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  1. Sonic Tantra is pleased to announce the upcoming album of legendary DarkPsy artist, aGh0Ri TanTriK’s 5th solo album titled “Eternal Extacty” will be releasing on 4th August, 2018 – Pre-order now @ 50% discount! Digital Pre-orders: https://sonictantra.com/download-release/agh0ri-tantrik-eternal-extacy-2018/ https://sonictantra.bandcamp.com/album/eternal-extacy Click the image below to learn more!
  2. VA – The Darkness Legacy (2017) - Free! Darkness Legacy compiled by Master of Horror ensures you shout in silence, meet Satan & Space Ghosts, meddle with Boneless Corpses, and experience Frequencies Low. Blood and ashes flow freely, Zombification occurs. Evil Instincts will take over! 1. aGh0Ri TanTriK – Satan (150 Bpm) 2. Cinortele – Space Ghost (150 Bpm) 3. Kyuubi – Boneless Corpse (154 Bpm) 4. Bar – Frequency Low (156 Bpm) 5. Master Of Horror – Shouting in Silence (165 Bpm) 6. Sychoplasm – Blood and Ashes (168 Bpm) 7. Master Of Horror – Entuz Malevoriz (180 Bpm) 8. Inimical Disorder – Zombification (190 Bpm) 9. Suffer Misery – EviL Instinct (210 Bpm) Download/Stream: http://sonictantra.com/download-release/the-darkness-legacy-2017-evil-instinct/ Audio Mastering by Master of Horror Evil Instinct Records 2017 Free WAV/MP3 Download supported by Sonic Tantra Records
  3. I think it's also implied that Sonic Tantra is really grateful of all artists, and listeners for their support to make this crazy shit happen.
  4. Namaste _/\_ Fellow Psychonauts Sonic Tantra is compiling it's next compilation at the moment. The BPM range is 150 - 300, the style we are looking for mix of DarkPsy / Hi-Tech / Psycore You can send your submissions via a message to our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sonic-Tantra-Records/217855634940430 For this particular compilations, we are joining forces! So each track has to be atleast 2 projects which work together for the song. (Example: Aghori Tantrik vs. Enichkin or Aghori Tantrik & Enichkin or Enighri Akin, u get the idea hehe) We release almost all our compilations for Free download with Pro Mastering and nice artwork since 2005. Download our DarkPsy , Hi-Tech, Psycore music for Free on our website. Thanks and shanti shanti b00m b00m!
  5. Download Free in HD WAV [48 Khz / 24 bit], WAV, and MP3. http://sonictantra.com/download-release/va-riders-on-the-storm-2015-hi-tech-psy/ Tracklist: 01 Kalilaskov AS We Came in Peace [147 BPM] 02 Saga Alchemy To Harmony [170 BPM] 03 Dhrupad The Wild Child [173 BPM] 04 aGh0Ri TanTriK Evil Inside Remix [190 BPM] 05 Cyberbaba Cybernetic Omkara [164 BPM] 06 aGh0Ri TanTriK Good Bye Evil World [190 BPM] 07 Sick Lion Death Signal [200 BPM] 08 Parasite Maha Avatar [190 BPM] 09 Psydrax Im Not Crazy [175 BPM] 10 Mr. Hades Therapy [184 BPM] 11 M.M.C. Kto zdes [172 BPM] Sign up for our newsletter on sonictantra.com to get notified of all our releases as soon as they are out!
