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James Murray & Fancis M. Gri - Remote Redux


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Artist: James Murray & Francis M. Gri
Title: Remote Redux
Label: Ultimae Records
Date: October, 2019

1. Ma
2. Toma
3. Remote
4. Lontano
5. Redux
6. Toma (Extended)


I'm not going to say this is night-night music. But I'm not not going to say it.

Cheese and crackers this is the soundtrack to slowly watching your life slip away while a heroin needle juts from your arm.

Too dark?

Ok, how bout...when I hear music like this I better have cucumber slices on my eyes in a room that smells like lavender while a towel barely covers my private bits. Beatless ambient is one thing, but beatless drone ambient? That's a whole 'nother level. There are only six tracks here, but it's almost an hour of "music" that never gets to the f*cking point. And it took two guys to create this? One guy to press play and the other one on continuous coffee generation?

I'm poking fun, but the only way this could be slower is if he stopped it.

Ultimae Bandcamp

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Reminds me of something that comes close 36's Black Soma album which I always thought of as cloud music but what is cloud music if not the warm hug of heroin as the needle slowly falls from your vein?  

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