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Danish Goa/PsyTrance?


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So a friend asked me what some of the essential Danish Goa/Psy artists/projects are/were. 

The only ones I knew by memory was with regards to the old school Goa side:


Kox Box/Psychopod



Psylent Buddhi

Color Box

The Overlords


What are some other lesser known or essential Goa and Psy gems from Denmark?

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*Updated to include Psy as well since obvious overlap.
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  • Parasphere changed the title to Danish Goa Trance?
18 hours ago, Prana4ever said:




Ah I forgot Orion! As for Elysium I was thinking of that actually but somehow mixed Elysium up with the related Sheyba project. 😃 But surely there must be more than these? Anyone from Denmark here? Reveal the secrets. ;) I do remember that there was A LOT of great Danish Goa on mp3.com back in the days. So there should definitely be some lesser known gems out there.

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13 hours ago, Basilisk said:


Bypass Unit/Color Box





Orichalcum/The Deviant



Reefer Decree/Oryx


The Overlords/Ionizer/Sri Hari

Oh yes now we're talking! How could I forget all the great Danish Iboga stuff. Refeer Decree/Oryx is still mindblowing. Gonna dig into those I don't recognize since before thanks!

Beat Bizarre as well!

Does anyone know if Bitmonx is from Denmark? Sascha Haske sounds kinda german?


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  • Parasphere changed the title to Danish Goa/PsyTrance?

I imagine many of these artists very likely could have started out with goa trance as well. :) 

There sure is a distinct creative innovative quality to the Danish Psy/Goa scene. I can recognize some of the vibes from the Swedish perspective, in how the danish music has some scaled back introspective tendencies.

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I would imagine many of these more progressive artists started producing years earlier and probably experimented with more archetypal Goa trance sounds. Moses provides an excellent example of this sort of lost early Danish Goa trance on this album: https://unreleasedgoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/liquid-dawn

If you're interested in digging deeper into other early or obscure Danish trance experiments from the 90s, some picks from my collection:

  • Baas Complex - Gyro
  • Baas Complex - Sample Your Mind
  • Construction - Non E Existence
  • Donut Junkie - Transistor Warfare
  • Fuzzy Logic - Mega Goa
  • Knights in Trance - Nights in Trance
  • Oga Syndicate - Argon
  • Pharagonescia - Pharatropic
  • Slipstream - Final Cut
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On 9/9/2023 at 2:03 AM, Stefan stargate production said:

Psychogen is a Danish goatrance project that is playing at our next party in October. 

There are few more. Will list them here next week

Cool gonna check Psychogen out, is it a project slanted more towards the Psy or Goa side of things? 

And yeah more artists from Denmark are always welcome! :D 

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