  6. Flying Woofer is back with new tasty treats from outerspace! This time the Woofa is buzzing with psybient frequencies that instantly beam up anyone who comes under it’s area of exposure. Collected by Technoid Mutant and Olivaw’s Twist, this ambient music compilation contains 13 masterpieces that will instantly zone you out into lost galaxies. 01 – Arbres – The Enter 02 – Artyom Slon – Morning is Here 03 – Dumbgrass – Morning Dream 04 – Olivaw’s Twist – Ergosphere 05 – Quanthe & Sobrio – Baikal 06 – Record Needle Injection – Far Reach 07 – Technoid Mutant – Love With My Goddess 08 – For Lunar Dust – Windup Toy 09 – Technoid Mutant – Illusion 10 – Used Alien Mind – Man Captures String 11 – Used Alien Mind – The Fabric Of Society Is Ripping 12 – Vast Veil – Drifting 13 – Way Of Light – Plojenec Download full ambient compilation in WAV / Mp3
  7. Anyone here tried this yet? Really amazing results on health and longetivity. I've been using it from 4 years now and have seen my breathing, mental focus, strength and stamina increase like hell! I'm able to work longer each day and sleep for 6 hours, month after month! Really amazing technology that needs to be out there! I have the EarthPulse Sleep on Command PEMF therapy system, the world's only magnetic sleep machine which is also a full featured PEMF device for better sleep, faster recovery, longetivity and performance enhancement. 10 hz magnetic stimulation through its Recovery mode program 6 hours at night is all i need to be fresh and kickin each day! If you are in India this is website to vist - PEMF healing India
  8. Sonic Tantra records presents Sonic Shamans Vol II, a free 17 track forest, darkpsy, psycore and Hi-tech Psytrance music compilation. Download full Psytrance album WAV and MP3 Packs Tracklist: 01 Overdream Skip Sick! (150 Bpm) 02 Goch Falling Stone (150 Bpm) 03 Low Rezolution & Zamurah Melt Resin (148 Bpm) 04 Griboz Trip In The Astral (148 Bpm) 05 Digital Hellmouth Vs Noized Digital Noize (152 Bpm) 06 Distorted Forest Deep Creep (152 Bpm) 07 DigitalX Deceptive Gods (152 Bpm) 08 aGh0Ri TanTriK Khooni Khopdi Remix (152 Bpm) 09 Mythorlogic Troll (157 Bpm) 10 Aggressive Mood Vs Morbus Blast Wave (160 Bpm) 11 DeV Temple Thesis (160 Bpm) 12 Pupsidelic Killer Instinct (162 Bpm) 13 Abduction Investigaters Vs Saga Devine Mother Energy (160 Bpm) 14 Parasite Planetary Shift (175 Bpm) 15 CyberBaba Elephant Shrew The Nutcore (182 Bpm) 16 aGh0Ri TanTriK In Memory of Cosmic Iron (190 Bpm) 17 Mongust Universe (180 Bpm) Audio Mastering: Fluxfield Studio (Brazil) Compiled by: Sid & Parasite Artwork by: Ashtak Singh
  9. My new album is out now!! Check it out on www.sonictantra.com !! b0000m !!

  10. Hey guys! From past 2 years i'm sleeping on an pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) therapy system. I must say, I have never felt better in my life, and so I wish to share this experience with you. PEMF have been used for healing and physical/mental performance enhancement until recently from last 20-30 yrs secretly by NASA, Eastern european and russian defense and some leading sports persons. I first discovered a PEMf system known as Earthpulse while on an Island. I accidently bumped into Paul, the inventor of the system in a club. He was quite a cool 60 y.o and i ended up sharing an amazing "dalai llama" with him. He was tripping after 20 years and we had an awesome time later looking at the sea and sky and getting amazed by nature as usual on cid Anyways, the night turned to day turned to evening, man i was tired! I was about to go home and then we received a call from a close friend to come to another party. Man i had no balls after the long night. Paul asked me to give his device a shot. I lay down on the bed and he set the system to recover mode for 30 minutes and asked me to close my eyes and relax. Within a few minutes i could feel my brain pulsating (it might be bcoz i was tripping i could actually sense it, because the electromagnetic field is very very weak, most users cant feel it at all, there are other reasons about electromagnetic sensitivity such as our pineal gland is sensitive to it and most people who don't meditate regularly or everyday have calcified pineals) Anyways, so i got very deep sleep in minutes and after about 10 mins, i could see my consciousness becoming "awake" the feeling was great. the system uses PEMFs to put u to sleep and can wake u up also very gently and feeling great. When i woke up and stood, damn i was feeling energised!! and we went to party again. Now after 2 years of use - i feel very sharp mentally, physically fitter, lungs are great even after smoking. i'm better than ever before! i dont get backaches although im chained to my desk 18 hours a day! So yea theres a lot of reading to do, if you are keen to improve your loved ones or your life for the better! Get on with PEMF healing today! The device i use is called Earthpulse Sleep on Command.. cheers aGh0Ri
