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  1. Red spirit is a killer track , quite intrigued to listen to final mix as the version I know slightly falls apart in the last few minutes . But the first 4 mins are a rocket ship to space
  2. sweet jesus starseed is good , makes me feel young and carefree..
  3. i wish i had them all. can someone help ?
  4. tnx guys we now know what the first + 3rd track are . but i wish i knew the year..always intereresting to see how old the really good stuff is ... now only left is the second etnica track check out my other lost track in the forum
  5. anybody know this (from 97/98) : http://www.sendspace.com/file/3bhhh9'&...com/file/3bhhh9 my other lost tracks here: http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?sh...mp;#entry941920 cheers
  6. no idea who Draeke is. maybe u can send him this thread ? yes - the first etnica is a killer:) pretty sure carlo is still there.. due to the melodies the second is much earlier etnica
  7. Accidental Occidentalism - Symbiosis - 1995 concept in dance - tribal science - 1995 order odonata vol1 - 1994/95 gems all of them. the best music ever!
  8. Many questions arise on a daily basis : is there god will there ever be peace in the middle east and ..what happened to joti ? the guy pumped out some of the best constructed works of art in a short 2-3 years (ending in 97/8 ) from then onwards i find his work totally unlistenable. how can a genius who made new moon,psychaos,intellect,soundbeams,seti,science fiction,spatial distortion and others (all on my top 50) just stop making good music? granted its all a matter of taste - but still,going from 100kmh to 0kmh is odd,and its been bugging me for 13 years.
  9. trust me they are both etnica. copied from DAT to MD around 98 or 99 . the 3rd is also a killer ive had from 98 or so. so many gems...unknown cheers
  10. GOA VIBES VOL.1 CONCEPT IN DANCE - TRIBAL SCIENCE both from 1995 . 85% killer tracks - i still enjoy them immensely today.
  11. I had this on MD b4 1999. cant remember by whom though
  12. Hi All Ive finally gotten off my bum and decided to sign up... please help me identify these 3 tracks (name + year +album etc etc) 2 etnica tracks: http://www.sendspace.com/file/o7edoj http://www.sendspace.com/file/ghqtvp 1 unknown (i suspect Dino is involved,but not sure): http://www.sendspace.com/file/o59q5q also - i remember a great track from 98-99 with a funny line -" i just want to go someplace ..where i dont have to get a job.." do you know what track this is? cheers mates
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