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  1. qa2pir, I'll have to somewhat agree with you here. this is my main gripe with everything being produced in the last 5 years no matter the style, actually people today are so used to hear the over compressed sound that they can't even listen to older stuff because it would sound so alien to them. music indeed, and any style of it should have dynamics and in that matter there are some flames at you for no reason. so true, that a quiet part should be quiet and a loud part should be loud. all the compression kills the dynamics of the sound, period. but in a matter of fact I didn't quite notice that with Suntrip. sure, it has to conform with today's standards which are a bit ridiculous if you ask me, we're actually in a period (leaving Suntrip aside for a minute) where music is judged almost purely production-wise. it's the same as people watch guitarist's fingers with envy instead of actually listen to what he plays, it would be much better listening to it eyes closed. since when music is of less importance? now back to Suntrip. as I mentioned, I didn't really notice ├╝ber compression or stiff brick wall limiting. but ofcourse when you listen to it you can tell without a hitch it's '08 and not a '98, for the good and the bad. but I think it actually fits the style of the music, which is goa and melodic but not really oldschool per-se, as it is evolved into more of a "newschool goatrance". I do believe there's still place for the oldschool sound, though. and Opus Iridium is a great release, imho.
  2. Analog Pussy sampled the entire sweeps from the big break of Mino - 2000 Compatible and used it quite alot on two tracks from Psycho Bitch From Hell.
  3. Total Eclipse - Chaotic Circus
  4. I've heard this track before. I can't pinpoint exactly but this sounds very alike to old music produced by Goa Gil, that could be a Ceiba, Nommos or Kode IV. those releases are scattered all over though, and that's his style imho.
  5. Thanks for your kind remarks people. I hope to put up more stuff very soon!
  6. Definitely not. Robotised! great track, I know it by heart. You probably mean the melody at the end of the tune, it's not too similar though but still, thanks.
  7. I'm positive it was taken off a cd. You're right, the discogs forum may be an appropriate place to ask as most serious collectors hang around there. I didn't think about that, thanks for the advice mate.
  8. no pal, but that's too late to change this nick for me, been using since '95 on irc even before I knew his music. that thing had caused misunderstandings lots of times!
  9. Mate, I'm anything but newbie to trance. Been listening to the music since '94. I had that track early on '96 on cassette, that's why I think it is a 95. now, the track was very psychedelic, Matsuri style. the melody was similar to what I played, but with a distorted high lead sound, I can't really describe it. but the sound I played with doesn't sound at all similar to the original. To me it sounded similar to Prana, Deflo, Slug stuff. I remember that track very good as it was one of my favorites and it definitely didn't sound israeli. second thing, I didn't miss any AP or MFG release. there's no way on earth this is one of their tracks. what do you mean by "Lol, that's a standard answer when looking for help to identify ANY track. "Sounds like Prana..."? Is "it sounds definitely like AP" a valid answer, when looking for help to identify any track? I'm not here to bash or anything and I'm thankful to you for taking your time to listen but my memory serves me very well and there are hardly any psytrance/goa releases prior to 2000 which are unfamiliar to me UNLESS it is unreleased and there are people here who know me and can stand behind my claim. although it's hard to believe that it was unreleased because some guy recorded me stuff from cds, one of them was a new cd back then, called "Trancentral Four". which was released early on '96. also, I remember other things on that cassette - but nothing sounded anything like the israeli trance of the day, it was very psychedelic.
  10. Hey, This is the first track I've made since 2001, and I'm working on some great new stuff and hopefully I'll have the time to finish newer tracks soon. feedbacks are appreciated. http://www.sendspace.com/file/bjhqfx Thanks for listening
  11. Thanks mate, anyways, it's definitely not israeli. the style is more like Prana - I didn't play the true lead sound. the melody sounds a bit distorted yet clear - think Total Eclipse - Absolute Zero on 5:10, similar lead sound only with distortion on it. it definitely sounded Matsuri-esque, I still remember it that way.
  12. Well, I'll try going with you on that one. I think I found all three versions, but I can't hear a violin - it sounds to me more like the usual annoying Holymen trumpet BUT, it might be in different parts of the track. if it's one of them though, I'm sure those two minute samples (one is 4) are long enough to figure it out. http://play.saikosounds.com/m3u/085/b9.m3u http://play.saikosounds.com/m3u/002/25.m3u http://play.saikosounds.com/m3u/002/32.m3u If you actually hear the violin in those samples tell me because I couldn't.
  13. When I think of violin in trance only two tracks come to mind. The first is "Return of the Travellers" by The Muses Rapt - http://play.saikosounds.com/m3u/008/4b.m3u The other is "Essence" by Shiva Chandra - http://play.saikosounds.com/m3u/027/aa.m3u which actually samples a well known symphony movement. What style is your track? Would you describe it as psychedelic, as older goa or is it more in the "uplifting" or "nitzhonot" genre?
  14. Sonic System, what a track. I really like this compilation. definitely on my better 100 list. damn that gap!
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