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  1. 49...is the reason why my parents started taking LSD (parents are so unpredictable you never know what they are up to)
  2. Hi I'm Stijn aka Dj Treyu, a beginning Dj. I have a promomix ready to download from the link down below. It's not your typical melodic neo fullon/dark/old(new)school kind of music. I hope it transcends all the subgenres we have these days. Feel free to post you comments! http://www.sendspace.com/file/g3g2dz Edit: This file has been deleted, will post another link in the near future Peace & Love
  3. If you dig deep enough you can find some really good fullon but it doesn't get any easyer these days. Here are some of my fav artists/albums: Circuit Breakers(Burn in noise & Dickster) Dickster The first Stone Aphid Moon Laughing Buddha Man with no Name(check out 2 fullon tracks on Future Sound masters on TIP World) Lucas Logic Bomb (check out their latest album Sonic Algebra on Solstice) Pogo(or Master Blasters) Zen Mechanics Tristan(didn't like the Fearsome Engine project though) Space Tribe Prometheus AMD Ovnimoon( and some of his comp albums) Allaby Chameleon Silicon Sound Burn in Noise Zybex Alternative Control Lamat Ephedrix And maybe some other whom I can't think of right now Fav fullon album: GOD SAVE THE MACHINE(TIP World)comp by Lucas, the second chapter is in the making...Watch out for it!
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