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  1. "when driving home from a psy party though " <-- I have the habbit of never listening to trance when leaving a party.. Most of the times Bob Marley is on my stereo. Now when going to a party it´s another story hehehe.. Trance blasting on the speakers, full throttle =)

  2. Agree with llazi.. Very good indeed. But maybe it isnt dark like you want it


    Then maybe the 2004 compilation from Sub Machine Records = Chrome

    specially the frogacult track




    Son Kite mostly always offers some really good percussions. Maybe try nasa, or genetic spin too

  3. then tell me why please ... <--- I dont know his opinion, but Im guessing because you are thinking in YOUR opinion, as if it was the truth. The music you like may be considered shit by others. Also you generalize in many ways..

    Not all goa is good. Not all that is not goa is "shitty commercial cheap sounding trance". There are many different shades' of trance, many different feelings. You also talk about 'normal' trance.. What is that? How do you define it? It's all your subjectivity dude! if you want to criticise, criticise, but realize it is your opinion and that the exact opposite is just as true

  4. depends on time of the year, and how much you´re willing to spend, of course...


    In brazil, for example, we have excellent parties, with many top line ups (both progressive and full on), and anybody from outside would probably be happy with money because our currency is devalued. But if you told me the time of year, I could probably specify more, maybe even mention the parties that will happen (if the line up is out already). Of course not to mention the exotic nature you would be able to see, and think: Cool, im in Brazil =)


    But I guess europe would be the place with most parties.. Germany I think must have the most number of parties...

  5. "90% of today's new releases are full-on instead of 90% minimal " <--- so this is a subjective percentage.. like I said, I can give MANY examples of very artists who release many things in this area... I already named a few, and could name some more.. There are many labels like iboga, plusquam, and others which are constantly releasing stuff of the sort...


    But fuck this discussion.. All I know is that Im a fan of this style and Im not worried... As for phony orphants, like I said before, buy it manu =)

  6. "Maybe you would want it to die" <--- that sounded agressive.. Didnt mean to...


    But of course my point still stands, housy groovy stuff is very alive and will be for sure.. Many examples to give next to the ones above, like vibrasphere, dj nukem etc etc

  7. but I can't say that Jesus was only a prophet or an enlightened guy <--- I never said ONLY.. I believe enlightenment to be very great deal.


    Does something opposite follow from what I've written? <--- No, I just making sure...


    I'm sure that they also know what good is , but may be formulated in different way and it doesn't mean good can be mixed with bad. <--- Lets just leave it for now.. I know what you mean, but my point is that good and bad are in the head.. not that there isnt, but that for example, you can't really say if something 'physical', some 'act' is evil or good, because evil and good acts are in the intentions.. So for me, Jesus would just as enlightened if someone discovered that he killed a guy... If his intentions, his Sword of Reason did find it to be necessary, it's ok.. Just like in nature, I agree if you take down a big tree that took thousands of years to grow, if your Enlightened Self with the Sword of Reason decided it was right. But I will disagree with you for killing a simple mosquito if it was an 'unenlightened act'. It's sort of what you say, but in a diferent way


    The trick is to love even if I do not like. <--- YESSS, we agree at last.. This is my whole point.. We've settled it =)

  8. Because there is no reason to get out of it and there are many to stay in. :)"<--- like I said, please tell me then what is good?! And tell me why is it that only you've got what's good, and fundamentalist islam people dont, for example, or buddhist, or whoever?


    "What kind of conflict will it cause? " <--- does it matter? All it matters is that it is the inverse of the so-preached 'universal love'....

  9. I´ve used the sentence off the top of my head, so maybe I confused it, but still, check what Im saying, the gnostic gospels, which were indeed not included...


    "What? I dunno. " <--- It came out a little weird, my example, but the answer was: Conflict


    Now you tell that I dont get what you say is good... so tell me then, what is good? I am telling you that good IS subjective.. Do animals think of good, does physics think of good? Nope... Humans only... When you say Good and Evil, it is your division.. So give me an example of what is good.. Now undoubtedly whatever you say there will for sure be at least one person in the world that will consider what you say as bad, instead of good, which means it is not universal, but subjective..


    "But I also believe in what Jesus has said" Ok first of all you believe in what you READ about jesus saying.. big difference here.. Like I said, it is not the same as it originally intended. Also, you know that there are numerous intonations, and ways of saying, with facial expressions, etc, that make equal words contain a totally different meaning.. So what you have of jesus is really very little... Now like I said, I see jesus as an enlightened person, who described his thoughts after a ´universal´ experience he had.... This experience showed him to fight against conditioning... and I see the ´fixing´ of religious morals as a sign of conditioning.. So Im suggesting to you to consider the fact that you are asleep (like me), and for you to start researching how most religions infact speak of the same thing.. Why get stuck in christianity? Buddhism´s essence came from the same experience as Jesus Christ´s.. But like christianity, it became divided in many different ways, unlike what was intended... The same for the muslims, or for the jews, or for the secret societies and mystics, etc...