  11. OUT NOW! Hook up here: http://www.sonictantra.com/agh0ri-tantrik---patala.html B00m!!
  12. COMING S000N - Riders on the Storm - Stay T00neD!! Compiled by Bones, Riders on the Storm will have 21 Mind blasting masterpieces of Insanity! What Jim Morrison (cursed poet) said, "I like the ideas that speak of destroying or overthrowing the established order.I am interested in everything that is revolt, disorder, chaos, especially in activities that appear to have no sense. It seems to me that that is the only way to freedom.", makes sense, specially when you are listening to this roaring lysergic trip that provides thrills at every moment like never before. We dedicate this release in the memory of Cosmic Iron (R.I.P).
  13. http://agh0ritantrik.weebly.com/news/new-album-close-to-completion Stay T00neD!!
  14. Our New Website is Launched! http://www.flyingwoofer.com/ Free Music WAV and more !! We are Also looking for good music Producers to Join the Crew! cheers
  15. Cosmikal Healling Music presents a unique Mexican underground psychedelic experience. 11 powerful and twisted darkpsy and psycore tracks compiled by Sick Brain & Akbal. Called Sanacion which means Healing, these tracks have been created with the purest intentions of ~healing~ with dark arts. Enjoy this blasting release and do give your feedback to Cosmikal Healing Musik. Track List ~ Frog ~ Infect Insect 148 Bpm ~ Bones ~ Esqueletos en el Bosque 152 Bpm ~ Tykua Mk-Ultra ~ Cosmic healing therapies 152 Bpm ~ Cosmogonia feat Danta ~ Saturated 152BPM ~ Nyctophyllian OrchestrA ~ Lost in the sacred mountain 152 BPM ~ aGh0Ri TanTriK ~ Baap Rey Baap 152 BPM ~ Master Of Horror ~ Satanic Possession 170 Bpm ~ Miquiztli ~ I'm Death 170 Bpm ~ Angkor ~ Chailin 172 Bpm ~ Xhamanik Ritual ~ El Zenith del Zodiaco 175BPM ~ Akbal ~ Ceremonial Ayahuasca 180 Bpm Download links at: http://www.sonictantra.com/2/post/2014/04/va-sanacion-cosmikal-healing-musik-mexico-free-release-out-now.html
  16. OUT NOW! VA - Snug in Smoky Smashans FREE Download in WAV / MP3!! http://www.sonictantra.com/va---snug-in-smoky-smashans.html Snug in Smoky Smashans is a free 14 track psychedelic trance music compilation from Sonic Tantra Records. The word Smashan means the Graveyard or Cemetry in Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism), however they believe in burning their dead, as fire is an element of liberation and purity! Let us bring that purity of fire to our current life!! All tracks have been carefully chosen by our friend and DJ known as Bhassam from a beautiful & mystical place in India known as Assam! Bhassam can be described as the holy ash gathered from funeral pyre, it is regularly applied on the forehead by Hindus, as it empowers opening of the 3rd eye Chakra and gives access to divine worlds inhabited by Gods themselves. Let us now snuggle up and immerse ourselves in this sacred sadhana! 1. Baalthaza - Haunted Spectrum [173 BPM] 2. Hector Miller - Inhale Exhale [150 BPM] 3. Nazrael - Welcome To The Lab [151 BPM] 4. SaW - Morjim [155 BPM] 5. Silent Moon - Paranormal Activity [160 BPM] 6. Pupsidelic - Dark Movie (part 3) [165 BPM] 7. Yoshua Em - Grisly Fucking Illusion [195 BPM] 8. Bones - Ejercito Zapatista Liberacion Nacional [167 BPM] 9. Radice - Dark Reflection [168 BPM] 10. Dhrupad - Lost Civilizations [170 BPM] 11. Kivotronic - This is not dream [192 BPM] 12. Liquedator - Mad Bullet (aGh0Ri TanTriK Remix) [193 BPM] 13. Plasma Force - AstraKosmoPlasm [200 BPM] 14. Fastic Blastic - Optic Tension [200 BPM] compiled by Bhassam Artwork by Dooydodoom Mastering by Soultrax Productions
