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  1. New Trentemøller is kinda catchy.
  2. You should definitely try old Stars of the Lid albums. I'd say that Avec Laudenum is one of the best ambient albums ever made. From new releases, I know that Saåad is also worth checking out. PS. Welcome back Psynews! It's been a while.
  3. 1. V/A - Oxycanta 2. Biosphere - Dropsonde 3. Carbon Based Lifeforms - World Of Sleepers 4. V/A - Arcana 5. Banco de Gaia - Farewell Ferengistan
  4. Radi, why don't you do a God is God remix than? Just imgine listening to: Juno Reactor - God is God (Radi's psychedelic chopping voices mix)
  5. OMFG! It's 100% real! Look ---> http://www.tipworld.co.uk/cgi-bin/disc.asp...&sItem=TIPWCD50
  6. Cinematic Orchestra - Every Day Fabulous piece of jazz mixed with electronica.
  7. Old ideas recycled and combined into one album. At least the beginning half sounds like this. Nothing special
  8. Bonobo - Sweetness Realy nice jazz. Worth give it a try
  9. Pink Floyd - The Great Gig In The Sky Hmmm... very trainish* album for me. *gives a train feeling
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