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VA Liquid Symphony (compiled by DJ Adept)

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Listen 5 tracks, preorder digital, cds and merch: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/va-liquid-symphony


After a long break we are back to making massive goa trance compilations. A musical adventure on 3 discs awaits you, which will appeal to lovers of warm, acid, old school sound, but also to fans of the new school of goa trance.

We are also preparing for you remixes of the legendary tracks of the 90s and will publish all the information in the near future.


CD 1

1. Vortex - Tropical Cyclone
2. Merr0w - Sunshine on Mars
3. Proxeeus - Men of Leng
4. Morphic Resonance - Mystical States
5. Clementz - Skogens Favn
6. Remix on oldschool legend
7. Track in Progress
8. Track in Progress

CD 2

1. Astronobios - Northen Star
2. Third Space Kingdom - Unexplored Spaces
3. Goasia feat. Atlantis - Eternal Light
4. Proxeeus - Walking Between Worlds
5. Goad vs. Proxeeus - Mace Fask
6. Atlantis - Beyond Infinity
7. Proxeeus - Straight Outta Red Hook
8. Mindsphere - Lost Innocence
9. Remix on oldschool legend

CD 3

1. Fiery Dawn - Shadow Man
2. Proxeeus - ... and Never Waking Up
3. Atlantis - Universal Mind
4. Katedra - Value of Space
5. Arthur Pralaya - Now I Can Touch The Stars!
6. Centavra Project - Return to the Planet
7. Track in progress
8. Track in progress
9. Track in progress

Label: Global Sect
Mastering: Tim Schuldt and One Day Mastering Studio
Cover Art: Artrama
Compiled by DJ Adept 

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