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Ohm Gathering : Electric Universe, Total Eclipse, Ohm Mind, Anoebis & Marios Makar

Ohm Mind

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Guess who's back ? Back again ?
Ohm gathering is very happy to return for a bigger event in September.
The location is 100% confirmed, it's a beautifull Hangar near Brussels with 400 m2 to dance like space monkeys.
The presales and announcements will follow soon.

Fb Event :


ॐ Live actsॐ

- Electric Universe (Sacred Technology) - DE

- Total Eclipse (TIP Records/BlueRoomSounds) - FR & GR

- Ohm Mind (Goa Madness Records - Spacedock Records) - BE

ॐ  Dj's ॐ

- Anoebis (Suntrip Records) - BE

- Marios Makar (BlueRoomSounds) - GR

ॐ Deco ॐ

- Bhaskara Ananta

ॐ Sound ॐ

- Bose

ॐ Location ॐ

Buda Brussels : Vaartdijk 98a 1130 Brussels

ॐ Informations ॐ

Room For 750 People
Cheap Drink
Good Foods From Foodtruck
Smoking Area Outside
Respect Neighbours
Bring Smile
No Drugs
No Own Drink
No -18

ॐ ॐ ॐ Get Ready To Unleash Your Ohm ॐ ॐ ॐ


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