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Closer - Unseen Dimensions & Selki

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Just realized but gotta be honest. Not a big fan of you posting free download links on the site. 

They look dodgy but also take away from an artist a potential sale which would go a long way to them making more music. You do you, but don't think it should be on Psynews. 

I'm not saying I don't want you Jotinha here. Just the links on the Russian shop remind me of soundpark

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Completely agree Tsotsi. I clicked on the link and was appalled to see the new Xenomorph ep, for just one example, for free download on this Russian site - I ordered the vinyl of this ep from Suntrip records directly and it hasn't even arrived in the post yet. A free flac download is a slap in the face to me, let alone Mark Petrick and Suntrip Records, and suggests  disrespect. 

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Please would you delete all the links to pirate sites with free downloads that you have posted. I'm sure the artists would appreciate that. Thanks very much. 

We look forward to your detailed reviews, especially of things which you think are really good and recommend that all should listen to. 

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On 1/19/2024 at 8:17 AM, Jotinha said:

I already deleted them all. Apologies to those who make a living from producing and selling new products.

Peace, Love, Union & Respect :)


Hey Joti thanks for the understanding. Btw really appreciate the posts you've made otherwise. 

Honestly using Soundpark (dodgy Russia website) was how I found psytrance and then Goa trance. Without it I may never have gotten into this genre. But now that I know labels I feel that is the better way to continue discovering releases via Bandcamp etc. 

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