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  1. Label: Avatar Records Country: Israel Released: 02 Sep 2019 Style: Downtempo, Psy-Trance Bandcamp Tracklist: 1. Heavenly 04:53 2. Kaya Project - Raging Rivers (Psychoz Midnight Remix) 06:19 3. Liquid Crystal - Behind the Cloud (Psychoz Remix) 08:17 4. Perpetual Mysticism 05:06 5. Psychoz vs Liquid Crystal - Follow the Stars 05:27 6. Broken Wisdom 06:00 7. Sahara 05:07 8. Sweet Lullaby (Remix) 04:44 9. Gypsy Tango 04:04 10. Rain Song (Remix) 04:39 11. Endless Story 03:12 12. Cosmic Dub 05:26 Here's a brand new downtempo album from Psychoz released on Avatar Records. I have to say that this is definitely one of the best chill-out albums I have heard this year. The production is simply amazing! TOP 3 1. Heavenly 04:53 Starts off incredibly beautifully with some string instruments and excellent percussion. It's a slow and lush track that goes into some deep territoriies in its second half. Also, that bassline is absolutely fantastic. It smoothes things so well... This is my favorite track on the album, a perfect opener. 4. Perpetual Mysticism 05:06 This track is very similar in mood to the first one with its lush synths and growly basslines, but it ain't fast. Definitely a similar style and just as gorgeous. The ethnic infuences are more pronounced with distinctive flutes. In the middle section the track changes the mood with a siren sound, which is totally unexpected, but it works. In the end it returns back to its initial form. 5. Psychoz vs Liquid Crystal - Follow the Stars 05:27 Another perfect, melodic intro made of ethnic string instruments and some classic, acoustic guitars. The track flows so well using vocal samples and short breakdowns that slightly change melodies each time. There is no heavy bassline here, but the beat is really cool. In the last third it dives deeper into the psychedelic style, getting really frisky. This is a super creative track, I don't think I've ever heard anything like this before. Honorable mentions: 7. Sahara 05:07 The opening theme is very brooding and gloomy. The beat brings it all up a bit, but the mood stays very much depressive throughout, although quite beautiful. It's not as strong as the three tracks above, but it has its moments, which I can appreciate. 12. Cosmic Dub 05:26 This is such an unusual track. It doesn't really fit the album, as it is done in a totally different style. It also reminds me a lot of Photek productions, mainly because of the beat structure. Nevertheless, it's a trippy tune with some very creative elements. I like every moment of it, but since it's so different from the rest I'm putting it in the honorable mentions section. Rating: 4/5
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  2. And you will be robbed. You may read about the previous heist here : I want to make clear here this is not personal, there's no hate, no vangeance or anything like that. I love Elysium music. But people need to be informed that the delivery part of the deal is pretty much never fulfilled. Believing in this new fundraiser is like believing in a version of Santa Claus that slips a paper under your door on December 25th and asks you to pay if you want to get some gift, and when you're stupid enough to slip a banknote in return, you can hear his car revving before you even get the chance to open the door or read his plate number. Oh BTW no Elysium at ZNA 2019. Like in 2017. Like... baaaah fuck this.
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