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  1. Up! :posford: C'mon guys...you know...you're so good and fine producers and i'm not! My ears aren't enough to judge... Just take a listen and tell me what's worng in your opinion... Many thanx Love & Light Mastaguru
  2. Tnx Krono for listening... I heard to your new tune...but honestly i got to say that it's not my style definitly...so...i just can't say anything about... Love & Light
  3. :posford: Hi all! Here's the link to a new track called "Klobasin"....hope you enjoy! http://www.files.to/get/46947/eo5jnjmo9m Any kinda feedback really appreciated as well! Tnx in advance... Love & Light Mastaguru
  4. Anyone else? Please...i need critics to emprove... Love & Light
  5. Many tnx for you suggestions mate! Love & Light
  6. Hi matez! :posford: Here's the link to new track by Italin duo Mhead Synthaesi... http://www.files.to/get/20447/e5ypbdyb7t Any kinda critic or feedbacks really appreciated...we need to learn more to improve our style...thank to your opinions! So...take a listen... Tnx in advance Love & Light Mhead Synthaesi
  7. Nice tune you made! Really groovy... Tnx for sharing mate! Love & Light
  8. Thanks Raphael for your kind words... We're workin' hard every minute we have to emprove our style! Happy that you liked it! Love & Light Mastaguru
  9. Many tnx for listening Ozx... Love & Light
  10. Nice tune mate! I liked it....really trippy! The break part and the reprise are cool! KEEP UP THE GOOD VIBES Love & Light Mastaguru
  11. Hi all... Here i go again with a new tune... http://www.files.to/get/19423/8k50ip47i4 Any kinda feedbacks appreciated! Love & Light Mastaguru
  12. Nice music at all! Tnx for sharing... Waiting for a full length album from you. KEEP ON Love & Light
  13. Nice vibes... Many tnx for sharing your music mates... Love & Light
  14. Many tnx mates... I'm so glad you liked it! I'll try to emprove the beat part at all... Love & Light Ps: About bad Italian Goa producer...ehm...i don't know I'm just tryin' to do my best...that's all! But i'm happy that Italian producers rock! :clapping:
  15. Hi all! Here i am to present you the first release by an Italian duo called Mhead Synthaesi... The men behind the project are two guys from Milan...they're 27 years old and they like Goa Trance so much... One of those is a keyboard player and took part in many metal projects...the other one is a bass player... They would like to spread their music to everyone who wanna feel them vibes comin trough their tracks.... So...take a listen if you want and leave a comment... Here's the link... http://www.mastaguru.com/mp3/Mhead_demo.mp3 Any kind of suggestion or ctitic to emprove the project will be appreciated.... Tnx in advance to you all for listening and for the faith you have in trance! Love & Light :posford: Mhead Synthaesi
  16. Hi mate... Really liked the intro part...really exciting! When the beat comes in...it's really massive...strong enough... Really trippy tune you have here...good potential... Melodies are very catchy and i liked it a lot! Just try to finish this track...you just GOT to! :-) PEACE BTW: Legato is cool... :-)
  17. Hi mate... The intro part is quite nice...also the start of the beat... Trippy tune... Maybe the break part comes too early IMO... Good synth sounds and i like the snare so much! :-) Keep up PEACE
  18. Hi all... :posford: Here's the link to anew track i'm workin on with my new mate producer... It'a kinda Goa old school with some good melodies... Hope you like it Here's the link... Http://www.mastaguru.com/mp3/Mhead_demo_2007.mp3 Feedbacks and suggestion/critics really needed! Tnx in advance to you all! LIGHT :clapping:
  19. Great tune man... I really loved your style... Very acid melodies make it all! :-) KEEP UP THE GOOD VIBES Boooom
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