  17. Tripura yantra recs Present Wirikuta sounds 3 Compiled by Bizzare frequenCy Tracklist: 01 - Krumelur - Dunkla motiv (140BPM) Germany 02 - Cthulhu - Wirikuta Sounds (150BPM) Mexico 03 - Yaotzin Tech - Enûma Elish (170BPM) Mexico 04 - Shie'ox - One Foul Sweep (150BPM) Australia 05 - Morriggan - Forest Residues (148BPM) Mexico 06 - Wave Hypnotic (Abakki RMX) - Delicious Psylocibes (152BPM) Mexico 07 - Datakult & Dejan - Abducted (154BPM) France 08 - Aluxo'Ob - Tukuul (155BPM) Mexico 09 - Neuronal - грубая ошибка (176BPM) Mexico 10 - Rekk Thum - Sith lord (156BPM) Croatia 11 - Ozore - Nightmares of the Streets (150BPM) Mexico 13 - Baphomet Engine - More gaz in my lake of fire (155BPM) Brazil 14 - Suffer misery - In Purgatorium (190BPM) Mexico 15 - Bizzare frequenCy & PolyBius - Cosmic drugs (151BPM) Mexico 16 - Filami - Flying under aether (145BPM) Portugal/Germany 17 - Bones - The unknown (169BPM) Mexico 18 - Psytuga - Pantera (160BPM) Portugal 19 - Lyzergik Brain - Fungi (179BPM) Mexico 20 - aGh0Ri Tantrik ft. Eerie Boy - Chew Yo Brain (171BPM) India LINKS FREE DOWNLOAD! Mp3 (320kbps): http://depositfiles.org/files/dvst8771f [345 MB] WAV 16bits: http://depositfiles.org/files/175j5gmz3 [1 GB] ARTWORK: Eos Othorre https://www.facebook.com/eos.anahata MASTERING BY Panchos studio BzfCy
  18. Download ALL aGh0Ri TanTriK FREE releases from 2011,2012,2013 in 1 File !! 19 Tracks in MP3 320 kbps quality :: 305 MB http://agh0ritantrik.weebly.com/1/post/2013/11/agh0ri-tantrik-free-releases-2011-2013-pack-out-now.html
  19. OUT NOW ON EKTOPLAZM (WAV/MP3/FLAC) - FREE: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/journey-to-gaia OUT NOW ON SPOTIFY: http://open.spotify.com/album/1d6BQ7jNhdEM0207TASCxU OUT NOW ON DEEZER: http://www.deezer.com/album/6931836
  20. Badgers Records presents V/A Spore destruction ////////////////////////////////////////// 01.Namek - Space Port 02.Romeodark meets Nasgul - Hypnotic Level 03.Murukhan - HumAnimal 04.Drak phaser - spore destruction 05.Mad Scientist - Primatter 06.Fasteria - Fast impressions 07.Pupsidelic - Extreme game 08.Junxpunx - Super mental dimension 09.aGh0Ri TanTriK - Serpents of Shani ////////////////////////////////////////// Compiled: Hora Project (Greece) Mastering: Nik Mar at Pupsidelic Studio (Greece) Cover design: JIMACIDO Digital Art (Greece) ////////////////////////////////////////// Could it be that a civilization more advanced than ours ever existed on Earth? Is it possible that, by fault, it was destroyed by its own self? History has shown that when the system faces collapse, it tries to restart itself. This is what might have happened in the previous World Wars. Could the economic crisis of today lead to a ‘restart’ of the system? Could such an event trigger a