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  1. hurray for minimal !!


    try metronome, native radio, nasa (if you like the tribal feeling), ryan halifax.. some older krumelur too, as you've found out...



    minimal creates an overall feeling, an atmosphere, very very trippy if you can get into it, towelie.. It doesnt have to do with peace and love... Peace and love atmosphere I also dont even think full on, or old school has it so much.. I think housy trance would be much more...

  2. no no, I didnt say your remarks are shitty... (remember, sherlockalien = not conflict)..... I was making a joke, imagining how people went against you, according to what you said....


    I talked about your work because I was thinking as if I was you:" Well people say they dont like my music, well fuck it, at least Im in denmark, with all these big breasted blonds, and I have a nice job now... "


    Its a joke dude.. just like my remark "now go do some music, bitch" =) was a joke..

  3. So you´re like the scape goat hein? I can already imagine when people get angry at home, because they fought with their brothers or something, then you come in the phorum saying something, and they go like: "Well shut up, EP, go and do some music, because even if its crap, its better than your shitty remarks"




    Well at least you got a great job and live in denmark, right? =)

  4. oops I didnt finish the sentence:

    I also dont agree with you that just because you consider his t shirts not to be constructive (what if its a joke?) then you can be non constructive yourself.. I mean, do it for yourself, dont repeat the mistake of others, if you consider a mistake.. Just because someone steals you doesnt mean you should go stealing too...


    "And please dont start your crap again that I should go and make some music - It's frankly much more arrogant than I will ever become " <--- again, you mistake me from someone else.. I wouldn´t do something to purpousely create conflict, like saying that... it´s simply not me..


    Im just trying to show you that you seem (to me) to be directly or indirectly creating conflict, and I try to diminish this.. Forgive me if that goes against what you say, but it´s my way of doing things...


    "now go do some music, bitch" =)

  5. "When will people stop saying exactly as you do "better go and do music"?" <--- did I EVER said that?!?!?!?!??

    I think you mistake me from someone else, dude, seriously!!


    I also dont agree with you that just because you consider his t shirts not to be constructive (what if its a joke?)


    Again dude, I totally know that each one to his own opinion.. But MY opinion is that you didnt need to be so harsh.. Do you understand that it is MY opinion?

  6. "I say get a life to those who always have to tell artists that they aren't allowed to have a opinion "<---- just curious, did anybody ever said that?



    Also, I understand everybody´s problems with cliches, but think of the following: Cliche sucks when it´s just following what has been done already.. But what if (in a parallel universe, lets say) a person really likes the power that mushrooms can bring to the mind and consciousness, and the meaning of the fractal revolution to mathematics and to general understanding of geometry, and this person is really interested in the Ohm symbol, knowing what it in fact means, and really studying it´s symbolism comparing to religions, etc.. Cant this person use these things, just because it has been done as a cliche before, even though his use is authentic?! Im not saying this guy here is the same as in my example, but what if he is? You guys should be less ´closed-minded´...

  7. well EP, I never said you should be a good boy and not have opinions.. But it´s different having an opinion and being honest about it, from just plain offence, which no matter how you look at it, it is NOT constructive criticism.. By this I meant "worse kind of crap site"!!!



    And of course I realize everybody is entitled to his own opinion, and can write what the fuck you want, but still MY opinion is that you are too harsh, and if you wanna do a constructive criticism, do it properly, if not, then dont come with your "its just my opinion" attitude.. (remember I accept your opinion, but I criticise it constructively, as I picture it)

  8. so you were here for Ypy Poty? Maybe we ran into each other!


    About your site, I specially liked the mushroom design....





    And yeah, I agree with sphongle! What kind of response is that, EP?!?! I mean, I can expect this from the finnish bastard Järsimähäiriö (yeah we love you, bastard), but from you, who is supposed to be so righteous?


    tsk tsk tsk

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