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  1. First Shpongle album can never be topped for me, its what got me interested in psy but at this point after hearing it 2000 times there is not much left. The only track I can really still enjoy is And Day Turned to Night...just such an epic masterpiece and so much to take in. Posford himself said in an interview that it was the only track that when he was finished with it he was truely happy with.
  2. Best sample/track/movie combo is GMS - Dirty Harry... "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn't exist.." Usual Suspects
  3. Seriously, this is an extremely illogic line of arguement. Pink Floyd or the Beatles are not as complex as the most simple symphony..that doesn't follow though that The Beatles or Pink Floyd's music is simple and easy to create. Mozart made great music for prancing around 18th century austria in a powdered whig, its not exactly something I relate too or really care to experience.
  4. I deleted all my tracks and sold all my synths 2 years ago. I just got a nord modular and going to start writing again. I feel totally fresh and liberated from the garbage I made years ago. I dont feel that all that time was wasted though, I learned a ton but if I had the files to work on those tracks now I would probly just be wasting my time.
  5. Yea to me it has to be seen in its context. Its not something I really listen to anymore but if you compare it to stuff that was released before it, it was completely out there and mind blowing. Technically, the production blows by modern standards but I think you also have to keep in mind the production was aimed at a huge system being played off vinyl. I think you should also keep in mind that a 166mhz pentium was a fast computer at the time, it had to be quite a challenge just to record all those parts without bringing the computer to its knees.
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