nuclear holocaust, destroying everything down to the last spore? ‘VA – Spore Destruction’ is a psychedelic transition from the dark age we’re entering today, to the imminent final war of tomorrow. Rapid fire, laser guns, ion beams and nukes will teleport you into the most aggressive battlefield. But remember: In this War, no one wins! ////////////////////////////////////////// Message from Aghori Tantrik: Whilst I was meditating for Lord Shani or Saturn which represents the unwholesome in life, the decaying, the poor, the unorthodox and the low, i came across some intense visions of powerful and huge serpents. These serpents spanned sizes more than the size of Earth itself, fit for survival only in the raging storms of planet saturn. Why I was meditating on Saturn, because I had learnt an important and hard lesson in my life, and at this point if you want to convert pain to power, you go to Lord Shani.. Here is the song that came out as an spontaneous combustion from my internal universe after this powerful prayer to Lord Shani. I hope you enjoy the mind bending effects, i can recommend lying down in Shavasana and let these serpents move freely across your internal cosmos, the key is in your hands now - play with it in your own psychedelic manner! ~~~~~~~~~ Download Packs: MP3: https://depositfiles.com/files/35asgvru6 WAV: https://depositfiles.com/files/ypues4qlr
  21. Flying Woofer Recs Presents 01. Avant Garde vs. Audio Control - Rise (135 BPM) 02. Amiranu - The Rainbow God (143 BPM) 03. Eto Moe - Rack Rack (138 BPM) 04. Organic Distortion - Power Nap (140 BPM) 05. Neological Vibration - Smurfs on Surf (144 BPM) 06. Stigmouleur - Tirako (142 BPM) 07. Logman N Pstump - The Trip Train (143 BPM) 08. Xamanik - Psychedelic Tribe (139 BPM) 09. Jetlux - New Orbits [Konflux edit] (146 BPM) 10. JamDay - Funky Armydillo (138 BPM) Access it in MP3 320 / WAV Quality here: http://flyingwoofer.com/va---journey-to-gaia Coming soon on Ektoplazm & Spotify as well! Join Flying woofer facebook page for regular music updates from our artists here: https://www.facebook.com/flyiingwoofer?ref=hl Cheers
  22. Artist: VA Name: Dance Of Shadows Label: Horrordelic Genre: Darkpsy Release Date: 14. July 2013 Format: MP3 320 / WAV 44.1 Khz 16 bit Length: 30 tracks, 2 chapters Tracklist: Chapter 1: 1. Oraculo 13 20 – Beyond The Darkness 144bpm 2. Psytuga – The Beginning And The End Of Nothing 145bpm 3. Retohmorgon – Rainbow Fields 148bpm 4. Cthulhu – Cactus San Pedro 150bpm 5. Satyr Iasis – Tickler 150bpm 6. Sodoom – Break The Rules 150bpm 7. Nihil & Paranoia Sector – Dance Of Shadows 152bpm 8. Seven Dark – Something Wrong With You 152bpm 9. Spagettibrain – Cocops 153bpm 10. Nazrael – My Playground 154bpm 11. N0tag – The ride 156bpm 12. Archeos – Revolution For Evolution 150bpm 13. Holix – Invalid Answers 150bpm 14. M.Y. Project – Revolution 147bpm 15. Ferratek vs Osmosis – Feos 145bpm Chapter 2: 1. Aum Sector – Defective Existence 160bpm 2. Paratrip & Paranoia Sector – Can You Free Me? 165bpm 3. Aghori Tantrik – Sonic Diabolic Tonic (Cthulhu rmx) 167bpm 4. Gloomy Phantom – Dark Side 168bpm 5. Dra Orcon – Type 0 170bpm 6. Miquiztli – Your Fucking Dead 170bpm 