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Any news on Xenomorph's new album "Netherverse"?


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1 hour ago, Anoebis said:

No date/news yet, but he did write 2 new tracks for us on Suntrip :) And I can only say, he didnt lose his magic touch! <3 :)


Agreed I have enjoyed those tracks and those releases very much. I want to write a review of Carpe Noctem soon as it's a real treat for fans of the darker side of goa / forest psy / Schlabbaduerst sound.

Xenomorph has grown a lot on me over time, perhaps it's because he's never watered down or compromised his sound. Or perhaps because I really got into horror movies and literature. It gives you a thrill you don't get from other genres! Or I just learned to appreciate good production better these days. Even his earliest release Obscure Spectre / Telepathic Combat while obviously sounding dated still has a really well balanced and developed soundscape, the tracks are always twisting forwards and drawing you into Xenomorph's demented world.

From ZNA Gathering I really like "Sinister Contours", which appears to have more of a tech-trance progression, which I appreciate a lot for its hypnotic / meditative qualities (although I know not everyone does). At 13:33 it feels like a huge break is coming with a bassline flourish, but all it adds is a snare - you can see from the video how much Xenomorph enjoys unleashing the understated break which caught me by surprise as it's not typical for his music. Looks like Agneton lighting a cigarette in the foreground but probably not him lol. Then at 14:30 I'm not really sure how to describe what happens but it's wonderful, there's a transition that shuffles the sounds around and then a high-pitched goa-esque melody kicks in to finally fill up the high-end.

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Actually it was Agneton on the front row :D I remember we were dancing together that morning. He is into all kinds of psychedelic music even if he makes only nitzhonot :D But you may have noticed in our Agnetoebis sets, we explore other territories of psychedelic and acidic music as well :)

Last but not least, yeah! The more reviews, the better, so I am looking forward to your review of Carpe Noctem :) 

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Apologies at bumping my own thread, but I also wonder whether Xenomorph's many VA singles will ever see re-release. There's some great work there, "Bizarre Temporary Dissociation" for instance which is better than any track on his Qlippoth album (imo) and was only released on one relatively obscure compilation!

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Quite good - I only know the Cassandras Nightmare CD which I bought second hand years ago, it was sorted in the metal section as there is a deathmetal band with the same name :) I like the typical gothrock guitar in one of the tracks (fits better than a hardrock one for sure).

Some of his sounds reminds me on mine :lol:

Guess I also listened to another album on YT but was not so thrilled, however 2-3 tracks in this set seem to be better again :+1:
Edit, is "Sinister Contour" some kind of mix or cover ? I certainly remember this track but from another one...(or its just some overused arps lol)

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