think it was a bad comparesing to a great travell track peace?
  22. If Juno is THAT good or not is of cource a matter of taste. But even if you like their music or not you should be able to look at their work as one. Juno's sound is so rich and mature imo. I love it.. But anyhow.. Lu-ci-ana was released in 1994, before they where world known. This is their first release as Juno Reactor. So I think your comment about this track only beeing respected because its Juno is wrong! And who are you to compare "Mystery of The Yeti 1 & 2" with Juno's "Lu.ci-ana" Cinos? No offence on your musical skills at all.. But look at this. Juno Reactor - Lu.ci-ana = Drone music.. Drone music is supposed to be.. well you called it boring, I call it inovating.. (call it a trip through space or whatever) This is music that damands a better ear then with other music styles that just lets you have sounds and variation. Remember that commercial pop music is build on the principle that you love.. I also love good psy/ambien/chill music that "entertains" me.. I'm not ignorent or anything. But I also love and respect Drone music. Eventhough it can be a bit "hard" for some people to apriciate. But thats a good thing. Wouldnt want everyone to love my music. That would make me less special.. heheh. (kinda kidding here) Anyhow.. I think its important to look at music in other angles then just whats entertaining and whats not.
  23. Hi, i got Eskimo -Voodoo people, but only on mp3. And its a 'Lost Promo cd' But i also trust www.discogs.com .. But this i know for shure. its unrealised.
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