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  1. i therefore leave you a comment, as a grant of approval -_-

  2. i sorry i cant writes goode english! just cuz im from bulgaria dont not give you no right to be mean to me!
  3. whats wrong? i fail to see the problem? you rocked too yer a good girl, colin. GOOD GIRL!
  4. i dont know what yer talking about! whats the problem??? i didnt do anything!
  5. jesus christ! you dont have to be an asshole, man! i didnt do anything to you!!! wtf???
  6. even steve roach has a tempo, hunny, if your patient enough to listen for it! <3
  7. uh, out of 10 thousand+ psy artists in the world, they sure are lucky to work with the BEST EVER, huh? and im sure all the best psy artists in the world are just dying to be signed to suntrip. but they only accept the BEST, right? i still see some brown nosing going on. jannis might as well have just voted for himself! im sure he likes his own music, no?
  8. mars wasnt influenced to vote filteria #1?? ooooo kay!!! thats pretty vain to vote for that.
  9. you did a good job, mate! cant wait to hear kob! love ya!
  10. oh well, whatever. i dont care but i AM always right about these things. you should prolly listen to me!!! lest you make a foo outta yerself
  11. gumballs


    outside of psy, when it comes to artists who already have it made and are rich as a donkeys asshole, then i say its fair game to download the shit. but also, if it werent for the internet and downloading any psy album, i wouldnt have found out about ANY PSY AT ALL also, i think its about the music. not the money. that means that a true artist into the MUSIC does now care about the fuckin money they make, but about how many people are moveed by their work. that should be the greatest reward. if they cared about the money, they would pull an infected mushroom. and bitch about wanting to make movie soundtracks and shit. and move to hollywood. and get a boner for madonna...
  12. i didnt notice anything bad... you werent tthat out of line haha! and i think this next years psy/chill/fullon different lists is a good idea! it helps out those who are more into one style than the other, since psy IS getting big enough to break up into new sub genres... lets say i only love prog... this list only complicates things by being too general, you see? in that case, i think va - tribal matrix should have stole first place in the chillout, vibrasphere, or liquid soul, in prog, and IMO, no one won in the psy or fullon genres. no. not even koxbox, with their worst album ever by far. they used to have something SOOO unique... now they lost it. need i remind you all with my disgust for filteria? yes i love goa... but its dead. do something NEW with it, like khetzal did, or STFU! 2007 will rule tho, with the prometheus, and younger brother, and ott and synsun... im pretty sure they take up 4/5 of my vote next year.
  13. definately filteria. jesus christ that is sooo boring!!! this is the worst top 10 ive ever seen 2006 was so lame.
  14. their Voyage 34 album is a damn fine electronic psy/chillout album
  15. neo goa... um im sure you obviously know of twist dreams... and for proggi: va - uncharted dark/forest: blisargon demogorgon (thats forest, right???) and.. hmm, i liked va - cyberdog 4 for fullon. the astral projection and timelock tracks are GREEEEEEAAAAAAT!!
  16. i say yes. cuz in the end youll end up with a more interesting list, and this years list seems to be weaker than 05 anyway. you should accept the tool and gathering votes too. i havent heard the gathering one, but i know they can do REALLY great trippy ambient, event tho theyre part of the "metal" scene even tho saikosounds doesnt sell them, they are all still pretty damn psychedelic i think, so they would fit great on here!
  17. 1. filteria - 69 2. jikkenteki - 63 3. oood - 53 4. ka sol - 50 5. koxbox - 37 6. vibrasphere - 36 7. carbon based lifeforms - 32 8. androcell - 23 i give up after the top 8. but im fairly sure this is right. only took about an hour to do... edit: ya cuz under 20 points it gets hard to sort out, um, i think electrypnose, quasar, and peace therapy 2 are the next 3 tho and haha i dont think ANYONE voted for shulman or entheogenic... and freq only got a 3
  18. their last cover was creepy and disturbing. although i wouldnt mind seeing her titties on the next album cover.
  19. i added the results. best chillout: 1. kuba 2. shulman 3. va - tribal matrix 4. va - arcana 5. va - light aromas best prog: 1. liquid soul 2. vibrasphere 3. freq 4. tegma 5. va - lime light 2 psy: 1. koxbox 2. ka sol 3. va - musica discordia 4. wizzy noise 5. 1200 mics ok.. i didnt add em up. those are just my top 5's that dont matter anymore MEH!!!
  20. it doesnt really help for these really specific styles im looking for. most ambient reccomendation threads are alot more general. also if i did find a good thread, it would prolly be old and outdated and not include new recent good stuff.
  21. ultimae is trance on horse tranquilizers. i dont want anything with trancey kicks, or any kicks at all. what style is this databloem?
  22. for the beginning of goa, the start of it all: va - voyage into trance for brand new millenium goa: va - twist dreams one more great goa comp: va - dementertainment and other comps from the labels dragonfly (the early ones), tip (not tip world), and suntrip then for a great psychedelic chillout: va - natural born chillers then dubby chillout: va - wider horizons goa chillout: va - spaceships of the imagination (but itll become obsolete when you start collecting the albums, this is the only compilation where nearly all the songs are taken from albums) if you want original stuff go for va - eclipse instead labels: liquid sound design, chillcode, interchill good ol psytrance: both va - crystal skulls compilations more must have psy comps: both unusual suspects weeerdass psy: va - musica discordia labels for good psy comps are: sundance, twisted, gi'iwa general progressive: va - spiral trax swedish trance and goa (double cd! good buy) older prog style - cross link (another double disc!) new style prog: trash art lables for the best comps: iboga, digital structures, tribal vision fullon: pffff. i dunno. any random compilation from the tip world, hom mega, or yoyo labels i guess... trust me tho. these are the definitive starting points, take it from me, im a noob!!!
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