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PsyTrance Bass Synthesis VST - Which do you like!?

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On 8/20/2020 at 6:27 PM, recursion loop said:

If we talk about modern KbBB patterns, the phase relationships between the kick tail and the first bass note, at the point where they overlap, are very important. It's one of the things that define the groove.

Ofc you have to use a synth with osc phase retrigger or a sample for the bass, an analog synth or emulation with free running phase is useless for that.

This video corers that.



This tutorial is fucking epic so far, It should be pinned at the top of this forum section. :D Really detailed and well made.

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random bump, but i finally put up some sound treatment panels in the studio! and hot dang ! incredible difference ! its really hard to describe, but night and day.  i made 7.25" deep panels w 6"  Roxul AFB batt with 1.25" gap 24"x48" mounted in 4 wall corners (i have two more panels very similar where i still want to decide where to hang).  i am lucky that two of the corners actually are first reflection points as well.

last night was the first night I turned on the monitors.  you basically hear the speakers first and only the speakers, not the room. anywhere you move in the room it sounds clean and not different like when there are no treatments.  the sound of the bass is almost felt like when your at a festival. the bass is felt more.  there is less of a cannned noise (untreated room),.

the sound sounds cleaner and slightly louder. it was a lot of work but so worth it. i am more than glad i did them.  it wasn't that challenging to build but you have to have the time and patience and some decent tools.

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