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Proxeeus - Perversion And Insanity


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Artist: Proxeeus
Title: Perversion And Insanity
Label: Kali Earth Records
Release Date: November 30,2021


1 - A Mockery of Diabolism
2 - Irony Is Seldom Absent
3 - Perversion And Insanity
4 - Shub-Niggurath
5 - Artificial Conformity
6 - Half-Dead Stars
7 - Forbidden Horrors
8 - All I Want Is To Know Things
9 - Why I Refrain From Suicide


If you're yet to form your own opinion about this release then why not give siting back and allowing me to form it for you a try?

About as nightmarish as it gets without inviting Freddy Kruger in to perform a series of child sacrifices. no God-fearing man should enter here as there is no god to be found...Well not your cute little forgiving gods, all God's here are equipped with tentacles, many faces or no faces, an indifference to the incessant bitching of human kind and squeals so high pitched you'll shit your pants.



Nice to see Kali Earth And Proxeeus unite in a glorifying bloodbath of terrors.




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A good accompaniment to reading Edgar Allan Poe on perversion and Howard Philips Lovecraft on hermeneutic uncertainty and alien horror.

Poe's theory of perversion was prophetic and only now are we beginning as a species to grasp its full import as we begin to reap the cruel crop of our bad seeds and benighted sowings. Far from patent leather and whips, Poe basically said that we all have the potential for perverse self-destructiveness, often planted in us in childhood by the constant "no" we heard and had to hear from our parents and peers (you know, kids want to probe everything and stick everything up their orifices...). Plain old ornery self-destructiveness shades into perversion when we go so far into it that the only way to achieve redemption is via full self-slaughter of some variety. That dark turning point is when our addictions, gamblings, lies, cheats, thievings, evasions, procrastinations, etc begin to seriously harm others. No way out but forward go into self-annihilation you might say is Poe's theory. But here comes the kicker: Poe theorised that this dark turning point is programmed into us by the desire of all matter to return to undifferentiation in his proto-science disquisition Eureka! - a work of genius in which he conjoined science and emotional psychology. Once we have messed up our karma, so to speak, by harming others, our body requires cleansing and expiation and the only way to achieve this is by returning to undifferentiation, ie God, ie the whole, which our bodies remember. We need to dismember ourselves to remember unity, and this operates at a subconscious, preconscious, physical level. In other words, it is our bodies which judge us - a classic inversion of our usual cranial narcissism. If we consider rightly of this remarkable and unique deconstruction of our narcissism, we can see that Poe has given us the tool to understand the repeatedly dumbfoundingly inexplicably stupid self-destructiveness of humans - from the mundane level of tail-gating on the highway when it is clearly foolhardy, or procrastinating on that term essay, to spending all our family's savings on gambling, or unleashing appalling orgies of xenophic mass slaughter via weapons of mass destruction. Very few such tools exist in the world and I hail you Edgar Allan Poe for being honest and clever enough to provide us with one. This tool is a key for self-liberation at the deepest level; as another literary genius, Oscar Wilde, put it: "learning to love yourself is the beginning of a life-long romance". 

If you've managed to read this far, I'm sure you will be glad to hear that I will not be embarking on an exhaustive disquisition about and analysis of H. P. Lovecraft's cosmic materialism, suffice it to say that Lovecraft was influenced by Poe and that reading him is required if you are to explore the full horror of what Proxeeus unleashes on the listener here. If you're a sick puppy like me, you will also need to become intimately acquainted with the scribblings of possessed demons like Clarke Ashton Smith, Aleister Crowley and so on, not to mention the black metal abominations of bands like The Great Old Ones and countless others. 

Leaving aside the background reading and listening that any researcher into arcane horrors needs to undertake in order to fully understand this latest Proxeeus album, I am left with an aesthetic question by this inheritor of Xenomorph's dark legacy: is this intense darkpsy album more grimly effective than the Goan horrortrance of At the Mountains of Madness or the black psydub of Celephais? To ask the same question another way, is Proxeeus a multiply talented multigenre artist, or is his true metier in one of the genres? For sure he leaves both psydub and Goa behind on this latest more full on album, which has galloping horse and machine gun basslines (the weakest aspect of the album to my ears). Which of these genres is he best at? I leave you with that question. ~*~

PS - My favourite Proxeeus albums by far are At the Mountains of Madness and Celephais. The other albums lose some of the spirit in going a bit too busy.  

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