7. Synthetic Forest – Pwecca 172bpm 8. Voodoo – Krazy Ride 170bpm 9. Aum Sync – Psychedelic Traveller 170bpm 10. Psy4tecks – Magic Saw 170 Bpm 11. Brain And Bones – Blood In The Streets 174bpm 12. CinderVOMIT Ft. EkimSKRID – Mental Hiccup 190bpm 13. Sarasvvati – Coaxial Out 185bpm 14. Master Of Horror – Mask Of Satan 170-180bpm 15. Dhrupad – Omkar Swarupa 168bpm Horrordelic Records Proudly Presents : A free NET compilation compiled by Paranoia Sector. Two big chapters covering the full spectre of The Darkpsy Underworld. From North to south, east to west, people came together for this project, and really showcase what Darkpsy action is about. Get your stereo loaded up with new tracks, mixers loaded, cds burned, joints rolled and bongs filled. 30 (!) new fresh tracks just in for the late summer season in 2013. Chapter 1 starting out with 144BPM to 156, showcasing the powerful darkpsy atmosphere, will drag you right in and let you flow, headbang`n`rock out ! Chapter 2 takes it faster, starting in 160BPM to 190BPM, giving you the kickstart and power engine trip, climb in and ride it! This ride is not stopping, beware of highflying action! DOWNLOAD LINKS: MP3: Chapter 1: https://depositfiles.com/files/qwppn1hn6 Chapter 2: https://depositfiles.com/files/zem2hc5uv WAV: Chapter 1: https://depositfiles.com/files/2ph18gc15 Chapter 2: https://depositfiles.com/files/0hlbx1sh7
  23. VA - Mysterious Magnetic Wave (2013) Sonic Tantra presents VA - Mysterious Magnetic Wave compiled by Griboz Project, a 2 Part , double CD compilation with 22 fresh Psychedelic Trance tracks engineered to perfection by master artists from around the globe. "The Divine source emits impulses which may occur to us as a mystical experience. With its help we are able to perceive the incredible beauty of creation. The force that generates meditation in the dance brings us together, and the spirit unites us on a journey through the frequencies of the universe." Tracklist: Part 1: 1 Spinningtop - Without saffi 2 Neon - Re-mind 3 Ablepsia meet.Ahankara - Where Is Reality 4 Sirtja - Puls universe 5 KiRu - Tyuva Mosquito 6 Parasect & Witch Freak - PriPROquo (Parasect RMX) 7 Goch & Khaos Sektor - Singular Position 8 Sirtja - Spiral tree 9 Griboz Project - Jungle Shouts 10 Witch Freak - The Dark Half 11 Satyr Iasis - Metaphysics 12 TunguZka - Spectral forest lounge Part 2: 13 Maximus vs Griboz - Unreal reality 14 Limbo - Gravity 15 Fobi - Power Of The Universe 16 Fraktal Arabesque - Multidimensional Sound Vortex 17 Chemical Spoon - Histadin rmx 18 M.M.C. - Posthuman Galaxy 19 Maximus - Parfumer 20 aGh0Ri TanTriK - Vortigaunts Sneekin Around 21 Sanathana - Mindless Inhabitant 22 Griboz & Pupsidelic - Two Face Compiled & Mastered by: Griboz Project (Andrey @ Gribodelic Studio) Art work by: Neomorph Access Point: http://www.sonictantra.com/va---mysterious-magnetic-wave.html
  24. thanks a lot for your nice review!! Flying woofer records has grown over the past 2 years and we now present our 4th free release very soon!! stay tuned @ www.flyingwoofer.com
  25. new working link to download http://depositfiles.com/files/kakuqgsgy
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