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Do AIs take drugs when they go to psytrance parties?


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i recently asked the stable diffusion ai to show me photorealistic images of a psytrance festival and this is what i got:




i've seen many strange things and intricate deco at parties but never something like this ;)

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I was messing about for the first time ever with some of these AI art generators recently. And comparing them, Dall-E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion etc, Midjourney was by far the most impressive.

I can definitely see this way of working with visual arts evolving to another level when we get direct access to them via mind-sensor control. Ala Neuralink or similar. Because when we get direct access to our visualizing thoughts, our though images so to say. Then this medium will surely be elevated to new heights. That would also open up some rather spooky applications for the technology, imagine to have a live hologram of a nightmare? Or what would the hologram display if the brain in question was hallucinating on psychedelics? Would it show these altered closed eye visuals? Now that could become spooky very fast. A real nightmare machine producing/conjuring some real "Horrorgrams". Hallugrams? ;) And then obviously the logical step would be a device whitch could create dreams for your brain to experience. A new kind of simulation.

As it stands now, it's very impressive and promising with these prompt-based AI-generators, but the results are still  somewhat random compared to making something from scratch in Photoshop or Blender. I would love to see these technologies implemeted as filters inside of Photoshop, Blender, Illustrator etc in the near future. The ability to add any visual style you can imagine as a filter/combined filters to an exisiting artwork/project is where this technology will really shine. 

It's definitely a very time efficient process for now to get some ideas going quickly though. :D 

And yeah the rave party you got from the AI seems a bit as if the AI took a bit too much acid? It's definitely a Shpongle party. ;) 

The Dall-E algos are quite funny, but still very buggy with hands in particular. Midjourney V4 is amazing and much less prone to disfigured body parts. I got some very dark and twisted results by combining for example Jan Van Eyck with dark fantasy ala Boris Valejo, H.R Giger, vintage scifi etc. Unexpected style combos mesh really well, also MC Escher plus Alex Grey and stuff like that. HP Lovecraft/Lovecraftian prompts in Midjourney is to die for.

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