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    OP's question was about technical side, so there's no thing like "oveproduced and bland". In case of IM I also think all this flashy techniques are there not to make impression, but to really help tell the story better and in more tangible way - listen to Milosh from last album for example: the main motiff is incredibly emotional, but its impact is doubled (or tripled) by the way it's delivered. Technical prowess for IM is just a tool, whereas for a lot of other artists it's where their knowledge ends: they'll obsess about kick or bass sound (I read today a post from guy layering 7 kicks on top of eachother and still not getting it "right"...) writing pristinely sounding ...crap. We may not like IM's output especially because for years it's not goa/psytrance anymore, but objectively their music has a lot of soul, magic and individuality and immaculate production only helps fleshing that out.
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    Technically speaking, nothing beats Infected Mushroom - their control over all aspects of the sound is unmatched; it's like they can somehow precisely shape every frequency, every noise, every effect. To me - and I know thing or two about the technical side - they're like Neo from the end of original Matrix, bending the sound to their will. What they do with this technical prowess is a different thing, though (although I really like their latest album).
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