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  1. ok, I am curious then, I am tired of the old same same style of you, but one of your new tracks sounded great on the trancefloor! I hope the rest will be the same style
  2. 1. Twist Dreams 2. Goasia - From other spaces 3. Transwave - Backfire 4. Chronos - 5. Asura - Life²
  3. A compilation, no, an album, yes... Well, I remember a topic where was written that they would release untold stories and an album of him later... I still think it's somehow strange how you think, if for instance Filteria will release a new album on suntrip, it has been told around, and it is expected, and at once there is a guy with 5000€ telling "hey, come to me", and he does it... You think it's not the label's fault that waves with the money? I think its both artist and label... But ah well, maybe it is just me, and I'm not often following this kind of threads anyway, but I was simply surprised everyone was shooting at someone else as I though...
  4. so it's all about the money? If tomorrow a rich guy decided to release goa trance he can simply buy all famous suntrip, dragonfly, meta and kagdila artists because they are waving with alot of cash you think!? I'm a girl, probably that's why I think respect is more important... Everybody KNEW Lost Buddha would release his album on meta... So it's all a matter of respect imo... A new label? Search for artists yourself, don't wave with money and buy...
  5. Bad story that doesn't surprise me at all, after all the rumours I heard about Lost Buddha this was expected On the other hand it's not nice that some other label simply passes by and waves with such a high amount of euros, that even big artists rarely get for an album... If LB and Metaphysic had an oral contract it is as serious as a written one! Don't let yourself go down! Caroline
  6. ok, lets make all of you people happy... You love old school Shakta!? You'll love his music on Opus Iridium... After his mind blowing set on an (old school) party of us we talked and he decided to do it once again... In the mean time we had a first version of the song, which is typical Shakta old school... Acidic and melodic style... Pure old school Shakta! So he's not dead
  7. well, a part of the music from Suntrip is actually from the 90's, D5 is, and I know the Khetzal album was created a LONG time before it was released... so well, it is not all "modern"... On the other hand it's true they are doing their own thing with the goa trance movement, which is good... You have to go with your time
  8. Chi-ad - Exit Eternity (the whole track) Chi-ad - Biocandy All I can think of now...
  9. 8. It would be nice that whenever someone opens a new thread for a review they start with the full album stats (pic of the cover, track names, label, release date, etc.). If this wasn't the opening review, it would have been left there i assume... so Jivamukti, copy paste your review once someone started a new thread with all the information ps: Anoebis under his gf account here, sorry
  10. He is in Brazil I think... But I know her too, I can ask...
  11. are you sure it is the same Mary Jane? I can hardly imagine she was making music back then, as she only started dj-ing around 2002, and back then she was fairly new to the scene...
  12. Go ahead... Ask about the re-release of D5... As said before, it is the only... ONLY re-release we will ever do... Simply because this album was too good and too rare to let it fade away in eternity... Everyone should have the chance to hear this fantastic album! From now on, only new music! So many good goa artists these days... Goasia, Ra, Khetzal, Afgin, Aerosis, Merr0w, Cosmic Silence, Filteria, aaah, so many There is a small market for old school goa trance, but it's slowly fading away we have the feeling, so try to promote it a little Ah yes... D5 is thinking of Transdimensional 2 but ok... between thinking and doing is at least a year of work... (let's hope so) ps: This was Anoebis under my gf's nick... Sorry!
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