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FullOn42 -Last Day In Paradise- (100% Goa Trance)

Paul Eye

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After quite some silence, and not much gig activity on my part, I was invited to play in Tampere, Finland last weekend. And I have to tell you, that was a blast. I really haven't had this much fun playing a DJ set in years, so this was really what I needed. I played the closing set*, so I set the intensity proper for a closing. Thanks @Penzoline for the invite, I'll come back whenever :)

*actually we did play a completely improvised back2back set as the actual closing, but as this was decided on location, I treated mine as the closing when picking the tracks.

Hallucinogen - Astral Pancakes
Triquetra - Escape From The Withered Temple
Morphic Resonance - Chronos (Hypnoxock Remix)
Total Eclipse - Absolute Zero
Veasna - Infrared
Slinky Nuns - Caught In The Zipper
Rhythmystec - Plutonica
Proxeeus - Ephraim Waite
UX - Chameleon (Pixelmorph Mix Reloaded)
Pleiadians - Taygeta
The World Beyond - The Sphere (Ascending Towards Star-Eaters To Become The One)
Profetia - Chaos Theory


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