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420 Gathering 5th Anniversary (downtempo)

30 April 2017 - 02:01 PM

Here's what I played last weekend when the fine folks at 420 Gathering had their 5th anniversary party.
More murkiness and foresty earthiness, this time in downtempo form :)

Phutureprimitive - Rites Of Passage
Androcell - Neurosomatic Circuit
SeaMoon - I've Got No Philosophy
2Minds - Evil Echo
Prisma - Extract Of A Fragment Part II
Narcose - Floating Through Space
100th Monkey - The Inuit Snow Song (Icescape Secret Beats Remix)
Derango - An Ancient Tale
Process - Electric Monk
Tengri - Last Temple
TRD - Perceptual Decay
Artha - Oddity

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Uunolan Ukotus Support Event (downtempo)

27 March 2017 - 05:06 PM

So the fine people organizing this cozy gathering called Uunolan Ukotus decided to have a support party to raise funds for this year's event.
And as usually, my sets at Uunola always seem to go in strange directions, and this one's no exception :)

Björk - Overture (From "Dancer In The Dark")
Karmarama - Ambientium
Sephira feat. Mariposa - Call Of The MonKat
Lowering Ipnose - Torturer MadHouse
Electrypnose - Dramatic Orchestra
Argaman - Walk On Your Way
Monkey Puzzle - Dirty Sloth
Supersillyus - A List Of Instructions For When I'm Human
Ultimate Xperience - Radio-Activity (eXtinction 13)
Perpetual Loop - Too Long At The Sun

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Kuulas (dark goa trance)

03 March 2017 - 02:55 PM

Here's my set from last weekend's party in Jyväskylä, Finland. I was asked to play something a bit darker/edgier, which actually goes quite well with my current mood.
Maybe I overstepped the "a bit" part of the request, take a listen and decide for yourself :DD

Proxeeus - Fhtagn No More
Javi - The Forest Masters
Aerosis - Zen Hyperbabble
Shakta - Of The Essence
Xenomorph - Tzelmavet
Kadasarva - Trylon And Perisphere
Koxbox - No More Ghosts
Slide - Waking Up To Chaos
Hallucinogen - Trancespotter
MFG - Voices
Morphic Resonance - In The Mouth Of Madness
The Delta - Thing

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Vataff Project - Solьmen

17 January 2017 - 10:13 AM

This came quite out of nowhere:

Release date: 23.01.2017

His 2 last albums are absolutely fantastic, I'll be expecting this with great interest :)

Solstitium 2016 (goa trance)

17 September 2016 - 02:24 PM

So I (finally...) decided to start clearing my summer goa trance backlog, here's part 1. More parts to follow "before the end of the year" or so.
Anyway, here's some midsummer madness for your enjoyment :)

Dragon Twins - The Third Wave
Psychopod - Friagram (G.M.S. Refried Gram Mix)
Resurex - Copine
Passenger - Mankind
Arronax - The Unknown Helions Guard
Screw Loose & Stevo - Celestial Bleeps
Slide - 2274
Kadasarva - Quaternion
Xenomorph - Harbingers Of Extinction
UX - Pure Intellect (Reloaded)
Toï Doï - Whale Way Express
Morphic Resonance - Altered Perception

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