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Forum Rules

If there shall be Peace/Love/Unity/Respect in ONE place anywhere in the world, we ask you to do your best that it's here. Once you become a part of Psynews, you should be an open person, you should accept its members and you should contribute to the site in a way that is positive for all. We ask you to leave stress outside, think before you post and act in a professional manner even if some things turn out not to go so well for you.

Each of us here on this international forum is not only responsible for his own well-being, but is also acting representatively for the whole psychedelic trance culture. Do your best to show all of us as well as other passersby that all together we first and foremost are standing for a peaceful and harmonic cultural movement. Never forget that!

By posting on Psynews we acknowledge you fully read and accepted all of the following rules. Any people who don't comply will not be welcomed here.

General Rules that affect the whole forum:
- Be nice at all times. This is something that we expect from you without asking. We do the best we can to keep this place up, you do your best to make it a nice one!
- We respect all human beings (and aliens :-) ) from all cultures and religions. No racism, no sexism, no discrimination.
- Discussions must stay professional also when you do not agree. Do NOT pick fights! Do not behave childish! Do not show unnecessary anger.
- Do not take any arguments on to personal levels. This is unprofessional behavior. If you really want to discuss such things, do it in private or go elsewhere.
- Trolling, flame wars, lobbying and bashing are to be absolutely avoided and we ask everybody here to collaborate and not let such things happen.
- Do not spam around or post random bullshit. If you are bored, go outside and enjoy some fresh air. Also, do not post any commercial advertisements (with the sole exception of Labels/Distributors/Promoters that have something to do with the psychedelic trance scene and are posting such subjects only in the dedicated sub-forums.). The fee for the server doesn't pay by itself and we want to keep this place clean of such crap and do not want to pay for other people's advertising.
- Do not post sexually or otherwise offensive content. No porn, no pedophilia, no torture chat.
- No drug incitation. Drugs may be discussed in an open an informative manner, but we expect you to dissociate yourself from drug abuse and crime at all times.
- NO PIRACY. Do not share links and do not discuss it. We support our psychedelic trance culture and want to foster labels and artists, most of which have a hard enough time to make enough money to even survive, in any beneficial way possible. Piracy is something that clearly runs against all these principles and is not tolerated.
- Do not criticize other psytrance forums or institutions to make them appear in a bad light. We are a part of the whole thing and want to be a beneficial element to everybody in this scene. Elitism and such criticism are destructive and can not be tolerated.

Other notices :
- Of course, you may not like something and say it. You may agree or not on someone's point, and say it too. But be a gentleman/woman doing so. Be constructive! A good advice would be to write something POSITIVE in every one of your posts, even if you do not agree. Try your best!
- There will be no warn for those breaking any of these rules. We're considering you're warned NOW and that's it.
- In France, where the Psynews server resides, content managers are taken responsible for what's on their boards and websites. We will do anything to show good will & keep us from any penalty.
- We will communicate transparently with the ISPs of those blatantly breaking the french or international laws, those trying to hack Psynews, and those returning with new accounts after being expelled.

Law excerpts :
- Law nr 86-1067 of september 30th 1986, "public communication by electronic ways is free[...]"

- Law nr 2000-719 of August 1st 2000 : "Physical or moral persons who enable freely or not, direct & permanent stocking of signals, writings, images, sounds, [...] can be taken civilly or penally responsible of their content's nature if [...] they haven't acted quickly to prevent access to this content."

(© by Mars & RTP)

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