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Proto Goa, tech trance, body music, new beat release from MiKroMaKro

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Proto times was a very eclectic mix of tracks from far and wide I was too young to be there for those times. I have been reading into the history a little more and it is very interesting indeed. That is me on the beach😎 long ago. Goa always reminded me a little of being on Mars cause of the red earth/rock. No where quite like it. It must have been breath taking to have turned up there in the late 70's early 80's. Empty, lush and wild, a beautiful paradise. There is something about the place, beautiful, bright, timeless and temporary at the same time, enigmatic, also a touch of sadness is there in the air, maybe a sense of being temporary, slightly scary and remote. Never forgotten once felt.

I think this might have been Arambol, Vagator or even Anjuna, that little house might give it away though from the past. Maybe coastal erosion and development makes it difficult to identify places.


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