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When is someone going to come up with something new?


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On 12/18/2020 at 1:44 PM, astralprojection said:


im curious. is it more x-dream oriented or more chi-ad oriented than your other album(s) ?

either way im looking forward to hearing it.

i got a few melodies and basslines of my own to stitch together but no sound yet. thats the hard part. every good artist i can think of has their own unique sound and you can identify them by the sound alone in just a few bars.

such as x-dream, or chi-ad. you are in that similar vein but i think has your own sound still. i wonder when that happens. when in your production phase you develop your sound, if that happens before you write music, or after.

and what constitues a "sound" for that matter? is it EQ? tonal qualities? cause it cant be the melodies/patterns themselves. huh. guess i went a bit far off the off topic there.

curious about this though, and i welcome any and all input !

It's difficult to answer either way... X-Dream's body of trance is rather unique, the sound palette has some unconventional choices mixed with the more common tropes. As is mine when I think about it... but our moods differ quite a length. I'd say the style is closer to some of the progressively melodic Chi-A.D. bangers but only slightly so. 

"The sound" - yeah I know what you mean. It's probably the point beyond any musical education where a person's mindset and preferences come to play. Well, it's somewhat of course related to musical knowledge and the kinda studio one works with, obviously. 

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There's quite a lot of interesting stuff coming out of the modern acid house, analog techno, and dark disco domains that ends up sounding like something reminiscent of the proto-Goa period (1989-1994). Some entrancing selections below, for those who don't mind the slower BPMs:






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