  10. ok dude, let me try and explain... when I say we play games, I talk about psychology. How you work, how your mind works, understand? I dont mean it to say it in a bad way, "its just a game", but in comparison way that shows you how you always have aims, certain movements, languages, etc..


    "I can't believe you really don't know what am I talking what good is"<-- the thing is that I do understand what YOUR good is, but you dont seem to get it that it is YOUR good, and everyone has his own good (even people who follow jesus christ, for example, hence the fight between fundamentalist, orthodox, protestants, etc).


    "Why do you think such attitude can make any conflict?"<--- well when a person SINCERELY believes that smoking weed is a SIN, while another´s SINCERE religiousness is aided by weed, what do you think this will cause?!


    "And I want to ask you about this changes in Bible content. What is "different side of Jesus Christ"? " I have made a bible (and comparative religion) study some time ago, so I was resuming some of the things.. The bible was changed over and over several times.. One of the examples was the Gnostic Gospels, which were omitted from the bible. They show a different side of christ because there are quotes like: "I came to bring fire down to earth.... " or things like: " He who does not fight against his family does not belong to my school".... etc etc.. Which does not mean that jesus was bad, but that he was an enlightened person who realized that people´s opinions (like our family´s) are completely degenerated, even though we think we are doing ´good´, and that we must fight against our conditioned mechanic self. I checked with some priest about why long ago they ommited the Gnostic Gospels, and basically it was an arbitrary decision: "Oh we dont like it, so it´s not going to be considered official"


    So be more critical about things.. When I say that we dont have the answer, it is because we dont realize how conditioned we are.. And before we accept the fact that we are conditioned (even in our ´sincere´beliefs), we dont have a chance of waking up.


    So for example, in a parallel universe, there is a guy called Wojtek who is sleeping, while he thinks he is awake (while another sherlockalien is sleeping but he knows he is sleeping).. So how can sherlockalien say it to Wojtek? He cant say any arguments, because unless it comes from Wojtek himself, the real ´struggle´ wont begin.. So in this parallel universe, sherlockalien sees that to wake up, you need to fight hard.. You need to accept that you learn by imitation, by watching tv, by ´eating´ all the morals and teachings you receive. You need to be aware of your body, be in control of your respiration, eliminate muscular tensions, etc etc etc...

  11. "ou mean that it doesn't matter, who am I and what do I do, because it all is a game? So, why can't I go around and kill people if I say that it's good in my game?" <-- it is what some people do, isnt it? I said PLAY WHATEVER GAME YOU WANT, but KNOW it is a game, with aims, characteristic movements, characteristic speech, etc. (you wont really reach your aim if you want to talk to me and you just start typing any keyboard key at random, for example)


    "No. That is only benefit, not good" <--- Remember words create association... You create an association with the word benefit, while I was trying to say that it can also be called good...


    "Good must be universal, defined beyond us. If everyone defines good severally, this word will lose any sense."<--- but isnt this exactly what happens? You say good is in the bible, but like I said, many people interpret the bible differently, because each one plays his own games, just like you play a different game than the Pope´s christianity, or than Bush´s christianity.. BUT good could be universal, but only if all people had the same aim, like for example, enlightenment, or whatever.


    "From where I know what is good? I believe Bible - written by men over a long period of time, is "God's Word" " <---- here is where you should be carefull.. Did you ever read the Gnostic Chapels? They were in the bible originaly, and show a different side of Jesus Christ. What about the parts that were added purelly for the POWER game (you know people in the past and even today use the religion only for prestige and power, right?). Do you know which parts were changed? How can you believe blindly in something that was adulterated? Im not saying you should ignore it, but I believe you should read, but knowing it was changed over times, so you have to interpret symbolically, know what it means, find for yourself what to understand, and always have in mind that is your interpretation..


    The cause of all the fights and conflicts in the world is due to the inability of people to realize they play games, and some games arent compatible, and believing that their Reality Model is the right and true one..


    "If it is only a model or not, I do not know and you either" <--- of course I know, and you should too.. It IS a model, this is not up to discussion.. You live in the subjective world, you are a person, you are not an impersonal unbiased matter living in the physics world, therefore any thing you think or have an opinion of from the world is just a model, an interpretation..


    So like I said, the problem is thinking that you´ve got the answer.. This is why people are so closed minded and create so much conflict.. If people would just accept that each person´s model is just as truthful (which doesnt mean you should follow everyone´s models), the world would be a different place..

