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Alien Translator - Black Moon EP


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Underground Experience

1. Black Moon  06:21    
2. Soul Smuggler  06:47    
3. Wicked  06:08    
4. Brainbreaker  06:21    
5. Waiting for Civilization  07:43

Alien Translator is Łukasz Zając from Poland, also known as JaraLuca. This project focuses more on the dark side of the psytrance spectrum, the music is fast and powerful all the way.
This EP surely did not let me down,  it contains a fair few of the breaks that are commonplace in darkpsy, huge basslines, some triplet parts that worked very well, chaotic effects and very electrifying energy. Of course you should not expect anything similar to JaraLuca, this project also shows how versatile Łukasz can be when it comes to electronic music.
Perhaps some alien melodies could be included once in a while in the tracks? I would be curious to hear that! Nonetheless, I really liked this EP and hope to hear more in the future.
Favorite tracks: #2, #3, #5.

Rating: 8/10.
Listen / Buy: https://undergroundexperience.bandcamp.com/album/black-moon-ep


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