  12. I dont know if you got what I mean.. I am not disagreeing with you, any more than I disagree with everybody else, GORE and Wojtek.. But you guys seem to have understood it one way, while it is EQUALLY TRUTHFULL to understand it in a totally different way, for example believing solely in science, or believing God is a 3 headed serpent who lives in the sewers.


    "But you should not understand them by your mind, you should understend it with the help of your heart. " <--- do you see, for example, how this is a way of picturing something which is just a metaphor? Of course you shouldnt literaly listen with your heart, as it is just a muscle... So you must ALWAYS look deep into all metaphors, and try to see what they mean.. Does it mean the unconscious? Does it mean the imagination? Does it mean reason? etc...


    "Off sin - follow the God's commandment" <-- This is a long discussion about sin.. What is a sin? If you read my post a few posts ago, you will see the examples of how the same act can be considered EVIL, and GOOD. It is all on the eye of the beholder.. YOU, with YOUR SUBJECTIVITY and YOUR MODEL consider what is a sin and what is not....


    "Lets say God is the power who created us and everything that surrunds us" <--- again, that is a model, words you are playing with.. I can say science created all... and it´s another just as truthfull model..


    All you need is just to start to belive <--- now for my opinion about it: NO, you must not just start believing. Believing is the main problem here. People believe too much, in their authorities (whether it is political, ideological or religious authorities).. Everybody must see for themselves, the answer is in each of us.. Dont believe the words of the bible.. It was changed over and over, during the middle ages for example, when many parts were left out and forgotten, while others were added without the same purpouse as initially intended.. Read the bible, but take it´s meaning for YOU.... not as it is the only meaning, but it´s subjective meaning. BUT always have a skeptic side on hand, so you dont get lost..

  13. So like I said, when you say that God is creating spacetime, etc etc etc, it is your MODEL of how things work.. It is your INTERPRETATION of all the stimulus you have received in your life.. If you were born in an african tribe, or in the middle of the amazon forest, you would have been a different person, with a different MODEL for how things work...

  14. I suppose that everyone know somehow what is good. < ---- THAT is the whole deal...


    Let me try to establish this to you guys.. Every person living has, first of all, different I´s.. But I wont even deal with these separate I´s... Let´s pretend we are only one person, always.. So this person establishes his own models as to what reality is like. Each one creates a MODEL, which must not be confused with REALITY itself, just like the MENU is not the MEAL. Guided by this model, each person plays his own games, like social games, or the game of driving a car, or the family game, etc.


    So let me go against 2 main arguments: 1- There is a universal good and evil...

    Good, is all that will help you get to your aim of the game you play. EVERYBODY plays for the sake of GOOD, (even if that good is a winning-by-losing masochist aim). If the person is a satanist, he does what he thinks is GOOD, (remember this is just a word) but calls it the word BAD (but is it really bad? No because it goes forward to his aim)...


    So let´s give examples: A person who hurts physically/psychologically someone else and believes he is doing good, following God´s teachings (fundamental religious people for example), is he doing good or evil? What about people that sincerely think they are doing good by giving money to beggars, so instead of really solving the problem, he is only increasing the assistencialist industry (which is like giving a man a fish, instead of teaching him how to fish).. What about a man who drives a car, because he wants to go meet their family, but the pollution in his car is killing lots of animals/bacteria/plants, etc. is he doing good or evil?


    The second concept I am going to go against is that the majority, or society should give the guidelines to what is good and evil. What about Einstein, who went against the majority.. Imagine if he followed everybody.. What about Giordano Bruno, who was burned to death? What about all the females fighting for their right to speek during middle ages, and the majority send them to burn? What about the majority that elected bush, hehehe?


    Now Im not saying that this justifies anything, and because good and evil is subjective (obviously, as without subjectivity, humans, there is no such division) you can go around killing people.. It´s a matter of CONSCIOUSLY knowing which game you are playing, and THEN playing the game.. So if your game is the social game, the working game, then DO IT, but KNOW it is a game... (much more to write on this... but that´s ok for now)

  15. "What is God?


    YHVH - The One Who Is


    It's very simple. " <--- it's not simple, and it is so not simple that there are numerous fights over it.. The one who is in what sense? Existing in space/time? The one is a person? Does he incorporate and create all there is, or only good? What is good, what is evil? Does he create in a moment in space/time, or all the moments of space/time? Does he go against the laws of science? Does he punish the sinners? Is he the Self in each of us?


    etc etc etc I could go on forever.. Dont suppose it's simple.. Or rather, suppose it is simple, but realize at the same time it is complex

  16. "What is God?", is the first question.. THEN after you´ve specified the meaning of the word, you ask if someone believes in it...


    Do you believe in dsakjdqoewijdsaçdkj ? " dsakjdqoewijdsaçdkj" is just a word.. What it associates with in your mind is the important thing

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